Joop van Uytert: Team spirit makes CHIO Zuid Holland Cup so beautiful

CHIO Rotterdam spoke on the series ‘Countdown to the CHIO’ This time with Janine van Twist, Tim Commons and Job van Ueter around the South Holland Cup. PSV Westland, PSV De Biesboschruiters and RV Oud-Beijerland qualified for the final on Wednesday, June 22 at 12.00 at CHIO’s main circuit.

Three desirable starting points. Right after the awards ceremony at a crowded jockey club, we started looking forward to that final. For the football fans among us, it was like watching a replay of an important European match. What can be improved, what is needed for optimal setup, competition warned! CHIO spoke to the three coaches about the team’s competition.

Team spirit

Janine: “At the end of the day, CHIO is a really great competition in the Netherlands that we are all proud of and where you want to ride. The South Holland Cup is a unique opportunity for this. In addition, I think it is good to feel this team again, it all becomes very individual In recent years. Last but not least, I think we have a chance to win this really great victory.” Yop: “First because we had a very nice club and second because of the friendliness. The anticipation was so much fun, we created a team app and shared everything with each other. This team was really great.” Tim: “Because we’ve been involved for over ten years and have won several times already. It’s a great tradition for our association drivers; the highlight of the year. Our association comes of course from the immediate vicinity of Rotterdam, there are many Rotterdam members with us, and they are extra motivated.”

party back

Tim: “We’ve been involved a few times and have already won six championships, it’s actually kind of a tradition for us to take the Challenge Cup home, we’re doing our best to make it happen. This year we’ve had a young team with only one experienced rider. We can definitely. Do better. Yes, I’m in good spirits before the final.” You will not be self-confident coach with Oud Bayerland. Janine Bisbush contestants often participate, but never make it to the final. PS Westland, Jupp, has often been in the team, including his wife Renate, but for Jupp this is his first time as captain. Joop: “And I’m really looking forward to it, yeah, we already had a good drink after the awards show.”

Final preparation

Job continues: “We will definitely take the preparation very seriously. We will of course continue to train our horses, but we will also meet for the team spirit that is a beautiful part of this format. At the moment we will not change anything in our team, the riders and horses will remain the same, if everything remains healthy. For example, we still have good M horses, but the formation looks good and I see opportunities to improve with these four (Renate, Rob, John and Michael).Tim is not going to do anything special with the team.Tim: “We continue to train our horses slowly, In addition, the horse and rider must also be in the shape of the day. We also keep the team basically the same, provided the horse is unfit or the rider suffers an injury. The riders that finish that last (Simon, Dirk Jan, Elena and Lola) can finish the party too.” Janine’s team (Madelon, Mara, Kim and Sanne) is basically unchanged. In our minds we hear Feyenoord’s coach speaking. Janine: “We rely on our strengths. We don’t adapt to the competition.”


Janine: “The location, the prospect of getting a place in the finals during CHIO and the search for the best team together. We really looked at which horses we were going to start in and in what classes, so we started as strong as possible.” Tim: “Great teamwork. You used to get that much more, partly because of the multiple divisions. The CHIO South Holland Cup is the only initiative of its kind that I know of and I’m so sorry there aren’t more competitions like this. Should For every county to have something like that and then a national final, how cool is that!” Joop: “For years, the CHIO Zuid Holland Cup has been very popular in this county and I think that’s great. Not just for sport, but also for fun. The sport has become very individualised. In recent years, but it turns out that there is still a need to socialize with each other. I saw it not only around the episodes, but also during the awards ceremony and even after…”

Source: CHIO

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