Help the animals during hot days

The weather in the next few days will be nice and nice and warm as well. And only spring. So this message is valid for the coming months!

Written by Sam Fish

In the heat, you have to take good care of yourself, but your pets and pets also need extra care. Because by now it should be clear that no dog should be left sitting in the car. Unfortunately, this still happens. People often underestimate how quickly a car overheats. Even in the shade or with the window slightly open.

However, leaving it in the car isn’t the only way your pet can overheat. Animals generally do not tolerate heat well, so here are some tips for cooling. And not just for dogs, also for other pets. Because overheating can also be fatal to them.

too hot

Some people find it difficult to estimate when an animal is too hot. But there are signs to watch out for. The mucous membranes are red, the animal feels hot and breathes quickly. Often they do not want to eat and are listless. It can also happen that the dog vomits due to the high temperature. The feathers of the birds are often spread and the beak is open.

Fortunately, there are ways to help your animals when the weather gets too hot. Make sure they have a cool place to lie down and provide safe drinking water. You can wet dogs, cats, rabbits, and ferrets. Do this especially on the head, ears, neck and legs. However, do not use ice water for this. A sudden difference in temperature can cause them to be shocked and die. It also causes blood vessels to constrict, making it more difficult to lose heat.

heat shock

Is overheating dangerous? Then your animal can go into heat shock. You can tell this by your rapid heartbeat and breathing. It also does not see or hardly respond to stimuli. In this case you should contact your vet immediately and start cooling!


Dogs can lose their heat just by panting. There are also sweat glands only on the soles of their feet. Make sure your dog has a spot in the shade in hot weather. The amount of safe drinking water is also very important.

Like we said, it’s hard for dogs to calm down. So here are some tips.

  • If you have a place for a pool for your dog, that’s great. Even if they don’t swim, just standing in the water does a lot.
  • There are special cooling products for dogs. For example, a cooling mat or a collar. Just make sure your dog doesn’t chew on it.
  • Dogs can also get sunburn. So if they have a fluffy coat, it won’t hurt to rub them with sunscreen
  • Don’t walk long distances in the heat and don’t spin during the day. Do this in the early morning at the latest or late in the evening when it’s cooler.
  • Never leave your dog in the car. The temperature there rises from 50 to 70 degrees within 10 minutes. This is if your car is in the shade with the window open.

the cats

Cats often search for a cool place on their own when the temperature rises. Make sure the cat has shade or can get in. Adequate drinking water is also very important for them. It is of course possible to take the cat to the vet. Then you may have to move it in a warm car. Then watch for signs of overheating.


Rabbits do not tolerate heat well. They were naturally accustomed to being in a cold underground burrow. From grade or 24 it becomes difficult. So make sure the rabbit cage is not in the sun.

You can also place cooling items in the loft for additional cooling. You can do this very easily by filling two-thirds of the plastic bottles with water. Put it in the freezer. When it is frozen, you can put it in the hut to cool your rabbit. You can wrap it in a piece of cloth if you like. Be careful not to chew the bottle. To cool the outside loft, you can put wet white paper on top of it.

In hot weather, rabbits regularly die from skinworm disease. This disease is caused by the green fly. They lay eggs in covered stools or foul-smelling fur. Fly worms cause blood poisoning. Without prompt veterinary treatment, a rabbit can die within a couple of days. So also pay attention to the hygiene of your rabbit and clean the cage often.


Rodents such as guinea pigs, hamsters, and rats can also become very hot. Help these animals cool off by using frozen water bottles or cold stones. If the hanger has a plastic bottom tray, you can place it on a few freezer items. Also, never put this cage in the sun.

the birds

Bird cages should not be in the sun. Birds that like to bathe can often get fresh water. Keep in mind that the warmth is rising. So if you have a hanging bird cage, it is best to put it on the ground in warm weather.

Be careful with drafts, it’s not good either. And if you have dogs and cats in addition to a bird, or small children, the bird may be experiencing stress. Especially in its new place on Earth. Create shade in an outdoor bird cage or coop with a damp white sheet or awning.

Of course you can also do something for birds that are not pets. For example, put a birdbath in your front yard. This could be a flower pot with some water in it, or a somewhat wider container.

Terrarium and Aquarium

An aquarium or aquarium is usually warmer than the ambient temperature. It won’t get too hot here so quickly. However, stay alert and make sure that the sun does not shine directly on the tank.

meadow animals

Goats, sheep, horses, and other outdoor animals also need shade. Always provide fresh drinking water. You can also shear sheep and not train or ride horses during the hottest part of the day.

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