What would you say to a 17-year-old with a degree?

If you think she looks hoarse, this may be true. Because my daughter passed her pre-university education last week, so I’ve since participated in dinner parties, barbecues, raves, cocktail parties, and other kinds of bachchan parties all over the country. And then the weekend hasn’t even started yet.

I feel good, and very proud! But also nostalgia and hopeless horror. So proud of that funny, handsome and smart slut who was a 50cm poo 18 years ago. I get nostalgic when I think of the time I sat singing in front of my bike among the shopping bags. She is afraid of what will happen to her.

I can feel it with all those waving flags around them. What do we have to offer these girls and boys? What kind of world do they end up with? Thirty-four years (!) after my “Summer of Love”, the world is getting darker.

Fortunately, I got help when I asked on Twitter for advice for the new generation. I just put everything together. Parents may have more than the little ones, but who knows, they might be reading it secretly on their phone when they wake up with another headache. You have to start somewhere.

1 Above all, congratulations, we are very proud of you. But really. Because we still have a good education, a brilliant world and the Dutch national team that just became the European champion; You have 12 years of rote, corona and climate crisis. Be proud of yourself for being able to do this, despite all the misery. Enjoy the longest vacation you will ever have.

2 – Take a gap year. Postpone the moment when you have to go to work, study or do something in your life for as long as possible.

Go study in Groningen. You hardly study in order to know the subject or the syllabus, but for the people you will meet there. Make friends. These are the people you will share your life with. Here you will get everything you need for the next 20, 30 or 40 years. These people stand beside you with joy and sadness. And yes, Groningen, that seems obvious to me. The most beautiful city in the country. duh.

3 Nothing is fixed. The choice is not for life. Nothing is going the way you planned. You can do something different at any time. Nobody knows what you want to be at age 18. Or ok except accountants and doctors.

4 – Do not take criticism personally, but listen to it and learn from it. Don’t say “yes but” right away. For many of you, this will be the first time you’ve actually encountered one. Sure, “you can be there” and keep going. But you can’t have an omelet without cracking the eggs.

Learn how to glue, cook and clean your car tire. Save money so you can travel. Get your driver’s license. Make yourself financially independent. Investing in study pays off.

6 wrote one tweet “Smoking less weed is good too”. Haha, that is the case. Drink less, too. Smoking isn’t smart either. What else is possible: Every now and then you imagine being drunk at the bar. Nobody notices and you are gentle and refreshed the next day. It also saves a lot of money.

Apply sunscreen and Google ‘Baz Luhrmann and sunscreen’.

7 Be nice. Everyone you meet in the next six years, you will meet in all kinds of defining places in the next twenty years. Yes, as president too. Unfortunately.

8- Postponing the profession industry for as long as possible. Don’t reach your thirties already—late pants are the future. In a Toyota Corolla, you reach what it is in a Tesla. You don’t always have to go to the top – it’s more fun in the valley and you also have a nice view in the middle of the road.

9- Enjoy a cup of coffee. From a table full of smiling friends. From the rain in May, from the trees in October, from the rays of the sun among the clouds. Enjoy the little things that secretly represent the big things.

10- Go outside. Go to college. Go to the pub. go to the theatre. to the opera. To the theater. Read a book, turn off your phone and hope and pray that when Corona returns it won’t be forever.

11 One Tweeter wrote “Enjoy puppy love, because you may never fall in love again.” Your heart will be broken countless times.

12 But the most important advice is of course: Tips don’t work. Not that either, sorry guys. The most you can do is listen to the people you respect, the people who often complain (because they are the smartest) and the people who keep calling you, even when things go wrong for you.

Self-deprecating. Keep looking for people you feel good with. Everyone does something. Everyone is not safe. Working well with nice colleagues is the best thing there is.

Promise me you’ll never grow old.

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