I will file a complaint against former Representative Gijs Van Dyck-Joe


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We already expected it. This was one of the reasons why I had previously withdrawn from the Integrity investigation with Gijs van Dijk.

Namely, this guy’s unreliability. The fact (and this was one of the complaints) is that when this guy has his heart set on something or when he gets stuck, he starts beating wildly, starts lying, and has bad stories about people he doesn’t like spreading, framing and crying. The latter in the literal sense of the word. Always to celebrate being a victim. And always to get something from someone else. usually successfully. (see problem here)

This is after research office Bezemer & Schubad came to a clear end result after three and a half months of intense research. This is after Gijs van Dijk, with the help of his lawyer, was heard extensively and was able to answer every word of every reporter and all of the informants in this investigation.

In short: Good grounds for complaints against Gijs van Dijk have been declared. There was talk of infringing behavior and this was not (only) related to the private sphere.

Because I am the only reporter in this case who is not anonymous (I was told that a complaint by name is stronger than an anonymous story), I am also the one thrown in front of the bus in February as the ”instigator of the so-called smear campaign against Gijs van Dijk. Gijs’ reaction would be ‘special’ and the story of the jealous, vengeful and resentful ex immediately spread with great pleasure.

What is complicated is, apart from the ingrained belly that knows with certainty that men are simply trusted and women are simply resentful, that after I made my initial complaint (to Lillian Blumen and Katy Perry) an enormous pelvis is opened through which horrific and extremely dangerous stories have dire consequences on the lives and careers of many women. Bezemer & Schubad included these stories in their research.

These stories, however, are not mine. These stories are of women who have their own history. Publicizing this history could have a huge impact on their lives and work, which is why these women chose not to reveal their identities. This is the main reason why the final report should also remain confidential. This is to protect these women. It is therefore courageous for these women to volunteer to participate in the investigation.

What I can share now, which is actually my own defense because in recent months a frame has been created in which he is deliberately portrayed as a person as a pathetic Member of Parliament not a robot but a human and accidentally killing six relationships at a time. I was one of them that made me jealous, jealous and vengeful are the three reasons why I decided to call Lilianne Ploumen.

These reasons are not explicitly related to Gijs’ betrayal. About lying and framing style.

1. After learning about one of Gijs van Dijk’s double life, a PvdA rookie told me that this was (as far as he knew) the third double life that Gijs van Dijk had led since he was in the House faction. This initiative told me that there had been an official warning against Gijs van Dijk for two years. He didn’t tell me the reason for this warning, but because of that I knew that a serious file about Gijs van Dijk already existed.

2. After about two months of separating from Gijs van Dijk, stories have reached my ears from different quarters telling about me. These were stories that weren’t true, but I got to know them. These were almost the same stories he told me many times about Cornelia Cluster. Because I can say with certainty that he made up stories about me, it becomes very likely that he also made up stories about Cornelia Cluster.

This suddenly made it reasonable that she had filed a complaint against him. The possibility that she might be mistakenly portrayed as someone who invented assault by Gijs became plausible enough to report.

3. Gijs van Dijk told people that he was admitted to the intensive care unit due to heart problems. So he was absent from the group for about 1.5 months. I discovered that this was not true. Gijs van Dijk was never hospitalized. There were also no cardiac complaints. (He was rushed to the emergency room a month and a half ago for a panic attack, fake or otherwise.)

I realized that if there is already a serious file with an official warning about someone, it is important to complete this file, if appropriate. Lying about someone who had reported sexual assault and lying about being hospitalized seemed serious enough to me. Especially in combination with each other. When someone visibly lies about many things, other things also become unreliable.

The purpose of my report was that the committee that would draw up a new slate of the party’s candidates in the upcoming elections would take these facts into account. What I didn’t know at the time was that it was more serious and I am on a much larger scale than I first realized, at the expense of other women and their professions, for Gijs van Dijk’s chariot. nervous.

I’ve been lied to and bullied (out of private) and Gijs have also asked me to ask others within the PvdA to lie for it. I was able to prove all this and was able to provide witnesses who could confirm my story.

I am now in contact with the police regarding filing a complaint against Jess Van Dyck.

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