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Cork is a beautiful natural material that was a frequent guest in many homes in the 1960s and 1970s. The beautiful thing about cork is that it gives your home a warm and natural look. You can decorate an accent wall with it, make the wall a big bulletin board, but also use it as a file terrarium back wall† Cork has many applications for your home.

Cork Benefits

Cork comes from cork oak and is found in southern Europe and North Africa. The bark of the tree is rough and has a pale beige color. Cork is waterproof, lightweight and insulating. By the way, did you know that cork oak is not cut down to harvest the bark? The tree is peeled every eight to ten years. The bare tree will automatically produce a new layer of flexible cork. Cork can be used for many different possibilities. Due to its damping properties, it is very suitable as a wine stopper, and therefore it is used in shoe soles. It also dampens the sound under the wooden floor. But it is especially nice that it has insulating properties. It keeps the heat inside. It is water repellent. Both properties are very nice, for example, insulate your house and decorate your house, together Wall paintsbut also for terrarium.

terrarium at home

If you are looking for a special pet, such as a frog, toad or lizard, you will need to build a suitable home for it, such as a terrarium or palladium (a terrarium with a portion of earth and water). This animal enclosure must meet a number of environmental requirements. After all, animals want to live in a warm and humid climate. Every animal is different and so is the matching terrarium† Cork is always a good idea to use it in the terrarium as a back wall, thanks to the previously mentioned insulating properties you know it won’t allow heat to seep through the back wall. In addition, it is water repellent, so the fungus cannot find a breeding ground in the heat. Finally, cork is a durable and natural material that is good for your animals.

Cork board or cork bark

When choosing a terrarium or palladium wallpaper, ask yourself if you want a more natural look. In the latter case, choose a smooth cork board that is easy to attach to the back wall. If you want a natural look, choose cork bark. Make sure to fill the cavities in the back. Cork bark provides room for climbing and shelter due to its eccentric shape. This is nice for the animal you are going to keep in the terrarium. Another advantage of cork bark is that you can use hollows to hide any wires, tubes, and the like.

terrarium plant

Don’t want to keep animals in the terrarium? Nowadays, it is very fashionable to decorate your home with terrariums. The only thing you put in is plants that also need a certain warm climate. Orchids for example. You can use all kinds of beautiful vases or pots for this. Of course with a cork back wall. Because cork is so flexible, it also fits a round bowl. You just need to cut or cut it to shape and attach, of course.

No sticky plates

If you intend to decorate the walls with cork, then, of course, you will choose a pre-glued cork board. This is very easy and you can decorate the wall with a layer of cork. If you are going to cover an earthen tub, use cork sheets without glue. Glue can be harmful to the plants and animals in your terrarium. To attach the cork to a glass terrarium or glass jar, use a non-toxic mounting kit. Or ask your pet professional for the best solution.

Back wall check

If you choose a terrarium with grasshoppers or lizards, know that they sometimes like to bite cork. This in itself is not a problem, because cork is durable and natural. The disadvantage of this is that openings can be created where your pet is stuck. Therefore, check the back wall regularly. Fill in gaps with other natural materials and replace the cork back wall regularly to ensure your pets have a safer home.

Cork and your terrarium

Make the environment around your terrarium natural, too, so the terrarium blends into the space. To do this, put the cork on the wall behind the terrarium. Add a few terrariums with matching plants for decoration. This way, the back wall of your terrarium appears to continue into the wall as you create a harmonious unity with the rest of the room.

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