Women’s Dutch Draft Championship 4-10 July 2022 in Hoogeveen – Hoogeveen Region News

Hoogeveen – Drafts for girls and women have been greatly supported in the Netherlands by the new drafts association DroomDamsters. By organizing the Basalt Dutch Drafts Women’s Championship, they want to present a beautiful stage for the best Dutch draft players. This year’s Dutch Championships will be held in Hoogeveen, Drenthe. It will take place from 4-10 July at a historic site: De Kubus Little Theater in Het Klooster. DroomDamsters takes over from Stichting Damevenementen Zeeland, who has organized NK no fewer than 15 times. NK is sponsored by the Royal Dutch Drafts Association (KNDB) in cooperation with Drentse Dambond (DDB).

DroomDamsters was founded last year and aims to motivate and promote drafts for girls and women. It does this with its members, sponsors and partners. DroomDamsters regularly organizes draft activities, such as the recurring Grand Prix: a draft day with only girls. DroomDamsters, in part with organizing this Dutch tournament, wants to encourage more girls and women to start playing drafts. The show is in the hands of two Hoogeveen young ladies: Vera Brunink (18) and Jasmijn Scholtens (19). Tournament director Proennecke is already looking forward to it: “I think it’s great that we can organize the Dutch national championships in Hoogeveen. I look forward to receiving and seeing the best player in the Netherlands. We guarantee it will be a great week, sporting and fun.”

Many actions
The Dutch National Championship is going to be a great spectacle with a lot of struggle. There is a strong field of participants with an impressive mix of veterans and young talents. They all play 9 rounds in a round tournament. The current Dutch champion, MIF Vitalia Doumesh (57) from Alkmaar, is also present. Domsh is one of the company’s most experienced players. She has no fewer than four national titles to her name. Internationally, it is actively involved with the best in the world. Another warrior, MFF Jacqueline Schouten (57) from Velserbroek, works with an 18e Come. She has come in second and third multiple times. The national title is still missing from her trophies list. MFF Laura Timmerman (29) from Amersfoort celebrates her birthday this year. Then you play at 10e Come. Timmermann has the highest rating after Domsch and has been chasing the Dutch title for some time now. In 2017, she managed to achieve a bronze medal. Sarah Rijersberg (36) of Rijswijk and MFF Rianka van Ombergen (35) of Heinkenszand are also returning to the national championship after a long run. Rijgersberg came third in 2005. Van Ombergen got as many points as it was second in 2010, but by old standards, it took fourth. Munkhtuya Nasanbayar (41) participates for the first time. She is originally from Mongolia, but has been living and playing in the Netherlands for years. She was very happy when she received a personal invitation from KNDB to participate. Leeuwarden came second at the World Junior Championships in 2000.

Young talent for the first time
No fewer than four women have appeared in the Dutch national championship. For example, Hugeveniers MF Nicole de Vries (18) and Lisa Schultens (17) will play in a local championship. Both hold several national youth titles and also belong to the top at the international level. De Vries, who is also the president of DroomDamsters and co-organiser of the Dutch National Championships, is a former European speed draughts champion and last year finished third in the world championships. Not only did Schultens finish third in the world championships last year, but he is also the current world champion in speed draughts. 16-year-old Louise Jabert of Benicum has played at the highest level with the youth for the past 10 years. In 2018, she became a Dutch champion with the Pupil Girls. Gabbert regularly participated in European and world championships. Her best performance was fifth at the European Championships. Tania Marie Knusen (14 years old) from Eindhoven is the youngest participant to make her debut in the Dutch national championship. She has been playing drafts for about 8 years now. As a youth, she became a three-time Dutch champion and the third in the World Drafts Championship in 2018.

NK class B.
KNDB has implemented some innovations. For example, class NK B will be held for the first time: Proost Management NK Women. Six girls will play their own tour from July 4-8. The winner will be promoted to Category A next year. Here too we see a well-balanced mix of young and old. There are three players with experience in drafts: Barbara Graas (70), Iepie Poepjes-Koopman (74) and Nicole Schouten (63). The younger generation is represented by Elise Scott (15), Charyl Schuller (15) and Rosanne Steinblick (13).

to continue living
All games are played on live boards. Viewers at home can closely follow all the movements played. An analytic chart is also included with the live games to show (missed) opportunities. The tournament will be broadcast Monday through Wednesday by active broadcasters MF Rick Hakvoort and MF Steven den Hollander. They discuss the parties and provide feedback in an accessible manner so that everyone can follow along. Live commentary will be provided on Friday, Saturday and Sunday on games. Hence draft player Hoogeveen MF Nick Waterink is also on hold. Naturally, the organization opens the play site for free to visit the illustrators.

side events
In cooperation with Fitter Brein, social activities are also created during the Dutch Championships. The first balcony dam activity for Hoogeveen residents will take place on Tuesday 5 July at 10:00 am, in association with Stichting Welzijnswerk Hoogeveen (SWW). This activity takes place every Tuesday through August in the cozy Grandcafé Marron. In the afternoon at 14:30 Kloosterstaete (de ZorgZaak) residents visit the Klooster Drafts Clinic. Shepherd’s Day will take place on Saturday 9th July at 11:00 AM. All sponsors of the Dutch national championships are invited to this. And on Sunday July 10 at 11:00 AM, the online draft course will be organized by DroomDamsters on the Lidraughts.org platform. All DroomDamsters members are invited for this. There are fun prizes to be won.

The Dutch Women’s Drafts Championship is made possible in part by Basalt Bouwadvies bv, Hoogeveen Municipality, Drenthe County, KNDB, DDB, Cheers Management, Park Holidays, Growing Up En Zo, Brasserie Het Klooster, ZorgZaak, JE de Vries Advies, Ilex Installatiemanagement BV and Goeborg and CBA Concept Business Administrations, MMC Veenendaal and Steenbergerhoeve, HDC Hoogeveen, Stichting Damvrienden van Hoogeveen, and our donors NK.

For more information (news, programmes, games, results, photos and videos) about the Dutch championship, visit the official website: nkv2022.kndb.nl Or contact the organization Droomdamsters: info@droomdamsters.nl / www.droomdamsters.nl. Address running site: Hoogeveen Abbey, Brinkstraat 5, 7902 AC Hoogeveen.

Go to the NK website for more information + program: https://nkv2022.kndb.nl/

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