The best solution is not always legal

Ad van Bergen and Dominic Romberg

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You could say that companies and organizations are just like people. They participate in the community and face problems there. This can relate to acquisitions, contracts, differences of opinion between shareholders, labor law issues, permits — you name it. Nobody likes problems and therefore it is very good if someone can solve them for you. When someone takes care of you. Fortunately, some people are lightening the burden on their profession.

In Bredestraat in Maastricht and in Natalinitoren in Roermond there are two branches of a law firm where every day more than twenty people participate in the unloading of organizations and companies. Adelmeijer Hoyng Advocaten is the name and this year they celebrate that they have been doing this work for 25 years.

An informative celebration
“I’ve been in this office since 1991,” says Ad van Bergen, partner at Adelmeijer Hoyng. “Anyone who calculates correctly will find out that I actually worked in this office before it existed.” Fortunately, the explanation for this is simple: Ad van Bergen has worked since 1991 at the law firm of Heerlen Adelmeijer, which merged 25 years ago with Hoyng in Maastricht. As partner Dominic Romberg said, the 25th anniversary will be celebrated in a “lukewarm and informative” manner. On June 23 at Château St. Gerlach, with clients and relationships.

Different solutions are better
People with extensive experience may ask the question: What makes a good lawyer? “If you can see that the best solution isn’t always a legal one,” Romberg says. “You can dig into the trenches of law, spend a year and a half to two years in litigation and then wait for an appeal. But does this better serve your client’s interests? Perhaps there are other better solutions. Van Bergen: “A good attorney should be a good attorney, but also understand how they work companies and organizations on a daily basis.” With all of this, they both agree that you should give honest advice. “Even if that means saying to the customer: You don’t have an issue.”

“You can dig legal trenches. But does this serve your client’s best interests?”

purposeful and fun
One characteristic of Adelmeijer Hoyng is working in a team, Romberg says. “In our office, lawyers specialize in all kinds of areas – from corporate law to administrative law, from construction law to health law. We put together the best team for each case, including lawyers from different specialties, if needed. However, the client always has a point. One connection, which creates clarity. Van Bergen: “We have experienced staff in our office, as well as young lawyers. Depending on the case, we assess the appropriate match for the customer, partly from a cost point of view. For me personally, a good relationship with the client is not only legal, but also human. ” An investment is also made in the relationship with clients. The office regularly organizes legal insights. Roomberg: “We then organize an interactive seminar for our clients on a specific topical topic – real estate, labor law, law companies. For example in the form of a breakfast session, or in the afternoon with a drink afterwards. In this way, we provide entrepreneurs with valuable legal information that is immediately applicable in practice.”

Winning is a good feeling
Lawyers are human too. Like everyone else, they want to earn a good living, but at the same time enjoy their work. Where do Ad van Bergen and Dominique Roomberg enjoy, what makes them feel good after a long work day? Romberg: “I feel good about the effort I put in for my clients. It can be through litigation, it can be through negotiation. You make an effort on a case and when you see that you helped your client with it, it gives you satisfaction. What I love: When you have A good relationship with a client so you can switch quickly. Someone could contact you with a short question, like: Is that right?” Van Bergen: “It is a pleasure to think with clients, to see what is going on. I also see the legal profession as a game In chess, you have to think strategically: how do I get to where I want to be and what benefits the customer the most? In addition, winning is a good feeling. “

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Text Jules Coenegracht
Image Wendy Boone

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