Sander Lantinga: “Seven years later, Rode de Wilde is still sad that we are in his ‘place’

How about stopping the Coen & Sander show?

The Coen en Sander Show will stop as a daily program on Radio 538. Sander Lantinga will present a program on Veronica, and Coen Swijnenberg will be responsible for the 538 lunch show. For my radio companion, who has been on the radio for sixteen years with their radio humor magazine, it was an unpleasant surprise That a different interpretation was invented for the time of their presentation. Lantinga said of it: “We weren’t expecting this. It made me sleep less for a few nights.

Why would Rod de Wilde get involved in the bad news Coen & Sander received?

It’s been seven years since Coen Swijnenberg and Sander Lantinga fired Ruud de Wild from his evening show at Radio 538. Something the radio emperor who was under contract to 3FM, QMusic, Radio 538, BNR and now NPO Radio 2, among others, tasted in it Time as if he had drunk a liter of vinegar. According to Sander Lantinga, De Wild has never dealt with this falter properly, as he still speaks negatively about his colleagues in the media. Recently, for example, de Wilde added RTL Boulevard He hinted that he wasn’t too surprised that the Coen & Sander show ended: ‘I understand they’re stopping. If the shelf is outside, this is the only way. And the numbers, of course, have collapsed dramatically in the past year and a half. Sander Lantinga kept his chatty radio beak shut for seven years, but this time he’s furious: he’s sick and tired of de Wilde’s moan.

What does Rod de Wilde think about himself?

“I have a picture that makes pretty girls always pull off a big bow.”

What do you think of Rod de Wilde?

Not only beautiful girls, but also current radio colleagues walk with an arc around him. The big question about Rod de Wilde is: Do you still want Rod?

Overestimate her name: Rod de Wilde

What do others think of Rod de Wilde?

Eric the Black

Radio Nestor

Throwing mud in the land of radio has always been the case, you shouldn’t take it too seriously. On the radio, the grass next door is always greener, but of course it’s not. And a little healthy competition can’t hurt, because everyone knows there’s always a successor ready for you. I’ve tested it myself several times, getting ridiculed by a colleague, haha. It’s good to be talking about radio again, let’s face it: people don’t listen that much anymore. 3FM is almost no longer around with a 2% market share. This is of course a sin. As a group they have caused chaos. At some point someone will step in, you can now see that with The Noon Show by Frank van der Linde and Eva Kormann gone. In Radio 538, the reason lies not in the cavalry, but in the leadership, or their lack of presence. The fact that John de Mol is involved in everything; Then nobody dares to do anything anymore and then you don’t think it’s crazy to stop. You can carry on with the success of other people for a long time, but at some point of course that stops. Does Sander Lantinga think Rod de Wilde is acid? I think that’s not so bad with Rod. I once hired him at 538. I fired him also once at 538. That was around 1998. Then he wanted TV to work at BNN and since commercial and public broadcasting didn’t line up together, I didn’t think that was a good thing. idea. Rod wasn’t sad at the time, he understood that was part of it. If you look at the list that Rudd worked on next: he had almost all the stops. I’m also the one who cares, there are more important things to worry about.

Jean Pabarazia

Radio Guru

To some extent this is how colleagues from different stations treat each other, unfortunately. Toes aren’t anywhere as long as they’re on the radio at Hilversum. I remember it from way back when I was working at Robert Jensen. About thirty years ago he did an internship at TROS for three months, and they’ve been talking about it for twenty years now. Robert was then described as “that lazy man who did nothing”. While this was not the case at all. Some people at Hilversum will never fail to make someone else’s head, often out of self-preservation. This is not very collective. I’m more than a life and let a person live, I would never take part in that. Why stop one radio show after another? People listen too little. I myself never listen to stations like 538 and 3 FM, the music does not appeal to me. I don’t know if it was sympathetic, but Rod de Wilde could only say what he thought. It looks like you can’t say anything anymore or someone has been offended again. It’s not about anything, is it? If Rod thinks the sprawl is over at Coen & Sander, he can say so. If you hear him go over the radio, I think it’s funny what he’s doing. Like Jill Beilin, he is a radio producer who has always stood out. He didn’t take it easy. He’s a radio guy who’s earned more than his spurs and he’s saying something crucial… Lantinga has to get over it again, it’s all so childish. Shoulders shrug, back straight and carry on. Just get a nice radio show, that’s it.

Sander Lantinga

angry radio fellow

in press holder On NPO Radio 1: “Ruud de Wild, talking about a sour DJ, you have one. Seven years later he still has trouble sitting still, mentions this in every interview and now again on the Boulevard. Then I think about extending it: he can also watch His own program. Does it hurt me? No, you always have people thinking of something, and it is impossible to please one hundred percent of the population of Holland, and it is simply not possible. Only with this man, I think: Dude, we have kept our mouths shut for seven years. But Rod de Wilde has been citing us in every interview for seven years now. He’s pretty awful at that. We haven’t responded for seven years, so I guess now is the time to respond: Don’t be sad, that’s the way it goes .

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