Guus Hoogland steals the show on Pole Day in Hawaii

Publication Date: 06-13-2022
Updated on: 06-13-2022 10:21

Guus Hoogland steals the show on Pole Day in Hawaii

Guus Hoogland steals the show on Pole Day in Hawaii
On Saturday 11 June, the Polsstokdag was held at Polsbroekerdam under beautiful conditions. With a Hawaiian theme and summer weather, all the ingredients were there to spend an afternoon. This was certainly the case for Montfoorter Guus Hoogland. The junior jumped to his new personal best in his last jump: 20.39 metres. And so he cut the furthest distance in the afternoon.

Seniors couldn’t match this distance. Chris Anker (Vlist) opened the ball with a beautiful 19.60-meter jump. In the second group of seniors, Jaco de Groot (Camrick) withdrew due to an injury during his run. Ryan Bass, the leader in the ABZ De Samen rating, was the first to pass Anker. In his third jump, Guinard reached a distance of 20.02 metres. Thomas van Meiden (Vlist) came close to the final, but his 19.94-meter height turned out to be short.

In the junior category, as mentioned, the win went to Guus Hoogland. In his second jump, he already set a new personal best of 19.21 metres, but he went even further in the final. Favorite Reiner Overbeck (Punchop) withdrew after two jumps and then stood at 19.35 metres. In the end he took second place. Hidde van Dam (Montfoort) put in a decent run and ended up in third place with 18.74 metres.

Tensions have also escalated in the women’s category this season. Many ladies have already shown that they can compete for titles and this was also the case at Polsbroekerdam. Fabian Overbeek (Penshop) immediately opened the match with a distance of 14.46 metres. It wasn’t until the last cycle a lady had. Susan Mulder (Vlist) reached 15.21 metres. She thought she won the title, but Fabien managed to cross it with maximum effort; 15.54 meters long. Kamerikse Gerianne Boer completed the podium with a distance of 14.63 metres.

The boys are also very equal this year. Jonathan Temerands (Montfort) was leading in the ABZ De Samen standings until Saturday, but 15.91 meters wasn’t enough to hold her. Home jumper Harmen Bogard took the lead with his jump of 16.66 meters and finished second. The gold went to Wessel Schenk (Schoonhoven) for the boys. This elegant bird reached 17.04 meters in its second jump. The other boys had no answer to this.

In the girls’ category, Cleaver Montague Boucall’s win went to Thalena van der Wind (Snelrewaard). In the final, she jumped 13.86 meters, jumping much more than the other girls. Leki Stolowijk (Podgraven) followed him at a decent distance (13.22 metres). Gemma van Ostrom (Woerdense Verlaat) completed the podium with a jump of 12.83 metres.

Next week he will be pole vaulting at Kockengen. On Saturday 18th June, the match will start at 6:30pm.

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