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Although Sergio Perez has been increasingly cast as a serious title contender in recent days, Max Verstappen re-ranked in Red Bull with a win in Baku. Ferrari fired himself in the foot with a double kick. This is what foreign newspapers and websites found out after the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Although Perez took the lead from Charles Leclerc right after the start of the race at Baku Street Circuit yesterday afternoon, it was Verstappen who quickly appeared in his teammate’s rear-view mirror. “No fight” rang out over the onboard radio, after which the Dutchman passed without trouble.

“It turns out that the stories about equal title chances for the Mexican were nothing more than creating the atmosphere,” he wrote. latest news† “So what. It makes sense that Verstappen is number one on the team, no matter how strong Perez has been in recent weeks. Intrinsically faster, he stays. As he proved yesterday when he bridged the gap with the Mexican with ease.”

So why was Perez so popular after his Monaco win? The Belgian newspaper has an explanation for this. “To point out to the Verstappen clan that team boss Horner and sporting chief Marko are still at the forefront of decisions, and Father Joss better keep his opinion inside for the future,” an important column in which Jos Verstappen discusses Red’s strategy was noted. eye.

Moreover daily Mail I found Perez’s instructions on lap 15 of the race in Azerbaijan very clear. “It was a clear sign that Verstappen, who is defending his world title, is the undisputed No. 1 in Red Bull. Perez, who won in Monaco two weeks ago, obeyed and almost beat Verstappen for his fifth win in eight races.”

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Ferrari outperforms itself

The only person who could have prevented Verstappen from winning was Leclerc. However, Monegask saw that his car surrendered for a second time in such a short time that he (after his previous failure in Spain) was allowed to slip away as the race leader.

“Ferrari’s horror show,” headlines daily, as Ferrari also lost to Carlos Sainz earlier in the race due to mechanical issues. Leclerc started in good spirits, but his race ended with a plume of smoke from the engine. Ferrari had to deal with another big setback.”

according to picture The Italian racing stable considers itself its biggest opponent. “Ferrari hits itself again!” wrote the German newspaper. After the failure in Barcelona and the strategic mistake in Monaco, the next technical failure followed. At the beginning of the season, Ferrari was the favorite to win the world title, but now Red Bull is significantly ahead in the World Cup standings for both drivers and teams.”

to liberate I saw something great in Ferrari after the race. In the virtual press conference afterwards, team boss Mattia Binotto replaced his team’s red jersey with a black polo shirt, with only the galloping horse crest. Did he want to subtly point out that Ferrari had already given up hope of the world title? ”

according to BBC Not strange either. “Leclerc will now certainly face grid penalties for using a lot of engine parts this season – and it could be a first this weekend in Canada. This is a huge concern for Ferrari and creates a problem going forward.”

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