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Baby carrier brand Artipoppe has angered young mothers with the launch of its campaigneasy motherhood† The logo adorns the Amsterdam tram and sings on social media. In response, the first goods can also be ordered: buttons with the text “Motherhood is not easy

Hundreds of comments can be read within the Instagram post, and they basically fall into two categories: angry moms and responsive moms with a heart. It is noteworthy that Artipoppe reacts only with positive feedback. momfluencer Writer Louis Krudener reproduces under this post:Come on Artepoppie, you really missed it. You’re trying to be so cool, different, and provocative that you’ve completely missed out on what real moms need. “How bad is this… surely a white guy doing commercials? Moms deserve praise, not this. I thought we could do better than this with all the women’s movement in 2022,” one mom wrote.


I understand that the message can be misunderstood, because motherhood and raising children is a very painful subject

Midwife Djaneva from Rotterdam and Atelier Mayora have made posters for healthcare institutions showing, among other things, the fetal development of children of different races. Show it to Parents Now.

‘above Shame my mom Erection’

Artipoppe felt compelled to post a comment on his Instagram Story this morning: “This campaign can be interpreted in different ways. We want to open the conversation by naming a socially relevant topic. We want to inspire moms to break free from social pressures and challenge you to look inside. Where you feel angry, afraid or upset is the challenge you face. we are up Shame my momBias and stigmas. Let all mothers have their own experiences and let us all appreciate them. maternity experience.


It is believed that the company’s image is rapidly collapsing, but this is not the case in practice

Karel Jan Sam, Marketing Lecturer

The debate that is starting is taking place on a larger scale, believes marketing professor Karel Jan Sime of the Hanse University of Applied Sciences Groningen. He thinks Artipoppe wants to promote the need for mothers to rely more on their maternal instincts. Nowadays, a lot of people struggle with it and we care a lot about what society thinks of us. I understand that the message can be misunderstood, because motherhood and raising children is a very painful topic.”

Sim sees the logo creative. The logo should be consistent with your mission. It’s okay to exaggerate that a bit, especially in a company with a clear vision like Artipoppe. The campaign is bold and the quote is ambiguous, but it makes sense in communication.” The Amsterdam brand, founded by Anna van den Bogert, sells baby carriers and clothes, the prices of which range from a few hundred to a few thousand euros. The company’s mission is to simplify motherhood and can be read on the site. Supermodels such as Gigi Hadid and Doutzen Kroes have been spotted with their children at Artipoppe. Van den Bogert could not be reached for comment.


The more honest we are about our experiences, the more we will grow as a society

work circle

Motherhood is not easy

The Department of Labor, a company that provides workshops and products to support motherhood, launched buttons this morning that read “Motherhood Isn’t Easy” and challenges Artepoppie to start the conversation in a straight story. Founder Brooklyn Brownstone, like Artepoppie, believes that motherhood experiences should be discussed. She criticizes the Artipoppe dialect. Artipoppe is a large company with great social responsibility. They need to engage in a clear conversation. People walking down the street and seeing the logo should immediately know what the campaign is all about. It should be clear to everyone, not just to the community.”

According to Brownstone, buttons are a way for moms to share their real experiences. Hope to start the conversation. “If people think motherhood is easy, it will remain taboo and mothers will receive less support. The more honest we are about our experiences, the more we can grow as a society.”

Breast is the best

Jan Alsem does not understand that Artipoppe does not respond to criticism online. “You have to react quickly to avoid misunderstandings. Many big companies make mistakes. It is a misconception that big brands think about everything.” Although the attention Artipoppe is receiving now appears to be mainly negative, that is likely not the case, according to the marketing professor. Negative people are more likely to interact than positive people. It is believed that the company’s image is rapidly collapsing, but this is not the case in practice. After a while, that kind of thing fades away, unless it comes to something like the death of a child.”

The Artipoppe campaign around breastfeeding was criticized in 2018: the brand followed the advice of the World Health Organization and said that mothers only breastfeed for the first year of their babies’ lives. Baby will stick to himself calmly and confidently immediately after birth, if given the opportunity, according to the baby carrier brand. It was met with great resistance from mothers who give formula and from mothers who do not wish to breastfeed.

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