112 News: Erasmus Bridge is open for hours and traffic is closed | 26 reports of noise disturbances at Kralingse Bos Festival | (Possible) Hendrik Edo Ambacht and Lombardygen shot


In this post we will keep you in the know with the 112 most important stories from the region as of Friday, June 10.

22:01 – A drunk man fell into the water in Hellevoetsluis

In Hellevoetsluis, near the Europarcs local holiday park, a person fell into the water. According to a spokesperson for the Rotterdam-Reggenmond Safety District, he is a drunk man. Bystanders kept his head above the water until emergency services arrived. Emergency services rescued the man. The condition of the man is unclear.

21:59 – Goldonistraat shooting, Rotterdam

Just before 10pm, the police received a report of a shooting in the Goldonestraat in Rotterdam and Lombardy. The police have not yet said anything about the shooting, except that no one was injured.

21:43 – Hendrik Edo Ambacht is shot, one injured

During a possible shooting in Hendrik Edo Ambacht on Biezenwijde, the police received a report that a person had been hit in the head. The police heard this at 21:43 and rushed to the scene, but did not find the person. “We are still searching,” the spokesman said. It is not clear what happened.

21:42 – Erasmus Bridge opened for an hour, traffic blocked

The Erasmus Bridge has been open for an hour and will not be closed for the time being. Traffic is currently slowly moving backwards away from the bridge. Tram lines cannot cross the bridge. RET advises travelers who need to be on the other side of Maas to take the metro. The cause of the bridge failure is not yet known.

Open Erasmus Bridge. © Riggenmond

21:10 – 26 Annoying noises have been reported at the Kralingse Bos Festival in Rotterdam

This evening, the Environmental Agency DCMR received 26 reports of noise pollution around the Boothstock Festival in Crawlings Boss. And a service spokesperson believes there could be more. The festival officially continues until 11 pm on Saturday. The spokesperson says the complaints come mainly from people who usually live on the north side of Kralingse Bos. DCMR investigated the complaints and its measurements showed that the festival adhered to noise standards set by the municipality.

The spokesperson stresses that this does not exclude the possibility of people experiencing inconvenience. DCMR believes that good weather and two years of corona also play a role: More people outside and residents are accustomed to the relief of two years of no festivities. After 11pm the sound should not be audible.

Update: In all, DCMR has registered 87 complaints.

19:38 – Shooting incident in Desselstrat, south of Rotterdam

Disselstraat in the Feijenoord district of Rotterdam was the setting for the shooting at 6:30pm on Saturday. Police said one or more people fired shots, but no one was hurt. Upon arrival, the police found shell casings on the street. They are now investigating the incident. Witnesses are invited to report. People who can have pictures too.

† picture:
† picture:

19:32 – A pleasant atmosphere in the run-up to the Dutch national team match in De Kuip

The run-up to the Dutch national team match in Quebec is running smoothly. Supporters of opponent Holland and Poland are marching in Rotterdam together and happily, according to a local police officer in the south. The catering terraces around De Kuip also do a good job. The Dutch national team plays in the Kuip match against Poland in the Nations League, the match starts from a quarter to nine.

6:08 pm – Fire at Talmastraat in Rotterdam

A short fire broke out on the Talmastraat this afternoon. No one is hurt. The alarm was triggered around 17:00. The emergency services thought for a moment that someone was still home and the shock helicopter was flown in for it. No one was found in the house when the fire was extinguished. The air ambulance was able to return home shortly thereafter. An investigation is underway into how the fire broke out.

5:49 p.m. – Fewer intercity routes from Rotterdam to Arnhem and Schiphol as of Monday

Due to staff shortages at NS, fewer trains will be running from next Monday. From Rotterdam Central to the roads to Arnhem Central and Schiphol Airport, it was announced on Saturday afternoon. The additional travel time can be up to 15 minutes, according to NS. Today, fewer intercity trains operate between Rotterdam and Utrecht. Among other things, NS does not have enough conductors, train drivers and IT personnel. There are now 1,100 vacancies in NS.

NS conductor beeps before departure
NS conductor beeps before departure © Riggenmond

2:21 pm – Fire in HEMA Oud-Beijerland

A fire broke out at HEMA in Oud-Beijerland on Saturday afternoon. Lots of black smoke was released in the building itself. Because, according to the fire service, the situation was complicated, they got into a big fire. HEMA was evacuated, the fire brigade was present with several vehicles and called on passersby to make way for emergency services. The bench of fire was found around 3 pm: which turned out to be the fuse box on the ground floor. Not long after the fire was brought under control.

Paramedics checked a few people who were inside during the fire. According to Hoeksche Waard Mayor Charlie Aptroot, the fire appears to have caused no human damage.

2:11 pm – Horse stabbed in Berchelle

A horse in Birchill was stabbed several times at Birchill. An examination by a veterinarian showed that the horse could not have caused these wounds himself. Police are looking for witnesses who can provide more information about these injuries.

12:17 – Beverward stabbed

A woman was injured in a stabbing incident this morning in southern Rotterdam. I had a house quarrel with another woman who stabbed her in the arm with a knife. The victim was taken to the hospital. The woman who was stabbed has been arrested. It is not known what the fight was about. The suspect has since been arrested. The challenge was at Ehrenstendamm in the Bevewerward district.

11:56 a.m. – Rockanje crash

A cyclist was injured in an accident this morning in Rukanji.

The accident occurred in Vleerrdamsedijk. She informed the police that the cyclist was driving in the opposite direction, and that the driver did not see him coming in as a result.

The bicycle was destroyed in the collision. The injured cyclist was taken to a hospital in Rotterdam.

07:00 – First Middellandstraat stabbing

Three people were injured in a stabbing incident last night in West Rotterdam. The stabbing took place around 1 am on the Eerste Middellandstraat.

Two injured Rotterdam patients, aged between 20 and 24, had to be taken to hospital. A 24-year-old man from Pleswick was also injured but was treated at the scene.

The reason for the appeal is not yet known. The suspect was arrested and overpowered by passersby.

09:45 – A wounded man in Krimpen

An injured person was found on Kremene Ann den Isle last night. He was lying on Raadhuisplein with severe head injuries.

Police suspect that he fell ill while walking his dog, but it’s also possible that something else may have happened. He may have been robbed.

The police are looking for potential witnesses.

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