How do pro-Anna coaches corner young girls?


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Pro coaches to Anna

After a podcast episode from Alicante New Parliamentary questions have been asked about professional trainers (who present themselves as weight loss trainers and are often outside the scope of other assignments). We found an atmosphere of impunity.”

Ann Taub says on the podcast, “I can now say – which is certainly not something I’m proud of – that more than half of my life has been anorexia.” Alicante† She has had this disorder for 17 years. She was bullied in her youth, and when the school doctor told her that she was overweight, she decided to lose weight. I looked for a way to control something and it turned out to be losing weight. But I didn’t know where to start and how it would go as quickly as possible. Then I ended up in pro-Anna positions.”

Pro-ana is an abbreviation of the English term Occupational anorexia. It is a movement made up of young people with an eating disorder and anorexia. Among other things, she is active on pro-Anna websites that have been around for more than twenty years and gives them unhealthy advice on how to lose weight as quickly as possible, which correlates with significant health risks. This includes tips on what to do if they feel hungry and how to hide the disorder from their parents and their doctor. under the title tenderness There are photos of very thin models, which should serve as inspiration for thinning.

Pro Anna coaches
For a number of years now, more and more so-called “professional trainers” have been active on the sites. These are (mostly) trainers who help underage girls with anorexia lose weight. “They are very cleverly preying on these young girls by enticing them to take nude photos and videos, and in some cases by forced sex,” Shamir Sollers of the Center for Combating Child Trafficking and Human Trafficking (CKM) says in the podcast. Alicante about this subject. CKM launched an investigation into the phenomenon in 2018, among other things by creating three fake profiles of minors and speaking to these coaches. They also conducted a survey among 79 young adults who had contact with a coach. 97 percent of them were women and their average age was 16 years. The research shows that the coaches they contacted were mostly men between the ages of twenty and thirty. AlicanteEditor Elif Kan explains how brilliant these guys are. “At first, they often say, ‘Can you send me some pictures so I know how you are now and that’s good for the process, so I can track it down. And this often goes to: “But you’re wearing clothes now, can you do that in a bikini or underwear, because then I can judge it better.” The next step is: “I can judge it better if you send me a nude picture. And once a person has such a nude picture in his hands, it is, of course, easy to blackmail someone.

Expert Ann Taub also checks in on the podcast episode. I decided to visit the pro-ana site again years later, in order to find out more about these trainers, who weren’t very active in their time. I found out that one of them works in defense. Whoever defends our country destroys the lives of many people. This is not just about people with anorexia. Loved ones also find it difficult. Because they have to see everything.

detection strategy
To combat this violation and not allow pro-Ana coaches to get away with it, CKM will turn to politics in the middle of the investigation in 2019. As a result, a proposal is made for an investigation strategy, which is adopted by the deputies. MEP Lisa Westerfield tells us about Groen Links Alicante That many MPs, including themselves, also asked parliamentary questions on the subject. The answer to almost all the questions was: “We don’t know very well, we will investigate and work on it.” Since then, we have heard very little from the government about exactly what has been done with it. Since the government is not taking any steps, CKM decides to draw attention to the matter by setting up bait profiles again. “The professional coaches we interviewed in 2018 were still active after all these years, and we still see the same profile names. Sad. We found an atmosphere of impunity. Of course, those coaches also took note of the news, but if nothing is done regarding the investigation , there will be no obstacle to stop it.

Parliamentary Questions
In response to the AlicanteEpisode, Westerveld and ChristenUnie Representative Mirjam Bikker submitted parliamentary questions about Anna’s pro-coaches. These concerns, among other things, the actions that have been taken to locate these trainers. Elif mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I am of course very happy. My goal was to be able to mean something to these people and get things started. What I think is a shame is that, for example, Westerveld also says in the podcast: “It’s good to have media interest, because again we’re focused and then we can expect that again.” Of course it’s very nice that something is happening, but why hasn’t anything been done in the past three years?

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