Anger at ‘threat’ at home farmers’ work Minister van der Waal: ‘Unacceptable’ | Nitrogen crisis

Angry farmers protested last night against the government’s nitrogen policy. Dozens went with tractors to the home of Nature and Nitrogen Minister Christian van der Waal in Heerden, near Harderwijk. Representatives find the protest unacceptable.


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The Minister of Nature and Nitrogen was home with her family when the farmer’s group arrived. Her husband said he was “very shocked and did not respond for a while.” De Stentor reported that his wife had entered into a conversation with the activists.

Farmers are angry at Van der Wal’s plans to drastically reduce nitrogen emissions by buying farmers and making farmers reduce their livestock. Five police cars were located in Van der Waal’s home. Monitor officers to make sure that “criminal things” are not happening.

Van der Waal in conversation with a number of protesting farmers. © ANP

Full Gas Working Group! He claims to be behind the action. The statement, which was circulated, read: ‘We were told that Mrs. Van der Waal quickly escaped. So just wait until you come back. The person who picks up the ax to chase the cultivators over the cliff is not worth the wait. But if you put together a letter with metrics that are the death knell for an entire sector, we want to devote some time to it. It does not belong to this place. And you’ll know that, too. This is why part of Vol Gas! , along with a few other groups, they drive to her house.


The minister received a letter in the name of “all farmers in the Netherlands” who was dismissed “with immediate effect in view of the situation that has arisen”. Farmers say they do not feel desirable and give up their trust in the minister.

Van der Waal thought that was enough then. She said, “I’m going now.” I had a good conversation, I heard you, I got this, but now I’m going inside. My kids are sitting there, shivering and now enough is enough. “I think it’s threatening now,” she said barefoot.

Before leaving, around 10:15 p.m., the farmers threw a large ball of hay wrapped in plastic in front of the gate in the minister’s driveway.

The rattle of hay left by the protesting farmers in the driveway.
The rattle of hay left by the protesting farmers in the driveway. © GinoPress


LTO Farmers Association does not agree to show farmers come to the minister’s house. “I understand the anger, but they shouldn’t,” says CEO Sjak van der Tak. “Farmers shouldn’t take any action on their personal privacy,” says van der Tack. “This is not generous and inappropriate.”

Finance Minister Sigrid Kaag described van der Waal’s courageous entry into talks with farmers. But even more impressive: the suffering of her family, which she described. Let every protester take note. She wrote on Twitter: Stay away from people’s homes. At the beginning of this year, a protester visited Kag with a torch at her home address. He shouted conspiracy slogans.

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Peasants' resignation letter to the minister.
Peasants’ resignation letter to the minister. © DJ

It is completely unacceptable for people to visit politicians at home. Anger is no excuse. “It threatens those who harm it and undermines democracy,” party leader Esther Oehand of the Animal Party wrote on Twitter. GroenLinks party chairman Jesse Claver also called the measure unacceptable. “This is harassment. Leave the politicians at home alone. You debate on the basis of arguments and not in this way. I understand that the nitrogen decision has serious consequences for many farmers, but this goes too far,” he wrote on Twitter.

Start the conversation, go to Malefield or show wherever you want. But leave our ministers and her family alone at home! D66 party leader Jean Paternott tweeted. Caroline van der Plas of BoerBurgerBeweging (BBB) ​​also disagrees with the Van der Wal protest. ‘stop this. You don’t visit people at home. No matter how angry you are,” she tweeted. According to her, the majority of farmers also do not support this kind of work. Marieki Kokok (Volt) believes that this is not the “way” to demonstrate against government policy.

protest in cetin

A working group of Farmers Defense Force members also visited D66 Chairman Rob Getten on October 27, 2020. He then received a “health food package” to wish him a speedy recovery. Cetin was surprised by the visit and filed a complaint against the group after this unwanted home visit.

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