Snel is like ‘Metejoor’ and finally, finally that AFAS Live: ‘Bizarre’

Tonight, Snelle will kick off his biggest solo concert streak of his still relatively short but glamorous career. The all-sold-out AFAS Live has been waiting in Amsterdam three times until Sunday, after more than a dozen delays due to Corona. The “singer-songwriter”, as the star is called, is currently with the song Look at us well Another first collaboration with a Flemish colleague as well. His name: Meteor (so the title at the top of this article has no typo). subway I searched for both.

This morning, at the start of the AFAS concerts, a new tour for Snelle (26) was also announced (see box below).

subway Meet celebrities and BVs in a beautiful building in Laren, which Armada Music/Cloud 9 Music has just moved into. Snel and Metejoor had just completed a run when they went down with ‘flat water’. The last job of the day for the gentlemen, who are touring the Netherlands for a few days, mainly on radio stations, to record their song Look at us well I’m up. It has become a delightful song – how cute that sounds – created at a writing camp about two friends. Two sizes are no longer 18, but again while walking at that moment. Honestly, they are actually among them here in this beautiful building in Laren. A bit of a string, but it’s serious if you have to.

Snel and Metejoor want to compose music

Although the gentlemen are fine, they prefer only playing music. In his Netflix documentary Go out without a coat Snel once noted, “I do other things 90 percent of the time.” They barely managed to play for two years because of Corona. Fortunately, he recently spent at least a dozen nights on Friends of Amstel Live. And Metejoor can also return to work starting today: three times, with Snelle on AFAS Live of course. Although it wasn’t clear during the conversation. Snel: “I’ve had a lot of collaborations, so if I wanted to ask everyone, it’s quite an enigma.” It is now clear that Metegor could take his position in the capital. He was already in the country last night in Rotterdam.

Snel loves this collaboration. They were there with Frenna, Jebroer, Kraantje Pappie, Ronnie Flex, Suzan & Freek, and Maan. He simply enjoys working with colleagues. “And that makes – I’ll be honest – those promotional weeks a lot more enjoyable. It’s not the nicest part of our job, however useful it may be. But otherwise I’m on my own. Now, as with Metejoor, we go out together.”

New Nick and Simon

“Welcome to the new Nick & Simon,” Snel exclaimed. He laughs: “Oh my God, is your voice recorder turned on yet? Well, nothing to do. I said it.” Meanwhile, Metegor sticks out with her arm in the cast. “I didn’t agree with the second verse,” explains his new fellow musician. The truth is that the singer was hit by a car. The Look Ons Nou report was well received in the first two days. Especially with the Flemish, because it is about the fame of both Metejoor and Snelle (seven times in the Belgian charts). Metejour: “In Belgium, all the radio stations are on board, which is pretty cool. And we’re #1 on iTunes two days in a row.” Snel: “I often measure that by the number of messages I receive, for example via Instagram and the number of people talking about it. That’s fine, and so are the streams. In a couple of days we’ll hit a ton I think.”

Look at us well It looks cute so close to summer. Quick: “It’s beautiful. Not too difficult, simple and too cheerful. Some people think I shouldn’t say ‘Not too difficult.’ But it is.”

fast meteor
Image from the Kijk Ons Nou video.

Fast and Metejoor at writing camp

The single was created at the end of January, early February during a writing camp held by Snelle, but regular Friends van Amstel Live concerts have again been canceled due to a known virus. Writing camp looks like something with tents, sleeping bags, and chills at night. Gentlemen can laugh at this assumption, but no. Trapped: “Quickly delete this thought.” Snel: „The writing camp comes from my Lieve Jongens brand. The idea is simple: set up writing sessions with composers, songwriters, and great artists as guests. Then we write to others, this time in a castle-like house in the Ardennes. Something that cannot be tolerated in the Netherlands by any means. We had three rooms and a bedroom furnished as a studio. Such a week is full of people, and Joris also came. Then one day we decided: “Today we’re making a song for Metjour.” And then you must finish, that’s the goal. It became a good song because it became Look at us well† But eh, Joris, is it going to carry over to your album? Meteore: Yes, in my opinion.

Always funny, these Belgians…

How did Meteor end up in writing camp? By car, Barzaneh says. “Oh oh no, with the subway of course.” They always remain funny, our southern neighbors. “And I called you that because you make the earth disturb?” (Okay, the Belgian is nicer.) He explains it anyway: „Every year we have the Rock Werchter Festival. Because of Corona, there was a smaller version of Rock Werchter Parklife last year. Spent two evenings there, by the way with Snelle as well as Suzan & Freek. This is where we got to know each other and she says we value each other, and we still do by the way. Snel is well known in Belgium, although he didn’t know it himself yet (“I try Belgium less or something like that, I’m not there much”). And this is how we met at writing camp and after a busy moment Look at us well Created.” Snell: “It was in the middle of the night.”

Meteor’s fear of failure

Snelle and Metejoor’s jobs are quite similar: they come up with quick, instant hits (Snelle himself:. That’s while Fleming struggled for a long time in fear of failure. This is in contrast to his sister Lisa, who without hesitation Flanders’ voice Share. It was Metegor’s luck that with his sister’s participation he met a producer who finally decided: “Joris, your voice strikes like meteors.” He pasted the letter j of his first name between them and the name is still shown. Snell asks with surprise, “Did you have a fear of failure?” “You are?” Meteore: “It’s gone now, but I had it and it was hard. At school during exams, boy.” Quickly interested: “What exactly does fear of failure mean?” Metjor: „Because I couldn’t sleep with football, I played under the Eredivisie. I was so afraid of doing things wrong. Then you have nothing under control. You think you can do nothing and you are never satisfied.” Snel: “It also sounds like a panic.” Meteor: “Yeah, thanks to a lot of performances, it happily disappeared completely because of the singing. Unless it’s new, like at your own concert in the Netherlands. Then it will be there again.”

fast meteor
New friends for life?

Corona also brought something good for Snelle and Metejoor

So three times AFAS Live, for Snelle. Gorsselaar, born Lars Bors, still calls it “all weird actually.” “Shows have been around for a really long time, really. We’ve already done Lotte ArenA in Antwerp and with the band we have some really big festivals under our belt. In the past, we could still get a little carried away with the aura. Not for people who bought a ticket long ago, Of course, but for the show that is now more intense. We have a lot of songs to play. We can now entertain the audience for an hour and a half to two hours.”

Meteor: “Corona has also had a good thing for me. I just finished a theater tour and was honestly glad he came. Like Lars, I had more songs to play.” Snel: “Actually it’s too bad to say…” Metegor nodded: “You can see in his head that something bad is coming, haha.” Snel says anyway, “Yeah, I hardly dare say it. But all Corona parties, no matter how creative and wonderful I thought they were organized, actually felt like paid rehearsals. We can do better when we play. Oh wait, While I’m at it: These corona parties also made me a little rebellious. Because people had to stay in their seats. When I got on stage, I had one goal. Everyone had to stand up at the end!” Well, luckily no one can read, Shall we say…

If Snell and Meteor were 18 years old together

Snel and Metejoor are never together – to the bachelor Look at us well 18 years old What would this new duo look like for once now if that was the case? Quick: “Yes Joris, how were you when you were 18?” Meteor: „I just enjoyed life. Lots of soccer, lots of going out with friends. We would often go to the pub, yes.” Snell: “I wasn’t at all. When I was 18 I was always in the studio, always and more than now. Often times stoned by the way, haha. We did not go to the tavern, but to the “hut”, a shed. “

Meteor: „If we had been eighteen together, I think we would have pushed. But Lars always makes music, I didn’t do that until much later. I’m so sorry about that. My comfort zone was sports and especially football, with friends in the yards. And I went to Eindhoven.” The reporter looks quizzically. Why not Antwerp Club? Why Eindhoven? Metejoor quickly in the voice recorder: “Sorry, it’s been too long. Mark van Bommel was my hero who was still playing football at the time. For a long time! In fact, it was hardly…”

Snell: “I just stopped playing sports when I was 18. So we never found each other.” Meteor: So I’m glad we found each other now.

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