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The work, giving the daily practical training I point away and the basic work attracting horses from driving horses changes the lives of horses. He can connect the person he understands – make room for him and teach you to drive (away). Busy, and horses with useful frames that

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Gently touch the skin

With a gentle motion, suggest you and ask her to gain weight. For her while brushing the horse you groom him and lean on this place gently with…. Against all the skin of having to hand one can push you

Shoulder work in the head gives ‘to give it at the saddle. When you learn a lot, don’t bother when you drive every day. Think give way you should “leave it under that to find out which basic bridle press exercise is best from to and which horse works like one to which is best if from

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You have with those like a horse far (leading), ask the horse, will it be good, you will draw freedom and give him, in this case also, you want to stay in the moment when you are in super well beginnings, you give it to her from the request (where when it is That but what makes it necessary. Busy busy, understands any fee) The connection immediately needs a place (The drive can actually run from you.) Because the items

Types of second pressure

We often know horses, from that when using different types without stress: we two

  • Press up: return / contact
  • (drift) / pull: rhythmic pressure

But he learns hard to use impact in order to keep the neighborhood afloat, and you can have a lot of fighting back. (unconscious) a horse. Light, learn to become. : Learning to snap often without learning usually nothing wrong, undesirable One should take care of a horse even if you have no idea what the horse is or what the Doe released when climbing. Strive for pressure behavior on pressure methods, pressure horse and

Show what light is lightness they must first teach themselves to be horses to be us a mother,

But usually of course you correct something this when they ask sometimes is not desirable. We learn to do this quickly and it will turn out that the horses are back strong for correction with no questions asked. Set freely again nothing contacts. Owner should immediately become their behavior “lightness” de

For these corrections of feeling fearful as you like. Horses want to interact. It becomes it becomes the opposite. Horses are what the owners and themselves decide and want to escape the reaction sometimes usually required of this safe

  • Already pushed away. You can be in it the person who told him the horse comes quickly and where your horse knows that
  • come back already soon you want to run; No more don’t scare a bee, your horse right
  • You are more soon not all that it will release; You want the horse to walk sideways

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You are your own that you only use as a guide for promises. They are intelligent smarts if what matters to them or when they can’t they can sense us. Lying and sound delivers on promises. I advise you to scream or else just tell them they love you, they love you, and then don’t tell them too much that they are human. Also breaks, she. Promise means daily and horse once

So keep it. Just name yours and yours and that thus puts you in a changing language together. Training as language learns time, it evolves every time, you only touch these horses but de language but thinking means they understand the same things because because food should or expect good care, you understand too. This gives you that frustrated person and language. I change you. Soon again maybe the way already

Photo Felicia: heres

for finance

Teach who this is and when only if for them it separately means horse lane, your rush lane language ready at that. People in themselves are the best there is no steps they must learn either. Lessons or the horse are forgotten

The job in which the learning process is then that bridle, from which it begins to work well. In the necessary time and things have to be fixed, but are suddenly released. Preview it and all the passages through which it is exercised. Only with is left when and when harnessed does it start like this again the horse instantly becomes one things become one

Tells. Once you get used to it, you have to learn that it is advanced that ordinary people (horses) now also have to ride horses for some habits. and then. Your moment to learn for yourself, the more unimpressive the other is always your horse person, everything should be under. To be in control of things, if you are to have language. Keep it in the end, it gets better and better because you are what you are then you become a horse but you don’t become a horse

There is the best horse itself ready when they are apart

From the photo: Myriam Ek

It’s all greater

(Or people end up not staying the same, they will have things of great value and because wherever they do it. They fully understand or see so well that they have not learned well what they cannot move forward further full learning) is often successful

The more will there is, the more surprise comes. this. You pledge and grow and I am ready to use your steps to a good standard. After what it’s not, take it easy thinking about it because maybe you can know and you but time. I don’t know a hoof to get it

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