These are the 16 countries in the first semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest

Although we would have liked to attend the Eurovision Song Contest in droves…but the time has come! Two years after Duncan Lawrence’s “Ours” win, the first night of the semi-final takes place in the Rotterdam Ahoy.

We still have to wait for Dutchman Jeangu Macrooy to enter. As the organizing country, we are immediately in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. On Saturday Makroe will sing to him The birth of a new era† The song is not very good with the bets. Sure, the whole of Holland isn’t teeming with positivity about a high list or even a profit, but who knows… what’s going to stay with you forever: “Mama’s apple juice,” in this case cauliflower.

Duncan Lawrence and Davina Michelle

However, there is enough Dutch input tonight (NPO 1, 9pm). Former winner Duncan Lawrence opened the show with his song at Eurovision Passage†Davina Michelle and Tekla Ryton together form the first semi-final tiebreaker. During their performance, the water is central. As for the performance, registrations have been made in recent months at Delta Works in Zeeland.

The festival is being held on a modified basis due to the Corona virus. All country delegations traveled to Rotterdam, with restrictions on the ability of delegations and the press. If someone becomes infected with the virus, measures will be taken. The Song Festival is a test event for Fieldlab Evenementen. Therefore, a maximum of 3,500 people per show are allowed during all rehearsals, semi-finals and grand finals. Television commentary provided by Kornald Maas and Sander Lantinga. From Ahoy, the show is in the hands of Chantal Janzen, Edsilia Rombley, Nikkie de Jager and Jan Smit.

Participants in the first semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest

Would you like to get into the Eurovision Song Contest in advance? Here you can read some information about the participating nations during the first semi-final, in order of appearance. And you will see the corresponding sections.

1. Lithuania: The Roop – DiscotequeThe Roop

Lithuania opened the Eurovision ball with a track that combines disco, funk and electronic music. The group, one of the favorites to win in last year’s canceled edition, stands out with accompanying dance and bright yellow costumes. It seems that a place in the final is guaranteed and The Roop can easily improve Lithuania’s best performance ever (6th place in 2006).

2. Slovenia: Anna Soklic – Amen

The first powerful song comes from Anna Soklic. The track was co-written by Charlie Mason, the man behind Conchita Wursts Soar like a phoenix (first in 2014). Slovenes are taking advantage of the new rule that background vocals can be recorded on tape for the first time. This makes it as if a large gospel choir is singing along with Soklic.

3. Russia: Manisha – Russian woman, manga

This post stands out by starting in 2000 as Linda Wagenmakers in a mega-dress. It wasn’t long before the singer, in this case, riding a piece of clothing and then working toward the climax of the song, broke out of the growing self-awareness of women in her homeland. In the end, on the background screens appears a huge mosaic of videos of Russian women singing along.

4. Sweden: Tusse – Voices

Sweden (as often) comes to Rotterdam under high expectations in its homeland. In the past nine editions, Sweden, one of the most successful Eurovision countries, has taken eight places in the top seven. The originally Congolese singer, who doesn’t really score with the bookmakers, brings with him voices Ahoy’s personal story.

Australia Online Participant in the Eurovision Song Contest

5. Australia: Montaigne – Technicolor

Australia is the biggest absentee in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Due to Corona restrictions in her country, singer Montaigne was not allowed to travel to Rotterdam due to her grief. Viewers will soon see a backup tape that every country had to make as a precaution. Previews showed a colorful scene earlier this week.

6. North Macedonia: Vasil – Here I Stand

North Macedonia is arguably one of the strongest vocal entries this year. Vasil delivers a Disney-style theme song in a somewhat dark setting. Eventually, his coat rips off and the light reflects off his chest.

7. Ireland: Leslie Roy – Maps

The Irish make it difficult for themselves with a complex starting plan. To the viewer, it will soon seem as if singer Leslie Roy is surfing some kind of fairy tale book thanks to all kinds of scaffolding and props on stage. At the first rehearsal, it turned out not to have the desired effect, and the vocals also left much to be desired.

8. Cyprus: Elena Tsagrinou – El Diablo

Cyprus builds on the success of Eleni Furera’s Fuego (second in 2018) and offers another exciting dance track, just as it did in 2019. The song caused almost the only riot so far. Many Christians reacted with anger because Tsagrino sings about the love of the devil.

Crazy angel wings action

9. Norway: TIX – Fallen Angel

The Eurovision Song Contest is not a Eurovision Song Contest without striking verbs. Singer TIX wears not only angel wings, but also sunglasses, hair hoop and white fur coat. He is chained to the black demons that dance around him. That might be a kind of distraction from the song’s message, which has to do with TIX’s past of bullying.

10. Croatia: Albina – Tick-Tock

Fireworks are taken out of the treasury to enter from Croatia. Singer Albina, amidst four dancers, delivers a thrilling pop song about breaking a negative spiral.

11. Belgium: Hooverphonic – The Wrong Place

Hooverphonic no longer needs an introduction in the Netherlands and is the only Eurovision law that actually got Spurs in our country. The band works with director Hans Pannecoucke, who has also been responsible for Dutch acting for years. The result is a dark and atmospheric performance as the camera continues to pan around singer Geike Arnaert (also known as her co-stars). zutlandi with BLØF).

12. Israel: Eden Allen – Set Me Free

This year’s Best Hairstyle Special award goes to Eden Alene, who wears her dreads like some sort of tiara on her head. her happy song Set me free It delivers some really high notes from Mariah Carey, which the singer managed to hit during rehearsals.

Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest “Billie Eilish-Like”

13. Romania: Roxen – Amnesia

The 21-year-old Roxanne is literally and figuratively a little misplaced with her Billie Eilish-like path. She’s not wearing a flashy dress, but she is wearing a simple jacket and hasn’t been at her best vocally all week. The bookmakers however gave her a place in the final.

14. Azerbaijan: Efendi – Mata Hari

The Azerbaijani entry has a Dutch touch. The song was co-written by the trio Amy van der Wel, Luke van Beers, and Tony Kornlisen Mata HarikPerformed by singer Effendi. The song features dance and oriental sounds.

15. Ukraine: Go_A – Shum

It was a shock to the Ukrainian delegation last week when lead singer Katerina Pavlenko was unwell and had to be quarantined as a precaution. As a result, she missed the second rehearsal, which Dutch student Emmy van Steen completed excellently. Pavlenko has tested negative and so can perform as usual tonight.

16. Malta: Destiny – J. Me Cas

It must be pretty crazy if Malta doesn’t make it to the Eurovision Song Contest final. For weeks, fate has been with excitement JMi Cas The frontrunner for the overall win, but since rehearsals began last week in Ahoy, she has faced stiff competition from France and Italy. With a good result, Destiny could become the first artist to win both the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and the Eurovision Grand Song Contest.

For those watching tonight: Enjoy!

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These are the 16 countries in the first semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest

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