Municipality completes 2022 for Pleunis Mode and Limburgs Open Air Museum Eynderhoof and Ms. Leontien Raijmakers-Dings

Board members and volunteers at the Limburgs Open Air Museum Eynderhoof and Pleunis Mode and Ms. Leontien Raijmakers-Dings will receive the Municipal Prize this year. They will receive the award during the Open House on Saturday, July 2nd at City Hall.

Greetings from the municipality 2022

municipality courtesy
The municipal honor is a municipal award, a token of appreciation for the efforts and advantages offered, and an encouragement to continue in this way. It can also be intended to recognize special accomplishments or innovative or special entrepreneurship. The Municipal Compliment is awarded annually in the categories Social (Social Nederweert), Sports (Sporty Nederweert) and Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurial Nederweert).

Merit, a special achievement
The Mayor’s College and City Council members give a compliment to a Nederweert person, association, institution, corporation or company who makes a valuable contribution to the Nederweert community and/or has given a special performance. Entrepreneurship can include innovative or unique entrepreneurship, as evidenced by, for example, an interest in sustainability or private initiatives.

Municipal Courtesy of Enterprising Nederweert 2022 for: Pleunis Mode Nederweert
Pleunis Mode celebrates its 135th anniversary this year. On May 27, 1887, Micheline Blonis’ grandmother, the current owner and fourth generation, started a company in Nderwirt. Grandma Hendrika, better known as “Dreca Klok,” started a grocery store in Brugstraat, on the site where the costume shop still exists today. She was a widow and started a shop out of poverty. In the 1930s, Pie Pleunis (Michelin’s grandfather) joined the store and expanded the range with canvas fabrics, from which people were making their clothes at the time. That was the beginning of the Pleunis method. In those years, Grandpa Pie sold women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, as well as underwear and home textiles such as blankets and curtains. In 1955, Theo (Michelin’s father) joined the company. After their marriage, Theo’s wife, Mia Bleons Coben (Michellen’s mother), also came to help. After a few years they stopped selling fabrics. In the early 1980s they sold men’s and children’s clothing and specialized in women’s fashion. Daughter Micheline was born meanwhile and showed at an early age that she was interested in taking on the business. She became co-owner of Pleunis Mode in 1994 and owner in 2005.
Pleunis Mode is a leading women’s fashion store with customers from Nederweert and the region. The store is firmly rooted in the Nederweerter community and has been around for 135 years. That is why the municipality of Ondernemend Nederweert is free this year for Pleunis Mode.

Municipal Compliment Social Nederweert 2022 for: Board of Directors and Volunteers of the Limburg Open Air Museum Eynderhoof
Limburgs Open Air Museum Eynderhoof is a beautiful and lively Beale village where you can go back in time to around 1900 after crossing the iron gate, the museum is run and run by about 400 volunteers. Therefore the museum has its own identity, not only in terms of culture and history, but also in terms of management and exploitation. Eynderhoof is a unique lively museum. They are more than just historical buildings. Many volunteers preserve and use handicrafts and gladly show them to guests. There is always something to do for young and old. A visit to the Peel region is not complete without a visit to the Limburg Open Air Museum Eynderhoof. Play, eat, drink, patch up, discover, experiment and admire. The museum not only grows in volunteers and visitors each year; The number of buildings has also increased significantly.
The large number of volunteers is particularly remarkable. Hence the compliment to Social Nederweert.

Municipal Courtesy Sportive Nederweert 2022 to: Leontien Raijmakers-Dings.
Mrs. Leontien Raijmakers-Dings was born from Asten in Nederweert-Eind and is a member of the Riding Association De Peelrossen Nederweert. She is a Grand Prix dressage contestant and has already trained many horses that have achieved a high standard. At the age of six, Leontin dealt with jumping and dressage. After winning the Dutch Championship title in the Z class with the ponies, she made the ultimate choice of dressage. Thanks in part to the support of her parents, Leontien has developed to the level of the Grand Prix. Leontin trained and sold several dressage horses that were very successful. She also guides individual riders at all levels. In addition, she has been actively helping the Japanese national dressage team with advice and assistance for several years now. The talented rider herself has been training with great enthusiasm for years with Olympic dressage coach Bert Rutten. Thanks to this cooperation, she has already achieved great success in sports. In addition to riding her horses, Leontien is often on the road with clients to find a suitable horse.
The Sportief Nederweert Municipal Courtesy Award of the Year has been awarded to this citizen of Nederweert.

Presentation during the open house on Saturday 2 July
Mayor Aub de Lac will distribute mayor compliments at 2:30 p.m. in the town hall council room during the open house on Saturday, July 2.

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