CHIO Rotterdam | Countdown to CHIO 2022 with Lynne Maas

Lynn is busy, very busy, but she still loves making time for us. She is looking for a new balance in her life. Given the time we call it still difficult, we call Sunday evening at 21.00……. Lynn: “I am 40 years old, engaged to Ricky, born and still living in Schiedam. I have a son, a daughter and a stepson, and my daily work currently consists of being a mother, riding and teaching. I try not to be busy with horses full time and come home in the afternoon, But I don’t always succeed.

in your cart for CHIO

My mother already had horses and went to CHIO in the pram. As I got older, I quickly realized when CHIO was back again. There was no internet yet and my mother went to the box office at lunchtime to get tickets. The cards were then, like the flags of Rotterdam and CHIO, in green and white. When the CHIO flags were hanging in town again and I saw the cards on the table, I was totally happy. Except for one time, when my mother was late and tickets were sold out, I cried so hard. The first time I drove was when I was about 14/15 years old. That was in a department with only pas de deux. I was very proud, because my opponents were almost professionally engaged with horses and I was not at all. Dominique Fillion, for example, was one of those participants. My first horse I rode was Salo (Ferro x Havel), that was in the CHIO Zuid Holland Cup in Z2, I think that was in 2005 or 2006.

Totilas in Cloudburst

I rode well in CHIO a few times, even winning a small tour with Zamora (Krack C x Farrington), but my best memory of CHIO is Edward Gal and Totilas’ freestyle during a cloudburst. Heavy rain and Edward and Toutilas continued undisturbed, I still get goosebumps when I think about it again.”

Image credits: Diana Blumendale

Mother and top athlete

As you know, Lynn recently became a mother. We asked her how it felt to be back on the horse after she got pregnant. Lin speaks easily and smoothly, but now she almost gets stuck in her words. Lynne: “I felt like I didn’t go very far. I went up and rode the whole circus together and my first race was so excited that I immediately scored 74%. I immediately started traveling internationally again. However, here it turned out that I had a lot of effort, and I started making mistakes. and research.I am busy with my family and our children and horses and competitions and have to find a new balance.Now I find some peace of mind.My horses are much closer to home and I try to divide my time well between motherhood and being a top athlete.

East Point, Electra, Happyness, Lollipop and Bartender

In addition to Eastpoint (Westpoint x Negro), which I was the first to start over, I have four horses in training for this excellent sport. Electra (Jazz x Ferro) will also be joining the competition soon, unfortunately CHIO will be too early. Happiness (Russo x Houston) is ten years old and I’ve been practicing it in training. Soon I will start a light tour with him. Nice to remember that when he was four years old I won the Pavo Cup with him. I also drive Everdale and six-year-old Ronaldo Marie, a Lollypop. Finally, I have Electra’s half-sister, Nadel (In Style x Ferro) that I want to start with the Pavo Cup.

In addition to training these horses, I teach a lot in the area, from B to Grand Prix. However, a little less than I did. In fact, I am also a member of the Z jury, but due to time constraints, I have placed the jury on the sidelines.

Birds and sawdust

I really hope to be able to ride in CHIO again this year and I’m already assuming that.” He laughs: “When I think of CHIO, I think of hard parking and my places in the neighborhood. But seriously, the ultimate CHIO feeling for me is when I walk through the woods to the main site, I hear the chirping, I hear speaker Bert de Ruyter in the distance and I smell wood chips. Then I’m happy, then back to CHIO Rotterdam. I also love jumping in CHIO, it’s the whole atmosphere.”

We ask Lynn what her future plans are. That happy smile again: “CHIO RIDES ROTTERDAM often. And to get as far as possible, not only in Holland, but to become a constant value to the team.

Social media

Finally, I’d like to talk about social media. For our sport and for the world in general, I think social media destroys a lot and certainly does not contribute to the image of our sport. Everyone yells and a lot of people get hurt. I think the picture of sports has not changed, but the spread of the news is much wider. Additionally, many young riders follow for the person, how active he or she is on social media and not for riding. Everyone used to follow Anky for her way of riding, but now the horse girls are finding their idols in the very active people on Facebook, Instagram and other channels. Fortunately, there are exceptions, for example Dinja van Liere is a very good rider and very active on social media.

Last but not least, let me say that if I can ride the CHIO this year, I will continue my mother’s tradition and take our little Logan Lane into her first year of life. Already in the CHIO stroller, I’m sure she’ll love it! ”

Lynn apologizes to keep talking, but we enjoy hearing her spirited story. Lynn would like to slow down, but that doesn’t sound easy, horses and the sport require a lot of her time. Nice to talk to you Lynn, good luck with everything and I look forward to seeing you at 73e CHIO Rotterdam.

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