Berginar denies his girlfriend (7) abused his daughter: “She now calls him Mr. Root”

Prosecutors have just requested 2.5 years in prison against the 43-year-old sex suspect from Bergen. He would have sexually assaulted his daughter’s girlfriend (7). Residual child pornography files were also found on his laptop. OCT denies everything. The girl’s father: “We try to be bigger for her but at night we sit on the sofa and cry.”

Picture for clarification, not the real girl’s room

It was a fraught session this morning, in a case that had lasted for a year and a half in the small village of Bergen. Partly for this reason, the suspect asked behind closed doors But the court refused.

In the room are the suspect, his partner and the family of the girl at the top of the gallery, who told her mother on August 24, 2020: “I have something bad to tell you, but you have to believe me.”

On that day, two girlfriends from Waldorf School were selected together. On the loft bed in the children’s room of the Bergen suspect’s home, they pretend to be kittens: whiskers painted on their cheeks.

When her mother picked up the 7-year-old from Alkmaar at the end of the afternoon, she almost immediately began chatting about what had happened in her friend’s bedroom. According to her, he asked his father “if he could play with them”.

“We were under the covers and then he fumbled and licked my urine.”

statement girl (7)

The girl said, “We were under the covers and then my father flopped <اسم الأصدقاء> And lick Polly.” She should have raised her “tail” and then felt something wet on her thigh. The man would also pierce her and kiss her buttocks.

But all this was not how Berginar lived that afternoon. He denies the abuse and tells the story on his part. How he found a gang upstairs in the bathroom, which he says he worked hard on. There are patches of makeup everywhere. I panicked about it and tried to limit the damage.”

Using a towel, probably containing saliva – not sure anymore – he says he’s trying to clean stains off the girls in his daughter’s bedroom. This would explain how his DNA wraps around her vagina. The girl is immediately examined.

Her father described in a letter to the court and the suspect today that it is “almost incomprehensible what it is like when your girl undergoes a medical examination”. “Weak and naked on a bench. We only show videos of Peppa Pig to distract her.”


Berginar was arrested the same week in his café in the center of Bergen and soon word spread there. Later that month, his work windows thrown into it† The man’s family had also received a mail threat and was chased down the highway.

At that time, the suspect’s wife sought the media and wrote in a letter to Flessenpost Bergen: “It seems that someone is deliberately trying to destroy us by spreading the worst possible stories in the village and on the Internet.”

What is not yet known: The police investigation team found residual files of child pornography on the man’s computer. It relates to 2 deleted videos and about 150 thumbnails.

city ​​center regional

They may have been on this laptop since 2012, in a file that, according to the Public Prosecution Service, can be linked to the suspect, since it bears the name of his company. The OCT states that these files may have been captured while illegally downloading the movies he and his family were watching on his laptop.

The suspect’s lawyer, Tieling van der Gut, argues in his defense that there is insufficient evidence of his client’s guilt. For example, because it cannot be proven whether the DNA around a girl’s vagina is saliva (it could also be blood or skin cells) and therefore could come from the “licking” that the child accuses of.

“A statement from a 7-year-old girl may not be reliable”

The suspect’s lawyer, Tieling van der Gut

According to him, the possible unreliability of the girl’s story should also be taken into account, given her young age and impulsive nature. “I find it hard to criticize a statement from a 7-year-old girl, but I have to deal with a client who denies everything that PPS accuses her of.”

For example, about the sentence “I will tell you something bad, But you really have to believe meThe lawyer asks aloud: “Why do you say that to your mother? “

a sample

From the stands, where the girl’s family is seated, cries are heard as van der Gut states that he “has also read that the girl is going to special education”. He argues that the judiciary easily applies the adage “where there is smoke, there is fire”.

The 7-year-old’s father has described Berginar as a “monster”. “It’s inexplicable for a father when a guy touches your girl.” His daughter sleeps poorly, has a grumpy mood, and her studies have not gone well. Now back to trauma therapy.

“She doesn’t understand: why would a father stick his tongue in pee? She also feels guilty about her friend.” It is reported that his daughter no longer believes that “father <اسم صديقته>“It’s a good name. You now call him Mr. Root.”

This week she saw the news of the deceased Gino and the arrested suspect on Youth News and said, “Oh, that was also Mr. Root.”

“Why didn’t I leave those stains on her clothes as they are?”

Suspicious October

The Alkmaar family considered leaving the region and into the north of the Netherlands. “I think I see him everywhere. We now know: a ‘bedouin’ is not an old, celibate man, no, a Bedouin can be a family man, a cheerful man from the café in the village.”

The suspect’s OCT also reads a letter. “I understand parents who take their child seriously and I don’t blame them for trying to figure out her story. But this is a made-up statement, I’m here to make it clear that I’m innocent.”

“There are certainly things he could have done better or easier,” he says. “Why did I care so much about those spots? Why didn’t I leave those spots on <اسم الفتاة> as it was? I lost everything I liked. We miss the life we ​​had in Bergen.”

Jail sentence and no contact

The officer says it has been established that the man sexually assaulted the girl, due in part to the direct and consistent statement and the fact that a DNA trace that was found supports that statement.

She is asking for 2.5 years in prison, of which half a year is conditional, because according to psychiatric reports, her responsibility was reduced “due to events in the past.” Also, if it is up to the prosecution, he is not allowed to contact the girl and her mother.

The judge will make a decision within two weeks.

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