Max Verstappen’s Sister: All About Victoria Jane Verstappen

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Victoria-Jane Verstappen, simply known as Victoria, is the sister of Formula 1 World Champion Max Verstappen, but who is she really? What does her family look like and what profession does she actually work in? We have solved it.

Victoria-Jane Verstappen was born on October 22, 1999 and is the daughter of former Formula 1 driver Jos Verstappen. Her mother is Sophie Marie Combin, who also has a career in motorsports. With the birth of Victoria and her brother Max, mother Sophie decided to focus entirely on her family and ended her racing career. Like the rest of the family, Victoria also enjoyed driving cars. In 2017, she got into kart and won the 100 mile race at the Genk International Karting Circuit.

Victoria lives a different life than her brother Max

Where Max Verstappen has now grown into a world star and caused a stir in Formula 1, Sister Victoria prefers to stay in the background a bit more. The now 22-year-old blonde lives a completely different life than her brother’s. Victoria has yet to follow the path of her father, mother and brother into the world of racing, but she is known to be an influencer and owner of the fashion brand UNLEASH THE LION, a term often used by brother Max in Formula 1. Paternity is something we shouldn’t expect with Max anytime soon, it seems. However, he has been with Kelly Pique since 2020.

Victoria runs the fashion brand UNLEASH THE LION

Her Instagram account shows that Victoria has been regularly advertising her clothing brand UNLEASH THE LION. But what exactly does this brand stand for? “We focus on creating unique items that embody the spirit of the brand without compromising on quality or adapting to industry requirements,” the company’s website reads. fashion mark. “Every item we make has to meet the standards we’re used to.”

Formula 1 certainly plays a role within the brand. “That’s why (making clothes) we copied the approach to building a Formula 1 car in the factory. We looked for the best people in the industry to help us create unique products.” The brand logo is a roaring lion’s head, something we also see on the helmet Max uses in Formula 1.

However, it appears that the brand has now reached a dead end. A look at the web store tells us that there are no more products on offer at the moment. The reason for this is unknown, but it is possible that since the birth of her two children, Victoria has run out of time for her project.

Victoria at a young age the mother of son Luca

Victoria gave birth to her first child at a very young age. On December 7, 2020, she gave birth to her son Luca. “The best gift we could wish for. Words cannot describe my love for you, Luca,” Victoria wrote with a picture of her son on Instagram.

Barely a year later, Victoria and her boyfriend Tom welcomed their second child. On December 6, 2021, before his brother Max won the Formula 1 championship in Abu Dhabi, Victoria gave birth to their second son, who was named Lio. “We love you so much, you complete our family,” Victoria said on Instagram. Brother Max is of course the uncle of the two children. In the Instagram post below, Victoria has included the most beautiful pictures of her family.

Victoria sold a penthouse in Amsterdam last year

Last year, Victoria decided to put up her luxury home on Amsterdam Zuids for sale. Fifty Shades of Velvet, decorated and fully fitted by Eric Kostersk. There are a lot of 21 year olds who dream about this and will continue to dream about this for the rest of their lives. But for Victoria, that dream became a reality shortly after her 18th birthday. In 2018, a dirty €3.3 million was paid for the shed. Mortgage? Brother Max took care of her, you know quotes to report. The house was put up for sale again last year for less than 4 million euros.

Snapshots from Victoria on Instagram:

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