Forbidden Fireworks or Not (Again)

Will the New Year’s Eve fireworks finally go away? Or will the Netherlands continue to emerge? This is what is being discussed today in Parliament. The group, which has been operating under the name National Fireworks Manifesto for years, will eagerly await the outcome. Ophthalmologists, among others, have united in this body, so you can guess what they’ve been wanting for a long time. Metro spoke to Gird de Fabres, who pulls the wagons.

A bill by Jesse Claver (GroenLinks) and Esther Oehand (Party of Animals) will be debated in the House today. The bets are simple: Ban consumer fireworks. The fact that it works less clearly. Over the past two years, yes. Because of the corona, no fireworks were allowed to be lit during the New Year (real enthusiasts didn’t care much about that). However, Klaver and Ouwehand (and the National Fireworks Statement) want the law to outlaw hitting.

Cursed statement on fireworks

This fireworks statement has been supported over the years by 700,000 citizens and 1,200 agencies. According to them, fireworks simply cause one block of misery. consecutive points:

  • Eye, hand, hearing, and skin injuries can be prevented with a national fireworks ban;
  • Half of the victims of fireworks are bystanders.
  • Fireworks also make a lot of noise;
  • Air quality for humans and animals is deteriorating;
  • Fireworks pollute air, soil and surface water;
  • Consumer fireworks are used as a weapon against aid workers;
  • SCBA (Cost and Social Benefits Analysis) is a negative for consumer fireworks. Many of the costs of social harm do not outweigh the benefits of consumer fireworks.

Fireworks shouldn’t be the last thing you see

Gerd de Fabres is already 31 ophthalmologist and works at the Eye Hospital in Rotterdam. De Faber knows what he’s talking about: “Of those 31 years I worked 23 times during New Year’s Eve.” The ophthalmologist saw horrific things. In December, as a member of the Metro Experts Committee, he already discussed the statement “Fireworks shooting is a backward tradition.” Then he said: It is not a backward tradition, but an old tradition. W: As a physician, I can’t help but demand a ban on consumer fireworks. I’ve seen hundreds of patients with fireworks injuries and hundreds of eyes going blind in the last 13 years we’ve been tracking across the country. Fireworks are one of the most beautiful things your eyes can see, but they shouldn’t be the last thing you can see.”

She appeared on Metronieuws in 2015 with a call to ban consumer fireworks. Is this a long term relationship?

Gerd de Fabres: “It certainly is. And most importantly, as head of the Dutch assembled ophthalmologists, I actually started in 2009 to get to a ban on those fireworks for medical reasons. I got more and more support and in that year 2015 it came from creating the manifesto National Fireworks Association. Many parties joined. Think GPs, vets, insurance company Achmea, and political parties like GroenLinks and Party for the Animals.”

fireworks industry lobby

What is the main reason why the ban on fireworks has not worked so far?

“The lobbying work in the fireworks industry has been very important. It is their bread, I understand that. And 10% of the Dutch buy and set off fireworks. There are still a lot of people out there.”

How are things now?

“Because of covid we’ve had two turns a year with fireworks bans. We’ve seen that saves at least 75 percent of injuries. 75 percent less injury! So fireworks bans work. Let’s say those two years were a medical experiment, then You’ll know about such a result. However, it was not a medical experiment, it was a decision due to the coronavirus. So it remains exciting.”

What do you expect from the House of Representatives?

“Ah, I have addressed the council and wished the members a lot of wisdom. I don’t know well. What it would work against is that the vote would be for each group and not by roll call. If the bill did not pass, I would be very disappointed. But in a democracy Important: Most votes matter. I would have liked to see them in a roll-call vote.”

catastrophic tragedy

Gerd de Fabres remains quiet, although he has been fighting to ban fireworks for thirteen years now. In a message from the National Fireworks Manifesto, the words were more specific: “The tradition of fireworks in the Netherlands has turned into a catastrophic tragedy for people, animals and the environment. It has a progressive, disproportionate spiral of violence that puts aid workers and law enforcement at risk. Over 70 percent of the population choose to ban Consumer fireworks in national surveys.

The harshest sentence was imposed on those accused of the murder of Peter R. de Vries

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