Column 37: “He came all the way from Paris on a date!” † Sex and Relationships

The language of love is universal, but you just notice that you’re really crazy when you think you have to look beyond the bounds of your Prince Charming. As if out of all the millions of men in our small country, there couldn’t be a single man who would turn the right tune. However, I have gone so far recently. I have created an account on Banner. Not just any dating app, but it’s a very exclusive one that you have to be a “person” (successful and famous) to be accepted. A sort of Soho House is among the dating apps for the rich and famous, where you can meet types like James Franco or John Mayer, for example.

So not only did you get accepted, but I have quite a few followers on TikTok and through an influencer friend (current Raya member) I was able to get my profile up and running. From Raya Yippie Yippie Jee …

cool gallery

You made it, let the games begin! But it soon turned out that Raya did not “appear” as I expected. Instead of hundreds of daily possibilities on apps like Tinder and Happn, I come across 20 people a day. Not exactly VIP unfortunately, mostly meaningless, blank types with cool profile pictures, made in the coolest hot spots in the world. But I was finally at it and paid for it, so I decided to go for it for a week. Criticize!

chez vous . appointment

After about three days I played the Paris match with Betty Prince Liam. He was a businessman, and had his own streetwear brand and shop near Place Pigalle. In terms of appearance, he was quite “popular” and had already started an involved conversation. I actually don’t like speaking English with my appointments, but this went smoothly. He was charming and made me laugh. The following week, we were in daily contact until he took the next step. “When will I see you, Mon Cheri?” he asked Monday morning. It took me by surprise. Did I even intend to meet him? and how? Paris is always a good idea, but without a car I wouldn’t be like 1, 2, 3 and Thales prices were higher than the Eiffel Tower at that time. “I can drive to your place this weekend. It’s only a 6 hour drive, right?” An offer I can’t refuse. My sabbatical was still free and I could rest a bit.

Everything is so little

That Saturday came and Liam took to my street about 2:00 in the afternoon. He had a taut body and a delicious look. I hugged him and entered. We went to the Rijksmuseum for an afternoon. For me a long time ago, for him as a tourist a must visit. As a wonderful couple at the end – if I do say so myself – we wandered the museum. I actually thought I was Parisian and saw us strolling along the Seine drinking cocktails at Le Marais and French kisses late at night under the dim Eiffel Tower. But as far as we were walking there, our conversations were pretty rough. Liam had an attitude and something to criticize about everything. The case of Thomas by Emily in Paris. Just such an arrogant Parisian! Even the Night Watch disappointed my personal Gardien de Nuit. Ah, oops, the Mona Lisa is just an exaggerated character!

endless lament

After Rijks I made a reservation at Izakaya, not the least restaurant in town. But there was also everything the French did not like. Their wagyu was overrated, the staff very kind and the music too loud. If this had been his restaurant, the stubborn Napoleon would have done everything differently. I poked more at the grilled asparagus and counted the minutes. Really something for me to capture such a Parisian clown. It’s possible that they’re all that way in a banner. I could have spent this day much better.

There is no place for me

After dinner, we headed to my house. It was now about half past ten and I had finished the day. But not the man yet! He was determined to enter. In fact, he was totally counting on staying with me. New clothes in his bag, everything. Voulez vous etcetera? No mercy, no hair on my head. I understand you’re tired after such a long drive and the whole afternoon at a disappointing 020, but you drove here to specs from Paris, it’s not like that! Noblesse n’oblige pass. So after some bickering, he gets into his BMW at the eleventh hour grouchy. Back to the city of love. But then all the same. do not call me. rien ne vas plus!

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