Anouk: I suddenly have doubts.. am I still relevant enough?

He was hoping for a big wedding for many family and friends. Now she is ready for the third marriage, I thought: Oh, is this necessary? And suddenly that joke came out: Couldn’t they get married during her big party in Malefield (next Saturday)? A word of yes to 40,000 people in her hometown of The Hague. Exciting as it is exhilarating. Yes singer Anuk laughs.

But in all honesty, when the council’s permit had not yet been issued, she somehow hoped that it would fail. What a fuss and a hassle in a few weeks. And how do you put a wedding like that into the music? Did you stop the concert? And can she still play songs after that?

It would be messy, Anuk shrugs. Anyway, you “flipped the switch”, you’re getting married in Malefield. And as promised to her fiancé Dominic Shemkes, she will bear his last name. The wedding—”my bruicert”—is a celebration of her relationship with the peace-bringing athletic trainer, who becomes a sparring partner after years of single parenting and regains her trust in ‘everyones’ after a period of cheating and being lost. The mother of her sixth child, her daughter, Yeliza, made her a plus for everyone, including her hardcore fans, from the very first hour The singer finds it special to be there when they are married. “Life stories run parallel to some fans.”

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Green walls, spacious and elegant white kitchen. While one son handed his clothes and another son, the son of toys, directed to tidy up his room (“Come on, man, it’s not a hotel here”—wink at me), Anouk (47), presently with her sore throat, through her two-story house in Harlem . It’s a video catch-up. It would have been better for the inappropriate interviewer to stay away from her in the run-up to her big concert. Not that the asthmatic singer is still as scared of the virus as she was at the start of the coronavirus crisis – she has isolated herself from her family for about a year as a precaution. “Anyone who knows what it is if he’s getting a little airy, knows: You really don’t have to understand that.” But she remains cautious despite her belief in vaccinations and boosters.

In any case, the singer is on the verge of withdrawing completely – and she is a regular at big concerts. To a hotel, don’t talk, sleep a lot, extra veggies plus lots of ginger. Take good care of yourself, “just because I don’t perform much.”

She says I don’t like stress before shows. “Some people live for shows. I don’t have it. I don’t crave claps and I have nerves. But once I get there the sound is good and my band is going well, I really enjoy it.”


Corona’s silence was long, but the playing fire had been on the singer’s back burner for quite some time. They never outgrow the bush. Appearances mean income and are selective. „I am glad that I can now perform again now that the income has stopped the sound Half of it went and I didn’t get offers for a few years. Especially with studying children. But it’s not like I’m suddenly going to do sixty shows a year. I can’t do that dude, I want to be home with my kids. Three are still very young. I don’t feel like a rock star. I’m a housewife mom who goes out of her house a few times a year to sing. If I could make enough money just to write, produce and make records, I would have done it.”

As a rock star “In the Margins,” she’s remained as famous as ever. It’s been 26 years since the breakout at age 22 (“Nobody’s Wife”) and to her surprise, “people keep coming.” She released twenty albums, from strong and energetic rock, to songs that dressed in a veil of blues or pumped the soul to subdued sad acts, such as those on the layers. Singalong sad songs (2013) in Orchestra Arrangements. It was unexpected for her penultimate get used to it (2018) in Dutch. In her last appearance failure paths, A small album of just seven songs in the narrative singer-songwriter style, she keeps it small, with the lyrics swirling in sentiment.

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The offer will be on Malieveld (say more than double the Ziggo Dome) for 40,000 people. She will perform about a dozen shows this year, including a number of postponed festival reservations. In April, she already sang at Startschotgala, on the grounds of Zwarte Cross, and at Paaspop. I thought of getting used to it. “These are not the easiest shows in terms of sound.” It looks different, she said. “I feel like I’m getting older. These little kids also come to such a festival for other bands. I suddenly wonder if they’ll like me. Am I fit enough?”

Once she gets busy, she forgets everything. She’s at her best live when she improvises blues-toned songs. It’s always a pleasure to hear the singer’s lashes when she lets herself go. “If I shut myself down, I don’t need an audience. Whether in the studio or on stage, I care just as much. I enjoyed the music, that’s what I strive for. Like the drums of Martijn Vink. It’s ridiculously good, varied and delicious. We have a good connection. While playing. He responds to my singing, or goes on, which is crazy. He cares and sorts. By the way, a look is enough for my entire squad. They notice I’m not feeling well, or when I need a little more time. Nobody takes off in arrogance in front of the audience.”

Put her in a room with her band and it just happens. the exercise? Boring. “I don’t think so. I heard the Stones did it again. So, you’ve been together for sixty years. Why? Dude hats. In the routine, everything flattens and dies. You hear it right away.”

Anouk at Pinkpop 1998:

He hits

It must have been at least ten years before she felt like she was no longer in it for the strikes. Think for a moment. Perhaps since it was the popular Eurovision song “Birds” – although that was an unexpected success. Firmly: „Hit, what do they say? This no longer satisfies me. Then I won’t come to the musical level where I want to be. I’m 47 now, and it was all fun. It’s the role of the new generation.”

She says she believes inbloody Beautiful songs. When composer Martin Gjerstad comes from Sweden to write songs, he usually sits, plays and joins in. You just wrote a bunch of new songs that you want to do a lot with. “I now have arrangements for a great orchestra. Do I suddenly feel that way!”

mini album Effects of failure It is “reasonably simple and pure, yet so much about sentiment and text”. Take the love song “Spring on a Winter’s Day”. I heard the melody and knew almost immediately what it was about. “Words come in certain places. We have that in no time written.”

A song like Going For the Kill, in which a woman escapes from an abusive relationship, is back for longer. A twisting story, she says. “You can choose from different situations for such a text. From friends. I’ve been in myself from bad relationships. I literally don’t get into it because of my kids who have their parents. I don’t wake up sleeping dogs. The main character takes a vengeful goodbye on social media and says: I didn’t love you.” Never anyway. I think this is typical at this time.”

the sound

She applauds the fact that taboo topics such as intimate partner violence are now more open to discussion. She was the same “always clear”. The way the singer speaks is succinct, candid and direct is a big part of her popularity. As a trainer in the program Holland sound She was feared for her sharp judgment but loved for her coaching work. please? Start. Meanwhile, six years later, I’ve also come to love the show a little bit. She trained, but also contributed ideas about decoration, from the light to the dancers.

Ann in 2009:

After the unveiling of the program Angry About sexual behavior abuse and abuse of power by coaches Ali B and Marco Borsato, band leader Jeroen Rittbergen and director, she left the program immediately. At the hands of four men who cannot act, the rest suffer. All of these programs The Voice, The Voice Kids, The Voice Kids – Lots of people ate that. Suddenly there was nothing left. “A meeting with the law firm hired by IDTV is still scheduled after her concert. I haven’t heard anything else from a criminal investigation. A foreigner.”

Her horror at the beginning of events still runs deep. “Look, I liked guests like Ali B and Jeroen Rittbergen. That’s so hard. How did they manage to do that kind of thing?” No, waving away, no connection. †damage occurred, It can no longer be straightened.”

She recently talked about the participation of girls from her team on this topic in telegraph discovered herself. “When I started it, no one knew anything. This whole investigation, of course, is closed like the plague. It’s strange that I go after it myself with a team of people and find out. These girls didn’t want or dare to say it. Shame like this stuff.” He touches me deeply. How they froze. I understand that very well.”

Do you see her back to the sound† She shakes her head. “I don’t even know if the program will come back. Such an investigation will take years. I don’t know if I want to go back. Then at least they do bloody You have to pay a lot of money.”

neck: 11/6 Malieveld, The Hague. Festivals: Live is Live (18/6 Zeebrugge beach); Park City Life (17/7, Heerlen); Nostalgia Beach Festival (8/8 Nieuwpoort); Dutch Valley (14/8 Spaarnwude); Collins (27/8, Zevenhuizerplas).

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