World Champion Fitmodel Bibi: ‘This is my highlight’

Groningen Bibi de Wit couldn’t believe her luck when she was declared the overall world Fitmodel Champion at the beginning of May. After a few years of training, she reached the highest attainable level and became the world champion. Indebuurt was very curious about the hero and talked to her about Swarovski’s clothes, training, and food. “I went straight to McDonald’s!”

Bibi has always been an athletic girl. As a child she rode horses for many years. “I did it competitively. Well then I moved in together,” laughs sparkling Bebe, who looks refreshingly natural when not in competition costume. Then I sold the horses. I wanted to keep moving and started playing soccer and fitness. I noticed I was looking for more of a challenge and competition, like I was with riding.”

I discovered what else you can do with fitness. “I soon came to the supermodel. I immediately looked for the most extreme again!” Bebe laughs. Fitmodel is a form of bodybuilding, but it looks different from the image most people have. “Of course you train and show your muscles, but a proper form is Until now The most accurate form. Muscular, but not too bulky. When you think of bodybuilding, you often think of very big women, I certainly am not.”

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suitable model

In 2018, Bibi decided to enter a contest. “I just wanted to see how that works.” But it turned out differently, because Bibi immediately won in all the categories in which she competed. “Wonderful! Then I thought: I want to continue with this. I am starting to build that.”

From that moment on, Bibi set herself the goal of becoming a successful model. She dreams of the world championship, but she does not dare to say whether or when she will achieve it. She sits on the exercise bike every morning, trains the other women, and then goes back to the gym by herself. “In the evening, I do cardio for another hour, and in between I have to eat constantly. I exercise at least three and a half hours a day.”

Fit Baby D Intelligence Model
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Bikini from Swarovski

She has to give up a lot. Before the competitions, she had been following a strict regimen in which she ate as healthily as possible before sixteen weeks. “In theory I can eat anything, but in moderation. In practice, I mainly eat chicken, broccoli, and rice. And I eat a lot a day.” Moreover, it is an expensive sport. “Obviously, the trips you take to compete cost you money,” Beebe says. “And you also pay for the contest registration.”

Bibi also wears the coolest sparkly outfits on stage. “Of course you can make it as expensive as you like. But I have everything from Swarovski, and that’s why I’m happy to take care. You have an influence on the material side, because that’s what you train for. But an outfit can make or break you. A bikini should fit well and that It matches well and the color should match your complexion. They are all made to order, so they fit perfectly.”

Fit Baby D Intelligence Model
Packages filled with Swarovski stones: The world of Fitmodel is enchanting. private photo

Dutch champion

In the meantime, Pepe is winning more and more competitions and will go to the Dutch Fit Model Championship in April. She wasn’t expecting much from that, even though she was a top contender. Nevertheless, she became a Dutch champion. “Of course that was great! She was also very kind, because she was only in Holland, and I had a lot of support with me,” she says enthusiastically.

Fit World Champion Model

She couldn’t celebrate for long, because the world championships were scheduled for two weeks later.

On the Friday before the match, Bibi left for Latvia with a friend. “That day you do your last practice, track your food and try to rest. Saturday is scoring, and it’s a super formal moment. You have to put on the clothes you wear during the match and everything is checked.”

Happy baby on competition day under control† “I know exactly what time to get up. If it’s eight, I want to be set to seven. I do my makeup beforehand, do my hair, get dressed and pump up my muscles. Then I have to wait for my turn!” The theater does some forced poses. “But it is your own performance,” Bibi said firmly. “That’s how it makes a difference.”


When she won, she couldn’t believe it. “It’s so crazy! This was the hardest preparation I’ve ever had. I was lacking in energy and nutrition and exercised a lot. I’ve often been on the verge of quitting, because sometimes I’ve already quit. Being rewarded in this way is not only great for me, but for those around me as well. They think I deserve it! “

Bibi is still on a pink cloud and is now enjoying winning… food! “After the World Championships I went straight to McDonald’s! It tastes great! I ate and sewed a lot here and there, but I also needed that for a while.”

Fit Baby D Intelligence Model
Don’t believe Baby when you hear she’s winning. private photo


She doesn’t look much into the future. “It’s so hard, because I still can’t believe it. Everything went so fast after that. I only started in 2018 and now I’m the world champion in all altitude classes. I became the best among the best. I couldn’t dream of it in my wildest dreams! I have many Of the international victories in my name, but the world champion really is next stage

Sober baby says, “So, I want to go down first. Then I think in a sane mind what I want to do next. You have to do a lot for her and leave more for her. This is actually my highlight. You can’t do more than this. On the one hand , I think you have to stop at your peak. On the other hand, it still tastes like more.”

“Anyway, sitting still is not for me!” Bibi concludes with a laugh. “Fortunately, I also coach other girls in sports, so I will at least stay active in the world of decent models. And knowing me, I am sure I will be back on stage one day!”

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