UWTC members achieve great results with Pentecost

On the evening of Saturday, June 4, Mino van Capel and Bart de Vere participated in the Wageningse Muur. Trail over 2km long and 5% high, promising to be a challenging track over 80km long. About 100 passengers started at 7:30 p.m. Soon after the start, four knights managed to escape and at one point they had a great lead. Several excellent sprints (8 series of 8 awards) made the race even more challenging. Mino left the race an hour into the race when he was no longer able to follow the Peloton. Bart set up his spot in Peloton. With 6 laps left, everyone left in the race was removed by the jury. And 37 contestants were allowed to prepare for the final, with a few contestants still having little progress. Bart rode to 27th.

Interclub de Amstel

On Sunday 5 June, a youth competition was held in Amstelveen. UWTC members Tristan, Joel, Tuan, Merth, Sven, Kars and Jet started here. Tristan Planken started in Class 3 instead of Class 2. From the start, the drive was reasonable but not really super fast. After some attacks, a leading group of 3 knights appeared, including Tristan. The leading group continued to drive fast and the three of them steamed towards the end, a great third prize for Tristan in the third category! Joel van Capel became the fifth. After a two-month absence, Tuan Kempinard rode the race again. Twan started in Class 4. The riders several times during the race tried to get away, but the gaps were closed again and again. In the end it became a sprint (group) and Tuan became seventh.

Mirthe Mons first competed in her “Special” 6 class. Mirthe drove a great race, but it was nearly impossible to escape. She tried two more rounds before the end, but she also gave back. In the sprint sprint, Merth had a bad crash and eventually finished sixth and third. Since she was not really tired and still wanted to train hard for the Dutch national championships, she immediately decided to take part in the Class 7 competition, along with her clubmates Jytte and Sven. That was a small group of 6 knights. One of them turned out to be the strongest by far and put the whole pack into a lap. Mirthe, Jytte and Sven were chasing each other throughout the race and they worked really well together. In the sprint he became Jytte 3, Sven 4 and Mirthe 5. She was especially proud that she had run two tough races in a row and is looking forward to the Netherlands National Championship on Saturday 11 June. Young members Tristan Blanken (Cat 2), Mirth Mons and Jet Timmermans (Cat Girls 6) and Floris Fransen (Cat 6) were placed in the Dutch Championships. For Kars van Hatem, this was his second race of the year. He was able to keep track of the group of newcomers well and drive the car alert. Unfortunately, he was at the back when Three walked away. The hole was made and the platform could no longer be located. The rest of the riders rode in anticipation and watched each other closely. Kars tried to get away again, which worked for a while, but unfortunately no one came. The group stayed together until the end, after which Karis won the race with force majeure. With fourth place among beginners as an excellent result.

ancient warrior

On the first day of Pentecost, UWTC cyclists John Trump, Gerard de Vere, René Wipes and Gus Zanting participated in the Veterans’ Races at Maslais. Kees van Prooien was active at the start of the match with 60+, but was not given freedom. In the end, it turned out to be a sprint that was won by Henry Case of Volendam, the second was Frank Nijsen of Haarlem and the third was Kohr Gerritzen of Marhes. Rene sprinted to fifth, John finished sixth and Gerrard finished fourteenth. In the 70+ race, Kedichem’s Arie Blomberg tried to get out of the peloton early, but it took until the middle of the race before he could escape from the peloton. Ari won by a wide margin. Guus blasted off to a great place on the podium to become second.

District Championship

UWTC members of the DK participated in White Monday in various places in the country. Depending on where you live, you had to start in the Noord-Holland or Midden area. In Tell (Miden region), Jasper Mons and Bart de Vere achieved good results. Jasper was ranked eighth in the juniors. Bart was allowed to prepare for a race of around 90 kilometers with the elite riders. After about a third of the race, there was a leading group of six riders and Bart was there. In a very exciting final race, Bart narrowly lost and took the silver medal. At Hoorn, Rens Grömmel is 11th, Mike Derogee 15th and Lars Hopman 19th.

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