Latest interview with Willibrord Fren: ‘God damn! What are you doing to me?’

How do you feel about the idea that this conversation only reaches the audience when you have already crossed the finish line yourself?

‘This is beautiful. May I have the opportunity to say one last word from beyond the grave. No brakes, but just how I see certain things in life – and that’s then. I still could, because I don’t know how I would feel in my last days. Maybe lower quality than now. But that’s part of the clinical picture.

What is the prognosis?

Immediately after the publication of my book (biography) Cheeky Flail, February 2022, ed.) We assumed about six months. Then I knew: Right after the summer I might decide that’s enough. But it can also be one year, two years, or even more. It depends on how quickly my body deteriorates. However, it is closer rather than far. This prospect is not pleasant. It’s very annoying if you know roughly when you’re going to die. You will live more accountable. So: Shall we go to our usual restaurant tonight? ‘t Bonte Paard in Laren or Moeke Spijkstra in Blaricum? What if I don’t? Then we might miss that opportunity, you know. I will not postpone anything anymore. Well, this is very strange.

What makes you feel that the end is near?

You notice it more in the people around you. Everyone wants to visit you and talk to you. Nobody asks how you are, because they know it sucks. sucks. Everyone knows that there is no perspective. Well, you’re talking about the funeral or what we’re going to do next. But last night I decided to go to Venice again. Maybe we should arrange something through Zonnebloem. Then we’ll take someone with us, a strong bodyguard or something, who can push me in a carriage. Just like those old days or they carry me in one of those chairs. That would be better. There are a lot of stairs in Venice up and down. And I want to see Andre Rio perform again.

Why Venice?

In 1978 I was there on behalf of focal point For the first time when new Pope John Paul died after 1.33 days in office. That city looked like a fairy tale book, so beautiful. I was really touched. It’s the most beautiful place on earth for me. Rome is also beautiful and I think New York is beautiful, but I really like Venice. I’ve always loved being there, as well as with Jessina and also with all of my kids individually. Those precious memories only add to the beauty of that place. Returning to New York City was also on my list, but I soon knew for sure that was no longer possible. The gun remained. The last project before the inevitable end. This seems strange, but it is true.

Does it have to look like this ‘there’ too?

“I think Heaven is a great building with great spaces. Before that, a very beautiful big entrance where Peter awaits me. Though I expect God Himself will accompany me. Surrounded by beautiful angels, in white, with great breasts and then a slit between them. Must Be warm and festive.I am of course Burgundy and have always found life very interesting.Usually afterwards.I hope to continue it in heaven, where all my friends and relatives are waiting in a big hall with all the little bars and tables.Like Herman Brood, for example.And don’t forget Jean De Boveri.

What do they tell you?

“Hehehe at last. There you are. In my younger years, I didn’t even think about becoming over 33, so I carried on for a long time. I don’t know why I thought that either. As I got older, two other girlfriends, not to mention my hairdresser jealousy, outgrew me.” Van de Wettering I’d see him every day. Often also in ‘t Paard or Moeke. That’s strange, isn’t it. That people are not all of a sudden there. Once upstairs I’m going to put things in order. I mean it seriously. The department that takes care of misery is here on The earth and also allowed to wash it well. The pain we know as human beings is unnecessary. Why does this exist? Look at Africa. This is not a human condition like they live there in some countries. It must be over. I hope all those biblical stories are true. If it turns out to be There was no heaven after my death, I would feel very lost.

That opportunity is there…

‘Unfortunately yes. I don’t know anything about the period before I was born. The pastor also said that when I discussed my funeral with him. We do not know what was and what will come. Just what we see in front of us now. Perhaps after my death I can give a sign, even if I think these are all superstitions myself. Before the death of Jesina’s mother (Lodewijkx, Willebrord’s wife, editor), she indicated that she would return as a beetle. This is the “lucky doll” in her family. Oddly enough, it doesn’t show up on it very often, but I’ve come across it regularly. Even in seasons when there are no beetles at all. Then I took a picture and sent it to Jessie.

Do you deserve heaven, Willibrord?

‘Yes, of course. very. You have always been very good to our fellow human beings. Also through my work I have raised money for those who need it through my reports. I made many millions on my own. to Willibrord Week I also helped people individually, so they fell between two chairs. It gives me great pleasure to knock on the door of the mayor or the commissioner of the company. In fact, I only noticed how successful I was in the last period of my life. People were nice to me about that. Then, for example, I received a letter from someone in the cafe wishing me strength. Praise passes one by one. I don’t know what the hell he was going through. It’s like I’m already in heaven a little bit. Really incredible. This really touched me the tremendous warmth of the people. and the amount that accompanies it. Even Prime Minister Mark Rutte gave a speech to me. This is something. Then you start to think and realize that you seem to mean something to society. I’ll be doing that for a while now. I immediately sent him a signed copy of my book. (At the bottom of this article, the Prime Minister responds to a request New Revo Back on the death of Willibrord, editor)

You can read the rest of the latest interview with Willibord Frequin on Blendle or in the latest issue of our magazine. When I was alive, I regularly organized “farewell dinners” with my children. Long before my illness. That way they can’t say they still have questions. Everything was discussed.

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