KWPN Online Foal Auctions: Convenience for Buyer and Seller

Reafun (by Kjento), last year’s most expensive pony. Photo by Anniek de Wit

The advantage of KWPN’s online pony auction is that convenience is key for both seller and buyer. As a breeder, you only go to Video Day with your pony once. The vet and the inspector are also there to view the foal on the spot. At the request of members, several locations have been added to the video days. In addition to the various video days at the KWPN Center in Ermelo, foals can also be presented at other locations. For northern breeders, there is a Hemrik Video Day in Friesland, and southern breeders can record their foal for a video day at the Erp. The new KWPN region of Belgium was also considered, with a video day in Oud-Turnhout. Video days and auctions spread throughout the season to give as many breeders as possible the opportunity to register their foal for this pony auction.

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The main objective of KWPN Online Pony Auction is to assist breeders in selling their foals. So there is no commercial choice that depends, for example, on the expected value. The only conditions for participating in KWPN’s online pony auction are that the foal must be healthy, healthy and free from observable (genetic) abnormalities. Not only dressage and jumping foals are welcome, breeders of Gelderland horses and horseshoes can also visit this online auction. A number of marching horse ponies were auctioned off during the 2021 editions. The pony horse Romeo V, son of Eisele, was sold for €7,500. To make the pony auction more accessible to the breeders, the entrance fee is only 150 euros. This includes a photo and video day, a vet evaluation, and a KWPN inspector. When selling, the seller pays a four percent commission on the discount amount.

High sales rate

Last year, 234 foals were auctioned at KWPN’s online foal auction. Of those, 82 percent have already been sold, with an average price of more than 5,000 euros. The seventh pony auction was staggering, with at least 95 percent of the foals sold. A large portion of buyers come from abroad, and in 2021, 53 percent of foals reached foreign hands. Foals have found their way to a large number of European countries, but also to countries such as America, Canada, Israel and Taiwan. The most expensive pony last year is Kjento, son of Reafun, and he received 19,000 euros. Horses from previous versions are already beginning to appear in international sports. For example, Canabis Z’s daughter Julissa led by Sterre van Houte is competing at a level 2* in the event. Giles (by Viggo Darswell) under Jose Verloy leaped to an international win in the seven-year-olds. Marcel Marshall succeeded 2014 with Jesprit HS, daughter of Eldorado v/d Zeshoek. The group achieved several top ten places at 1.45m during the CSI4* competitions at Vejer de la Frontera and Montefalco. A year later, Kymona (by Johnson) was sold at a KWPN Online Foal Auction, under the direction of Marjan Hooge, becoming the Drents’ champion in this year’s Z1 class.

Photography and video days 2022

As a KWPN member, you can score your pony on the following video days:

  • Saturday 18 June in Ermelo
  • Saturday 16 July in Ermelo
  • Saturday 30 July in Ermelo
  • Saturday 13th August in Hamrak
  • Saturday 20 August in Erp
  • Saturday 3 September in Ermelo
  • Saturday 17 September in Oud-Turnhout (Belgium)
  • Saturday 1 October in Ermelo

You can register at There you’ll also find more information about pony auctions and terms. If you have any questions, you can also call us at 0341-255511 or [email protected]

Exclusive KWPN Jumping Pony Auction

Registration for the exclusive KWPN Filly Jumping Auction has also opened. This auction is held online, after the Bloom Cup in Valkensward. During the first release of 2021, thirteen remarkably interesting jump foals fell under the digital hammer. With an average price of 12,615 euros, 77 percent of foals have already been sold. 80 percent of the ponies sold went abroad, including Chacco Blue son Reaction W van ‘t Studutch, which sold for 32,000 euros. Foals can be entered into the exclusive KWPN Jumping Foal Auction whose dam or grandmother has jumped at least 1.40m level or produced offspring at least at this level or 1.60m horse. In contrast to KWPN’s online pony auction, foals in the exclusive KWPN auction are not selected for jumping pony not only on health and health, but also on their traits and pedigree.

Source: KWPN

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