Eloise: I’m more than my family name

In the summer of 2021, Countess Eloise van Oranje drank a cappuccino with Vorsten editor Karlijn Hoftijzer to talk about her new student life and her first book. This interview previously appeared on Vorsten 10, 2021.

“Sorry, I’m a little late, this morning is already quite messy,” apologizes Eloise when she arrives a bit late at Café Zurich on the Mercatorplein in Amsterdam. It is no coincidence that she takes time from Forsten to talk about her new book and new life in this very place: the café five minutes from the school hotel where she studies and she loves to come there with her fellow students for lunch or a drink. , as you say. She also lists the café as one of her favorite cafés in her book Learning via the appthat saw daylight in June. In the book, she presents her view on a number of important topics in her life at the moment, such as moving into rooms, foodOld clothes and feeling good about yourself. Eloise started the public Instagram account eloisevanoranje at the age of eighteen and quickly gained a large following. In the summer of 2021 there will be more than 250,000. She regularly answers a variety of questions from her followers, which gave her the idea to tackle the answers in a lifestyle book, which will be especially popular among young girls. In the introduction to her book, she thanks her followers: “You welcomed me into this big world of social media and accepted my openness and my silliness.” Eloise looks exactly as she did on Instagram today: “My blouse is old, the pants are from my mom, and my shoes are from my brother’s store.” The necklace she received at her baptism from her uncle Friso hangs around her neck, as she talks about in her book. When she ordered a cappuccino and a slice of banana bread, she explained that she had just moved into a new apartment she shares with two friends: “Oh, I’m telling you that for the first time!” For the first year, she lived in boarding rooms and shared her room with a fellow student. Now the campus must be emptied and her things moved to her new location with “mother” Laurentien. “I moved the last things myself,” she says with a laugh.

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