Tonight on TV: Start Manifest Stone fever, First Dates Teens, and FBI

Tonight you can watch many new programs on TV, for example about the strange housing market or the dating program for teenagers. But also comes the classic bucket list On TV, in addition to viewing from FBI† On top of that, wealthy Peter Gillis fights extra pounds… These are TV tips for Monday, June 6th. tells you every day the best that the next evening of TV can offer.

new: Teen first dates

m h 3

7:26 pm

after success First dates It is also tonight’s programme Teen first dates It can be seen daily on NPO 3. As the name suggests, teens get a chance to find their great love at a young age in a restaurant. First dates† First in is 17-year-old Henry, who finds it difficult to talk to girls yet, and the last time his dating 16-year-old Pia interacted with boys in elementary school. 19-year-old musician Daniel wants a sober girlfriend by his side and the family animal seems to be a good candidate. Since his breakout on TikTok, 17-year-old Jack is used to getting girls’ attention, but he wants someone to bond with that could be Jemma from Essex. 19-year-old Dylan has a unique hobby: he raises chickens, but just like chickens, Dylan’s love life doesn’t really take off. Will Jack from Bolton change that?

beginning: FBI – International


8:29 pm

american crime series FBI It has been a huge international success since 2018. It has already led to many spin-offs and from tonight the most recent can be seen on Veronica. FBI: International It takes place – as the name suggests – largely abroad. The first episode of FBI: International It marks the conclusion of several episodes of intersection that began at the beginning of the fourth season of FBI And continued to open the third series of FBI: Most Wanted† Now we’ve finally come to see a simple New York murder investigation end abroad. The murder investigation began in New York with federal property, but turned into a hunt for a dangerous fugitive with links to the women’s and arms trade. Agent Scott Forrester and his Budapest FBI flight team head to Croatia to catch this American fugitive who fled to Zagreb with a 14-year-old girl.

Gillies family cash register: Peter gets a personal trainer


8:30 pm

since the beginning The Gillies: Mass is cash Nicole is trying to convince her Peter to lose weight. After several failed attempts, the holiday park tycoon hopes to finally change that. Will he succeed? Peter had the shock of his life when he was taken to the hospital. It solidified his conviction to do something seriously about his extra weight. In order to be able to finish a walking tour soon, he hired a personal trainer. Meanwhile, Mark is busy in parks with complaints about bad TV signals and missing hardware. Peter and Nicole go to Spain to put their apartment up for sale. However, Peter is not happy that the team outing is taking place during his absence.

Comedy Drama: bucket list

net 5

8:30 pm

Millionaire Edward Cole and car mechanic Carter rooms in the movie bucket list Let’s lie together in the same room in a hospital ward. Both men are terminally ill and do not have long to live. They came up with the idea of ​​taking a road trip with a list of things they still wanted to do. Gradually, they learn that it is not how far you go on the ground that matters, but who is waiting for you when you return.

new: stone fever appears

m h 2

10:09 PM

Can I buy a house? Can I still intervene? Or did I miss the boat? These kinds of questions are on the minds of beginners every day, because the housing market is sick with its roots. Three young journalists from Zwolle are investigating stone fever appears What needs to change to make the housing market accessible again. There is no longer any question about the free housing market with equal opportunity. So while having a roof over one’s head is a basic need. Elizabeth Van Cleef, Roy Zuer and Manny Henda investigate what needs to change. They represent their contemporaries and follow a number of stories in Zwolle, one of the fastest growing cities in the Netherlands. All the problems of the housing market come together in Zwolle: under-supply, over-bidding, circulation, and expensive land. Patrick Lauders is at the service of young people and presents their findings to experts, such as Maxime Verhagen (Poind Holland), Cindy Kremer (VEH) and others.


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