This is how it is now with Volkmar and Marlis: “Our children are not allowed in the rooms at the moment”

The fact that the five kids are so flexible when it comes to sleep is actually a gift in itself. There are so many families that this situation is untenable. But especially at a certain age it’s nice to have a place of their own, and so Volkmar and Marlis were looking for a bigger house with exactly six bedrooms.

And this turned out to be a difficult requirement, because they come across very few houses with a lot of bedrooms. What made it even more difficult was the search area. Twenty minutes by bike from their father was the maximum distance. They really wanted it to be easy for them to visit both parents.

When the kids are almost giving up on you

Volkmar and Marlis were in no hurry. They check Funda every now and then, but not every day. That’s not possible in two busy jobs and a nice family. But when they all sat in front of the TV and saw a buy without watching it go by, the kids screamed Why don’t you give up on us?† So they decided to do so. We talked to them about this exciting adventure. How did they try it and how are they now?

Volkmar: “It was a weekend and we were talking about it. Then we googled and came across the registration form. It was a little exciting, but we also thought “we are crazy”. We actually didn’t expect that we’d be able to get past it, but the help was really welcome.”

We were looking for homes, but it also took a long time. Search online and make appointments and planning offers. It’s not easy with a busy family and two jobs,” Marliss adds. Volkmar: “When you do it, you have to do it right. I really enjoy rejuvenating, but you have to have the time for that and we don’t really have that.”

Plenty of rooms

Marlis: “I think we looked at five homes in a year and a half. The show was very small and so was the area we were looking at. But we didn’t want to get out of that because it should all be within cycling distance for the kids. We think that’s the most important. Lovely house, lovely neighborhood and a bike ride from their father, school and friends.”

“Often the broker was a little discouraged,” Volkmar continues. If he already said “Oh, six bedrooms, that’s a lot,” You don’t really trust that. We were hoping Alex could delve into that.”

everything for kids

What is so beautiful about this loving couple is that they are taking this adventure primarily for the sake of the kids. That they all have their own room is one priority.

Marlis: “We are happy with little and can be happy anywhere. We can quickly make something of our place and make a nice home.” “Now that we’re home, we see how important it is to them,” Volkmar adds.

Long wait for home

We’ve jumped a bit further with the latest quote, but let’s look back first. Because it really only turns out that the process on the show took so long when they’re still not in it a year later by Christmas.

Volkmar: We recorded in October 2020 and then we recorded a Christmas video in which the kids point out that this is the last Christmas in the house. We didn’t expect at first that we wouldn’t move after a year.”

Marlis: “But we didn’t worry about that either.”

After eight months of waiting…

Finally, in July 2021, Martin came to the rescue: a home was found and bought, hooray! “We were so happy and immediately loved it,” Marlis says. “We weren’t really expecting it. I had simply skipped the respective house in my head — after the round of puzzles.”

“During the puzzle tour, I basically thought Nice house, but it wouldn’t be. Volkmar adds. Marliss: “It’s mainly because of the size and because the house is in a corner. And then that porch around. That fell right away because I thought it was going to be too expensive.”

“Once we got into it knowing this was our house, we were so happy! Especially from the kids’ eyes. The closer we are to their environment, the better. This house isn’t even 800 meters from their old house,” Marlis says.

Volkmar: ‘I basically thought it was great. But also’How† Keep thinking in my head. All the things we left behind during the franchise conversation with her ‘not necessarily necessary’They were in this house anyway. We talked a lot about feeling free and we also showed pictures of how we perceive it. This house has it all. It seems very difficult for the team behind the no-view purchase because you often buy a house on the basis of feeling. They really looked and listened to it.”

“The feeling of freedom is great,” adds Marlis. “We were also hoping that it would be a place where the kids could go outside without looking at it too much. The safety of the environment was important to us and you are experiencing it well here.”

Not real

The renovation eventually took another six months and in January it was finally time! The family lived in the vacation home for another three weeks and during the episode they still celebrated Christmas in the old house. This time really for the last time.

Volkmar: “Entering your new home in this way was very fancy, but it was also really fun. It’s strange that you didn’t do anything. Usually you paint some and hang some and put things in there. That, of course, wasn’t the case now. It wasn’t realised. We only have a few days.”

Marlis: “The kids didn’t come to their unveiling because it was virtually impossible to get them all together at the time. We thought it was very important that they could see the new house at the same time, so they came later. I also wanted to bring them right after the team left. Even We can show the house.”

“We did the revealing with the children the same way we did it with us,” Volkmar continues. In addition, the person whose room was the first to look and open the door. They were ecstatic.

Marliss: “You can also tell which room belongs to whom. Rose does it really well. I’m well aware of children’s mood boards.”

Waking up in your new home

And then, waking up in a dream house. It has to be private. Marlis agrees: “We were still a little energized and didn’t sleep well either. The kids didn’t sleep there that first night and they felt empty. But you also sleep in a new bed with a new quilt in a new home.” “you too ‘in’ To tackle everything,” Volkmar adds. “Yeah, I would have really appreciated it differently,” Marlis continues. “Put me somewhere and I’m fine with that, as long as it’s good for the kids. However, I really had to get used to it. It didn’t take long. When the family was completed, I felt good.”

But what if the first moved into the rooms?

“We can’t, we’ll keep them here,” Volkmar jokes. “Specifically! Now that they all have their own room, they are not allowed to leave. Fortunately, they will also stay for a while,” says Marlis with satisfaction. Of course they are allowed to stay in their rooms when the time is right. If the eldest is gone, we have a study room or a music room for Volkmar. This is also a new luxury.”

It can be a mess

You can see and hear that the couple is very grateful. They’ve lived there for a little over six months and haven’t changed much, if not at all. It feels good.

Marlisse: “We’ve changed or adapted a little bit. We’ve added a few things. We were still a little short of closet space here and there. ‘Mess’ which suits us. We hang things that you get for Mother’s Day or that are made at school. This also makes the home more special.”

Volkmar: “What we love about the house is that it’s all integrated. What Roos chose really fit together. It’s a unit. We couldn’t do it ourselves. We don’t care about that and we don’t care. We wouldn’t make or dare all the walls in one color and I Pretty sure we’ll pick the wrong color too. The kids also really enjoy this.”

“This is correct!” Marlis agrees. “As soon as we thought about doing something else, the kids already started screaming “No, no, at least it’s beautiful now.”

“We will never leave”

Although the new house is 800 meters from the old one, Volkmar and Marlis were not familiar with the area. So it feels like a new place and a new village, while in practice it’s not that bad. They like it. There are new things and places to discover while having a good time.

Marlis: “We’re not leaving anymore. I don’t know why either.” “Well, of course you never know how it will end, but the intent is certainly not there,” Volkmar adds.

Marlis also says she has absolutely no regrets about their participation: “We are so grateful for this beautiful place. We would also like to say that to Bob, Alex and Ross. Only you will know how happy you are in a few days and we are so happy here!”

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