#254 “Dancing With This Girl Sounds Too Intense”

Maud is at the start of a “new” life. She has said “yes” to a house in Amstelveen Nord where she can live on her own and is likely to get a permanent appointment at the editorial where she works. This should be celebrated at a festival! It’s only when you walk around that you meet someone you didn’t expect out there…

Do you know that? I was expecting to meet a lot of people here, Jill, Levi, even Sherry, but I wasn’t expecting to meet Patricia, my dad’s friend! “what are you doing here ?!” I scream in amazement.

“I’m here with two friends,” Patricia replies enthusiastically with an ear-to-ear smile. “We used to go to Roxy, we love to dance and house. Didn’t you know? I really love this music! Great rhythm!” Patricia still wanders around and I have a strong suspicion that I’m not the only one with a bit of euphoria. “Is my dad here too?” I ask her hesitantly, interrupting her story about parties from the past.

“No, he’s at home. I’ll say hi. But I really need to pee. Do I still see you warm!” she said, limping down the toilet. I’m a little lost about it. Suddenly I feel bad. I talk to my parents quite a bit and have the idea that their relationship isn’t going well after all. As I get back to my friends, he sends my little brother a voice memo to tell Patricia’s story.

Once back in our group, I saw Jiu dancing with a girl I hadn’t seen before. One of the things I love about Gio is that he is very social and talks to everyone, but this dance seems a bit intense. Bee temptation island Will the tablet explode? “Hello my dear!” I say, laying his hand on Jiu’s shoulder, carelessly. He immediately introduced me to the girl named Stacey. Turns out she’s a former classmate of Jiu. Her friends are already home, but Jiu texts her to stop by. I know I shouldn’t have to worry about this, but I do it anyway. It’s strange that they are standing there dancing together out of nowhere.

When I go out for drinks with Rochelle, I tell my story quickly. “That’s crazy, I’ve never heard of Stacey and suddenly they’re dancing like crazy while I’m going to the bathroom!” Rusella says nothing is wrong. Looks like Geo started talking about me right away when he saw Stacey. “Maud, don’t worry too much, he’s here with you, isn’t he?! He’s madly in love with you, I can even see it!” corrects Rochelle Lee. According to my best friend, I’ve been pretty nervous lately and probably should go on vacation again.

It was my last vacation with Tommy in Dubai, and it was nothing but a success. As I’m back at our friend’s group with two gin tonic and two beers in hand, I hear one of my favorite festival songs blaring through the speakers. I walk straight to Jiu. As I kiss his neck, I simply ask him: “Shall we go on vacation together? I think we should go on vacation together! That sounds really nice to me.”

Jiu laughs, but a hard look follows. “Shouldn’t we slow down a bit, Maud?” he replies. She looked a little surprised, but before I could answer, he continues, “We’ll talk about it tomorrow, honey. I really want to go on vacation with you. But now I want to dance!” He grabs my thighs and makes crazy moves. All night long we dance together, with my best friends. I may have said a lot of weird texts, but (thankfully) I don’t remember them very well. I had fun!

The next morning, I woke up with a severe headache at Gio’s. I’m so broke and I feel my head pounding, as if the beating techno is still playing, but between my ears. Of course I drank a little water. My stomach is fading. I can hear Geo busy in the kitchen and shortly afterwards enter the bedroom with two bowls of granola and lots of fruit. shouts: “Surprise!” Shoot and stutter, thank you. “You are always so cute with your breakfasts!” I smile as I take a bite of hunger.

“No, I don’t mean that at all!” Geo answers. I look at him in surprise. „You’ve booked a vacation for us both! We will leave in two weeks. 10 days, all inclusive to Bulgaria! “

My mouth opens in surprise. Is Geo really serious? Without consulting, he booked a vacation and then went to Bulgaria as well, or all the places?! While I really enjoy choosing a vacation for myself…

Maud (23 years old) loves to party and travel. I recently started working as an editor for a magazine. Her relationship with boyfriend Tommy has ended and she has a new boyfriend: Geo. Maud is looking for a new home in Amsterdam, but it appears he has now found a home in Amstelveen. Every week she reads her adventures in a new way episode From the book Maud Night.

#253 “I can’t go on living like some kind of vagabond for months”

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#254 “Dancing With This Girl Sounds Too Intense”

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