Beatrixschool and Lettertuin win the Ede City School Handball Championship


EDE “I am very proud of this team. They won 2-1 against Montessorisol Eddy School (EMS)”, says Jonathan Van Ruekel, pupil of Litterwein. He and his team just won the Winners’ Cup.

Ip Janssen

Young handball players from De Lettertuin Primary School shone with pride after the match. The Beatrix School girls did the same half an hour ago. They won 8-2 over Primary School de Banta Rei. A great achievement because the Beatrixs school was actually at camp in Otterlo. “They came to Riet gymnasium specifically for the final handball match at the Ede Stad School. There wasn’t much time to put them in the spotlight. Because tonight they had other school camp activities. But the fact that Beatrix School hasn’t canceled indicates that school handball It’s still alive in Eddie,” said organizer Simon Bigsterbusch proudly.

Beatrixschool boycotted the school camp and left with the main prize. BRH in Reyhurst

Together with Annemieke Meurs, the driving force behind a great volunteer organization within HV Reehorst. It was the thirty-fifth edition. Especially especially as HV Reehorst, we did not know for a long time if this release could continue due to the known Corona measures. As soon as the “green” light was given, we immediately started the organization. This was achieved thanks to the efforts of many volunteers. But also a compliment to the different schools that didn’t let us down. The response to the post was great. In the end, Annemiek and I are doing it to bring handball and the school guys together. You can see that there was a passionate sympathy over the last evening,” Simon Bigsterbusch judges.

finals The finals, held at the Riet gym for the groups 7/8, were more than worth watching. Crème de la crème after Wednesday afternoon’s preliminary round matches. The final girls were beautiful. Despite some difference in strength, where Beatrix’s school found the target a little easier, Panta Rhei put up a good resistance. Simon Bigsterbusch said the score (8-2) might have been a bit exhilarating, but in the end it was well deserved for Beatrix’s school.

The boys final between Lettertuin 2 – EMS was very exciting from start to finish. It could have gone either way until literally the last second. What a great team. We trained a lot really. No, there is no handball player. But maybe it will come,” laughs Jonathan Van Ruekel. The trophy will be displayed proudly at his school on Friday. No, it wouldn’t be possible to get an extra hour. But I’m sure we’ll show it at school. Where does that success come from? From our school coaches who taught us Basics first. No, I’m not going to name names. If I forget to thank someone, I have to hear that for a long time,” concludes Jonathan. A few meters away, the little Ede Montessori school stands together and is a little disappointed. “We were very close. At least at the extension. Twenty seconds before time a shot on the crossbar. A free ball went wrong. For a moment I thought it was 2-2. But the goal was not allowed. I heard later because the shooter was too far in the circle “Is that true? Opinions are divided,” said 13-year-old Luca Van Hardeveld, “but the referee decided.”

to improve There is a lot of turmoil in the stands. I think our Ede Stad School Handball Tournament fulfills a need. Usually we will train handball in schools. This is the least successful of this edition. Fortunately, everyone has been very careful during all Corona measures. We were where we were allowed and asked. This is also HV Reehorst, where many volunteers want to help handball guys at school. Everything needs to be drowned. As an organization, we will of course make an assessment. There are already some ideas about adapting the setup a bit for now next year. But in general Annemiek Meurs and I are happy that, after a period of silence in school handball, we managed to bring this tournament to a successful conclusion”, concludes Bijsterbosch. Schoolchildren seem to think so too. Whether winning or losing, praise and thanks to the organizers It’s not uncommon. The guys at Eddy’s school show their best sides, both on and off the field. A breath of fresh air.

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