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American crime queen Karen Slaughter (1971) has topped every list of best-selling films for twenty years. She sells tens of millions of books worldwide, and recently an exciting Netflix series (parts of it) came out around her book Split. Caliph Geconscientious now in shops.

American crime queen Karen Slaughter (1971) has topped every list of best-selling films for twenty years. She sells tens of millions of books worldwide, and recently an exciting Netflix series (parts of it) came out around her book Split. Caliph Geconscientious now in shops.

How did you feel when you saw your story as a TV series on Netflix?

The series is obviously very different from the book. Makes sense. In Split, main character Andrea spends a lot of time in her car and you’re basically reading what you’re thinking. Those thoughts don’t easily translate into pictures. And seeing Andrea just drive Very boring. Most of the scenes were shot in Australia where the protagonist Tony Collette and Bella Heathcote came in. I should have been there when they shot some scenes here in Georgia. The book that has now been published.

Without a pronoun, you can read it as a sequel but it’s also a stand-alone story. I don’t know if Netflix will make a series of that either. The book is about finding yourself. Sure, it’s a crime and it’s still a crime, so someone gets killed and the murder must be solved. Emily is the victim, and Andrea is the one trying to expose the killer. On a deeper level you will read about the lives of Emily and Andrea. Emily is a girl who has to grow up fast due to circumstances. She discovers that the people she associates with are not good for her. She has to make her own decisions and decide who she wants to be for the rest of her life. Andrea is on a similar mission. In fact, most of my thrillers mainly revolve around: Who do I want to be? This question interests me. As a child, you often don’t have a choice, you rely on your parents making the decisions for you. But once you become an adult, you can decide for yourself which way you want to go. Do I do it the way my parents did or do I do it differently? “

What kind of person do you want to be?

“I try to be a good and kind person. It means that if I find myself inadvertently hurting someone, I admit it and admit it. Many people find it difficult. I can’t admit when they are wrong. Unfortunately. Because I think it is a powerful thing.” Accepting yourself that you’re not perfect It’s always impossible to show the best version of yourself There are many Karins in me Writer Karin Slaughter doesn’t quite look like Karen as an ordinary person As an author I want my books to be a success I’m driven I’m still nervous when a new title comes out Even if the number does not exceed and I no longer have to do it for the money: it remains exciting. When I started writing, success for me was synonymous with “publishing.” Gradually, that changed to “Topping the New York Times Book List.” These days “I want to be in that number one spot for as long as possible. It’s not that I’m jealous when someone else, like Stephen King, is a bestseller. I give it to him, but I want that too.”

Karin Privé is more relaxed, makes jokes, loves cake and cats. I can be happy if I can walk around in pajamas all day. I’m sitting on the sofa with my wife, who I’ve been with for a long time and got married with as soon as I was allowed to do so in America. Sometimes they ask me the secret of our relationship. It’s actually quite simple: we’ve agreed that a person who does the ‘household chore’, ie cooking, driving or shopping, can do it their own way. 99% of our fights were about what the other person is doing wrong or should do differently. We agreed that if I cooked the food, she would refrain from commenting and vice versa. This is how we make it fun. What also helps is that I’m often far away. (laughs) I go regularly to my woodland house, especially when I want to write. That cabin is in the middle of nature, just over a two-hour drive from my hometown of Atlanta. Writing works better on my own in a non-stimulus environment. I don’t even want my cats near me. I also travel to promote my books – although I haven’t been on the road for the past two years due to the Corona pandemic. I have to be careful because I have a shaky immune system. If I get on a plane, I immediately catch a cold or catch the flu.”

Many of your books are about money against women. Also domestic violence…

“Right. This is an important topic for me. My grandmother was in a very abusive relationship. My grandfather assaulted her and my grandmother was regularly walking around with bruises. This was often dismissed as “Grandma hit herself” or “Grandma fell down the stairs.” She’s pretty clumsy too.” That, while everyone knew what was really going on. But no one spoke about it publicly or spoke to my grandfather about it. Even my family kept their mouths shut. As an adult, I realized that silence didn’t help her. Our silence was in favor. Grandpa. There’s a lot of talk in America about Johnny Depp being accused of domestic violence. I know there’s a similar case in the Netherlands (Karen refers to rapper Lil Klein, editor.) What amazes me is that people – even women – often have their judgment ready.” So why You stayed with him all this time?” Or worse, “Why didn’t you reply?” As if a woman were physically capable of it. All these comments are not helpful. We women should support each other. Just as men protect each other, so should we. We are the women.”

Text: JOLANDA HOFLAND | Photo: Alison Cohen Rosa

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