Twice win and second place for Dutch youth in Zuidwolde

The winning junior national team with national coach Edwin Hugginarat Photo: Hans Ko

With a victory in the Children’s and Junior Nations Cup and second place for the Young Riders, the Dutch Young Riders at CH De Wolden showed their business card towards the European Championships. In Wengen, the young riders showed their ability to compete with countries such as England and Germany. According to national coaches Hoogenraat and Voorn, there is a lot of talent among the youngsters.

Having already won the Nations Cup in its category in Wengen on Thursday, the children’s team is back again on Friday afternoon. TeamNL became the best junior team out of twelve countries. In the second and decisive round, the Dutch equestrian team took just eight points, four points less than Spain and five points behind Belgium who finished second and third respectively.

Great achievement

“It went pretty well actually, but of course you always depend on what the rider and horse are like during the day,” Hoogenraat looked back afterward. For him, what was most surprising was that Dutch fourth participant Nick Nanning no longer had to lead the second round. Each of his three predecessors has remained conspicuous. It almost never happens that you no longer have to use a fourth passenger. Great achievement,” Hognaert concluded.

Milan Morsenkov

The best Dutch junior rider was Milan Morsenkov (Herden), who had to make way for Celia Kubo Teran of Spain. Remarkably, the first three Dutch riders in round two were all kept clear, so the Nations Cup was decided prematurely.

Milan Morsenkov with Checkpoint Chacco, Emma Boken (Weert) with Kadess Z, Mart IJland (Hengelo Ov) with Hero and Nick Nanning (Dalfsen) with Bandia confirm that the future of equestrianism in the Netherlands looks bright.

Young Knights with a return in the second round

Things were not good for the young riders, who went through their crucial stages on Friday night. Due to several small and unnecessary errors by the Dutch team, TeamNL finished sixth after the first lap, with little prospect of a higher ranking. But how different is the second round. The young man looked like he was reborn and made a great impression on the very challenging track set up for the older guys (aged 16-21) by Henk Linders and his lieutenants. It’s true that in the second round, I lost the first Dutchman, Iris Michaels (Liselle) with Bogano de Labay, but the three Dutchmen who came next, Skye Morsenkov (Heerden) with J Vengino Bleu, did not commit Vincent Dings (Hayes) with Daylight HDH and finally Mel Thiessen of Sevenum with Cartolana 2 faults.

Where the three Dutch scored the maximum, the opposing nations got the most penalty points, with the exception of Belgium. The Belgians continued to ride hard and took first place. Holland climbed steadily through the net runs and when Mel Thiessen was also clear, second place was a reality.

stupid mistakes

“I made some stupid mistakes in the first round,” Mel Thiessen admitted. “The same goes for the others. I think we were very keen and very excited. Fortunately, we kept our heads together and went really well on the second lap.”

Mel Thiessen with Cartolana Photo: Hans Khu

wonderfull collection

Vincent Forn, the national coach for the Young Riders, also saw the shortcomings of the first round. “I came to Wienningen with a feeling we could win. But because of our stupid mistakes in driving, we lost the win. Luckily I got everyone very sharp again in the second round and then the boys and girls showed they could. This is a great group and they have a lot of “The potential. I think it’s great that they are back in this way. It shows their fighting spirit,” said Forn, who wants to continue building a strong youth team for the European Championship with a good feeling.

Belgium was the winner with the fewest penalty points: 16, and the Netherlands was second with 18. In Wengen, Denmark and Norway shared third place, each with 20 penalty points. Germany ranked fifth with 24 penalties.

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Source: CH De Wolden / KNHS

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