Tips for discovering the beauty of the Italian Alps

From tree cathedrals, mountain biking in the Italian Alps and camping on crystal blue lakes, to picturesque villages and fairytale castles where you can spend the night. The people of Trentino South Tyrol live side by side with nature and you have come to Trentino to discover the beauty of the Italian Alps, lakes and forests. subway Visit the Trentino and Valsugana region in northern Italy and share the most beautiful places! These are our tips for a great vacation in the Italian Alps.

On our first morning, not only did the warm temperature surprise us, but our kind guide, who turned out to be Dutch, also surprised us. “good morning!” Patricia says cheerfully with an accent from Utrecht. She was born in Utrecht but lost her heart to Italy for years. The love for Trentino was instilled in Patricia from an early age. Her grandparents often went to Italy by train and then traveled by horse and wagon (!) to the Penisola Verde camping site in Trentino, where Patricia also found the love of her life.

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Wonderful natural artwork. Photo: pillow lab

On vacation to Trentino? Our advice:

Get on a bike and discover Little Venice

Our first day begins with a mountain bike trip. Fortunately, we get e-bikes to prevent mustaches sweating, because even though it’s only May, the temperature quickly rises to 25 degrees in the morning. Trentino is a popular destination for adventurers, nature lovers, mountain climbers and water sports enthusiasts. In the region there are almost three hundred different lakes, 5,000 kilometers of walking routes, and by bike you can discover about 8,000 kilometers of cycling routes.

As we zoom through the Italian Alps on our e-bike, our mountain bike guide tells us that Trentino is also Italy’s apple paradise. Apples (and young fruits) have been grown here for centuries. You can also take a private walking tour of the Apple Trail. On the way we wander through apple orchards, ancient castles and wonderful Italian villages. With more than 20 kilometers to go in the legs, it’s time to grab an Aperol Spritz and drink it on the balcony in Borgo. The idyllic town of colorful houses has been nicknamed “Little Venice”, in part because of the Brenta River that runs through the city.

Discover the cathedrals of trees at Arte Sella, where art and nature meet

The Arte Sella Open Air Museum is a 20-minute drive from Borgo, where art becomes nature. Yes, you read that correctly: the artworks here are absorbed by nature. The huge open-air museum was founded in 1986 by three friends. As you wander around the park, you will discover creations by international artists. All works are made of natural materials such as branches, stones, leaves and old paper. Think of a massive tree cathedral, a natural “waterbed” (made by the Dutchman Daan Roosengaarde) or a bridge made of old newspapers. The idea behind Arte Sella is that the creative process doesn’t end with the artist’s creativity, it comes back to life day in and day out. Eventually all works of art will become part of nature. Bonus tip: you can have a delicious lunch at Arte Sella!

Trentino, tips, vacation, activities

Delicious cuisine in the mountains at NIF

Trentino cuisine is slightly different from the rest of Italy, because here and there you can also sample Austrian influences. So don’t be surprised if you see dishes like Strudel or Knödeln on the menu. Do you have something to celebrate? Then have lunch or dinner at NIF Alpine Taste, located in Vetriolo. The restaurant and hotel are hidden on top of a mountain and from your seat you can enjoy a beautiful view of the mountains.

But there is more to write about at home, and the dishes on your plate are very attractive. Chef Luca has experience in Barcelona and London and cooks Italian Sky Stars with local produce from the vegetable garden. The menu includes special creations such as risotto flavored with fennel, lemon and licorice, cabbage chips with flowers or bacon with cola. After dinner dip? Then stay in one of the six luxury rooms at the NIF Alpine Taste, some of which even have a private sauna. The next morning you can enjoy a nice walk in the surroundings of the Lagorai Mountains.

Soar over the tops of the Italian mountains

Or maybe you just want an adrenaline boost? Then you got to the right place in Trentino, the region is a popular place for paragliding and the world championships are organized every year. In Vetriolo (opposite the NIF Restaurant) you can skydive and enjoy the beautiful view of the Italian Alps. For more information: Scuola di Volo or Visittrentino.

How about some cooling? Then take a refreshing dip in Como Livego. The many lakes in Trentino are also ideal for water sports such as kayaking, sailing or catering. Or stop in a supermarket along the way for some Italian dishes, rent a boat and spend the afternoon sailing around Como Caldonazzo, the largest lake in Trentino with a temperature of 28 degrees! There are many campgrounds around the lake.

Trentino, tips, vacation, activities

sleep like a prince

Do you want to end your vacation with a romantic and unique experience and have you always wanted to sleep in a castle? Then stop at the beautiful Burjen Castle, which was built in the 12th century. From the castle you can enjoy a wonderful view of the green mountain tops. Pergine has undergone some renovations over the years, and since 2018 you can also book rooms here for a fancy night. Art exhibitions are held regularly and around the castle you will be surprised by the neon light installations and pop art paintings by famous artists. (The castle is also open for regular visits.)

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