Jessica Mendoza and Dublin win $37,000 Devon Speed ​​Derby CSI4*

A decorated field of 21 athletes and their competitive horses came to the Dixon Oval to compete for top honors in the one-lap sprint race. At the end of the trial, the British Jesica Mendoza and former Dublin Kent Farrington won.

Olaf Peterson Jr. (GER) completed a course of 14 hurdles dashing across the entire track, including two tough combos, a hairpin, several pullback options and a long run to the last bull. With rails shifted to four seconds added to the last lap time, any fast attempt can win the class, even with a rail on the track. Britain’s Jessica Mendoza and her Casanova 499 ran two strokes on the track and set the time with 81.16 seconds on the board. The first duo to stay clear were 16-year-old Zayna Rizvi (USA) and Chaplin W, owned by Peacock Ridge LLC, who clocked 69.62sec. After just two rounds, American Mavis Spencer narrowly led after leaving all the bars intact with Kaun Kaley, owned by Jorge Maskry-Sigsman, with a time of 69.53 seconds.

A few laps later, Mendoza returned to the track with her second horse of the class, Dublin, to take first place on the leaderboard after taking a tenth of a second off Spencer’s time and finishing in 69.33 seconds. is over. The remaining riders, including Colombian Mark Bluman with Hanakine, owned by Daniel Bluman LLC, and Spencer with Carissimo 25, her second horse also owned by Maskrey-Segesman, attempted to oust Mendoza and Dublin but were unsuccessful. By the end of the trial, it was clear that Mendoza was doing well enough to earn her second Devon Blue of the week, surpassing the field of riders with Dublin, a 15-year-old Dutchwoman. Spencer and Kali Conn eventually finished in second place, while Rizvi and Chaplin W rounded out the top three.

A few days earlier, Mendoza had won a $50,000* Jet Run Devon Welcome Stake CSI4 race on another horse, Play. Her success over the course of the week makes her first time on the Devon Horse Show even more special. Mendoza and Dublin have a long association, and she praised the eunuch’s talent and speed on the ground, stating that she’d rather ride him in the 1.45m speed class. She’s looking forward to her last game of the week on Saturday, the $74,000 Idle Dice Open Stake CSI4*, hoping to bring back another blue bar.

From the winner’s circle

Jessica Mendoza – Winner of $37,000 Devon Speed ​​Derby CSI4*

About Dublin:

“He’s been great since I’ve had him. He’s just a real winner at that height, he loves it. He’s got the pace. I always put him in the 1.45m sprint classes and that’s kind of what he does.”

About the path:

“I had to [Casanova 499] First I had two rails down so I wasn’t driving. I knew I had to be quick with Dublin. Unfortunately, I didn’t see anyone go because I was switching horses. I just knew I had to go ASAP and I knew it [Dublin] That would keep the jumps. He doesn’t do a lot of wide strides, he’s fast on the ground and over the jumps. Of course he’s also fast in the corners.”

About Devon Horse Show:

“It’s been a great week. It’s my first time here and I don’t think I’ve put in as good a show as I’ve been here. Everything I do tomorrow has been great, but the bar is going to be great tomorrow. Will put one horse in [$74.000 Idle Dice Open Stake CSI4*] to do.”


$37,000 Devon Speed ​​Derby CSI4*

City / Horse / Rider / Country / Owner | time

1. Dublin / Jesica Mendoza / Great Britain | 69.33

2. Kon Cali / Mavis Spencer / Georgi Maskari Sigsman | 69.53

3. Chaplin and / Xena Rizvi / USA / Peacock Ridge LLC | 69.62

4. Hanakin / Mark Plowman / Cole / Daniel Plowman LLC | 70.33

5. California / Laura Chabot / USA / Mary Chabot | 70.49

6. Classic Penny / Sidney Shulman Desirio / ISR / Jill Shulman | 71.69

7. Wonder If / Amanda Derbyshire / GBR / Gochman Sport Horse LLC | 73.05

8. Cassina 64 / Raleigh Heller / USA / Kurt Heller | 73.69

9. Lord UP / Audrey Schulze / USA / Riverbrook Sports Horses | 74.07

10. Express Blue GP Du Bois Madame / Caitlyn Connors / USA / Caitlyn Connors LLC | 75.24

11. Newton van Heet Krickelhof / Catherine Tyree / USA / Catherine Tyree LLC | 75.33

12. Obi-Wan / Aaron Valley / USA / Alison Register & Think Lakes | 75.62

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