Empty Nest Andrea: “It seems like you’re not allowed to enjoy an empty nest”

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“I was still training to be an analyst when I was 19 years olde Loaded. I already knew I wanted to be a young mother, but when I got pregnant, the process speeded up and we were right the first year after we got married and had a baby. Quest to discover who you have been affected by. I had never lived alone before and got married and cohabited straight out of my parents’ home. This is a completely different situation from what I see with my children.”

We had no money to buy clothes

“My husband was the breadwinner and the days I worked were privileges. We had four children in ten years. Until the youngest was five, I always worked on a standby basis. As a result, we were very poor during the first fifteen years of our marriage, But we got creative by learning how to handle a little money. Those were tough years when I look back now. We didn’t have our own house, no parents to help us financially and no money to buy clothes, so I started sewing clothes myself.”


“Motherhood was something expected of you. You should enjoy it, and above all work not much as a mother,” our Christian Network said. So I didn’t work much, but I found it difficult. When I think now, I should have been more open to dare say: “I don’t always find it easy.” Having children is a huge blessing, but don’t be surprised to find that sometimes things aren’t as rosy as people seem.

“Sometimes it’s less rosy than people seem”

“I used to stay at home mom, but I didn’t necessarily want to raise my kids with the intention of becoming one. You can be a homemaker mom, but if you want your own job, don’t marry a guy who says, ‘You do the work at home.'” Often My husband and I do chores together on the weekends, so I can work or sew clothes during the week.”

Our job was to raise our children to become adults who know who they are and are not shaped by others. If you’re doing an education that requires you to leave the house, we’re the first to say, “This is what you should do.” You should be able to do everything at home and take care of yourself. This applies to both our sons and our daughters. Looking back, this was actually my biggest wish.”

empty nest

Eight years ago, our eldest daughter was the first to leave the house. I felt very weak. On the one hand, I would have missed her very much, but on the other hand I was very happy for her and thought: this is what I raised her for. Two months ago, in February, our youngest was the last to leave the house. I am confident and have every confidence in him. Our mission has been successful so far, because I know we have given them everything they need.”

“The empty nest is not pathetic at all.”

“The house is empty, so there is no more noise between me and Gerrit. Every evening we sit at the table without worry and without other conversations around. Only him and I. That’s so wonderful. When we’ve been married for fifteen years, we both go to Paris for the first weekend Once Last April, we were married for 29 years, so we left for Paris again under a mother: Empty nesters, Pathetic? not at all! We’ve reinvented ourselves even more and the reason we’re brought together. Every day is a gift.”

dream job

“In September 2020 I got a new position. Before that I worked as an analyst in a hospital and had several evening shifts and weekends. Among other things, I looked at red and white blood cells under a microscope. In case of significant deviations, we send them to the Department of Cell Technologies I never thought I’d be able to work in this department, but a position opened up for me. This is definitely my dream job. I think it’s very special that I can still have a career at 48e† I also no longer have to work evening shifts and weekend work, which means I can spend more time with Gerrit.”

empty nest syndrome

“I don’t mind it empty nest syndrome† I see child-rearing as a rock to hold on to. You hold the stone for protection, but slowly open your hand, so that your children discover more and more how the world works. At the end you have an open hand on the stone and you are there to receive your child. He. She empty nest It is a nest they can always return to.”

“The responsibility no longer rests entirely with me.”

“I’m enjoying this time. It seems like you’re not allowed to think that way, but it has nothing to do with the love I have for my children. When you have kids, it’s so much fun and it’s only going to be more fun. It’s also fun when they’re 18 or married. The responsibility lies entirely with me and I can enjoy it. We were poor, but now we are healthy and can even provide for my children. I didn’t think so. The feeling is gratitude. I don’t think I’m too glad they got out of the house. No, it’s a period of rediscovery Who can I be.”

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