Which US Temptation Island Couples Are Still Together?

Four couples came to the island this season with serious doubts about their relationship. In a special reunion episode of ‘Temptation Island USA’, couples and single men and women gather once again to share their experiences. Are Luke and Eris still engaged and what about Trace and Lascelles?

“I saw in front of me a beautiful fairy tale, but it fell apart very quickly”

Ashley and Lascelles

Ashley and Lascelles were together for seven years before they decided to turn their lives upside down and take the ultimate relationship test. The goal of their engagement was to become less dependent on each other and they took that very literally. Although the pair were up for the show to start a family together, Lascelles fell in love with bachelor Trace – with whom he also left the island. Although Ashley decided to leave on her own, she quickly got together after the tapings to talk about everything during a five-hour (!) conversation. “I was afraid of it, because I was going to get hit with my laser,” Lascelles admits. His ex-girlfriend adds: “We each went to the island with a different approach.” “I saw in front of me a beautiful fairy tale, but it collapsed very quickly. Then I got very angry.”

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Ashley sought comfort in Blake’s arms, but despite their connection to the island, they shoot There is no position. Once he returns home, it turns out that he is more attracted to Madeleine, a bachelor than the mansion. Lascelles, in turn, clicked Trace on the spot and a stormy affair ensued. Even though they said “I love you” to each other, wire Not there anyway. “We just realized we don’t really know each other very well,” admits Lascelles. “We’re just friends now,” Tris adds.

But it wasn’t just a lack of chemistry that was the problem. During the reunion, single Alexa reveals that Lascelles was intimate with her and Megan. “You both said, ‘I want to kiss you so badly’ (…) I was drinking and I said, ‘You know what, okay?” Once he’s a player, always a player…

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Edgar and Gillian

Gillian Edgar brought to the seduction To find out whether you should be single or not. Edgar, on the other hand, was ready to propose. However, things have changed a bit… After the first shooting, Edgar thought Gillian didn’t take their relationship seriously because she enjoyed her freedom. Edgar, in turn, decided to take it and eventually left the island with the bachelor Marisa. “When I left, I was completely devastated. I tried to forgive myself,” Edgar says of the moment during the reunion.

“One of the main reasons we went in was because hell broke out when Edgar cheated on someone else one year later,” said Gillian, tearful. “You were my first love and you took it from me after one year. And I’m so angry! I wanted to fix that…Then I stayed for another two years. We went to therapy, did everything. Then we came here and that was the last straw you broke me and then you broke me again ( …) I was working on Tommy too, but I wanted so badly to believe that my first love wouldn’t end like this, I still hope it’s all true because I loved you so much. ”

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But it didn’t just work out with Jillian, the love with Marisa also ended. “It’s really cool, it’s such a shame to be ready right after the island,” she says, sobbing. “I’d like to see you again, but that’s not how it used to be.” According to Edgar, “He can’t handle the relationship right now,” he said during the reunion. “I thought I could give up on Gillian, but instinctively I couldn’t.”

Ash and Hania

Hania started in temptation island With the idea of ​​wanting an open relationship with Ash. However, he proposed to her at the end of the program. “That was the hardest ‘no’ I had to say,” ASH explains during the reunion. “Not because I wanted to say yes, but because I knew it would mean the end of our relationship.” According to Ash, the chances of them getting back together are slim as she no longer believes in Hania. With that said, he’s changed, and we’re not just talking about his appearance. “I want to be a resting point in other people’s lives,” he says. “If I keep thinking only of myself, or make the situation work for me…that’s not a point of comfort (…) either for myself. My relationship with myself is toxic too. It affects all the other relationships I have.”

Will it be something between Ash and Taylor? There must be seduction-babe has something to say about it… “He did his best to harass me because I felt insecure about someone I went through this process,” she shares her frustration. It was impossible to meet her at all, Ash says Taylor gave her a fake number — something Taylor admits. And he defends himself: “We never said we’d leave the island as a couple. We had good conversations, a good bond. But we weren’t soulmates and we’d elope together.”

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Luke and Eris

Unlike the aforementioned spouses, Iris and Luke left the island together and got engaged. But are they still? We can be brief about that: The answer is… Yes! “He’s doing a great job. I’m amazed, but I love him,” Iris said of her “new” husband. There’s no wedding date yet, but the lovebirds are thinking about 2024 in Santorini.

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