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hit Netflix Weird things It is a cultural phenomenon that combines the gritty adventures of teens, paranormal mystery and ’80s nostalgia into one series that will have fans clamoring for new episodes. Unfortunately, the series does not have infinite episodes and we have Season 4 again at once voraciously† Fortunately, there are many series that contain the same elements as Weird things

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Series like Stranger Things

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This Netflix series also follows a clumsy teenage girl with supernatural powers. Living in a small town in the Rust Belt area, 17-year-old Sydney (Sofia Lillis) mourns the recent death of her father and distances herself from her best friend. She soon befriends Stanley (White Olive), a friendly madman who becomes her love interest and encourages sidekick as her strength emerges.

Dark is the first-ever German-language show on Netflix and follows four families living in a city where several children mysteriously disappear. That’s the most we can say about this thriller without getting into spoiler territory…

A new CBBC series takes the minds of teenage detectives from Stranger Things to a summer camp. A group of campers searching for four teenagers who disappeared in the woods at the age of 23 stumble upon a supernatural phenomenon. The mood is also lighter than Stranger Things, for anyone who has nightmares about the Upside Down.

This Netflix series offers a more suburban experience for yellow jackets or the return of the flies. Returning home from a long camping trip, a group of high school students discover that all the adults have left their town and miles of unknown forests suddenly appear around town. In isolation, the children must devise an arrangement system and learn to take care of each other while also investigating what happened to the adults.

The Spanish series revolves around a group of teenagers who lived in the coastal town of Valencia in the 1990s. When three 15-year-old girls mysteriously disappear from a nightclub, one of the girls’ younger brothers, Javi, teams up with his best friends and a school bully to find them. The kids soon discover that the girls have taken something out of this world.

Based on Gerard Way’s comic book series, the seven members of the Umbrella Academy were all born on the same day to women who weren’t pregnant on the same morning. Then they are adopted and trained by a masochistic billionaire and try to stop the end of the world.

The Duffer Brothers’ first premise for Stranger Things was, “What if Steven Spielberg was directing a Stephen King book?” For fans who want to know all about the influence of the legendary horror novelist, this psychological horror series takes place in the world of King’s novels.

At the beginning of this magical series, the three Lock family siblings move to their ancestral New England home, Keyhouse, after their father is murdered. There they discover magical keys with different powers, as well as a demon who wants to use the keys for himself. The trio must find out where the keys came from and send the demon where he came from.

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