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I can see that you have to think about perks and (in) equality. BUT: It’s all rendered sans humor/unfairness/bigotism.” Several men have looked roughly the same in recent weeks in response to the experience of automatically being unappreciated/liked/treated. In any case, it was more cordial than a gentleman’s mockery of the screens Television.He was enraged by the “unfunny cancellation culture” that made him disappear from television for three weeks – merely for the “smoothly presented sin of youth”.

I remembered Ireland, where three months ago another man had been “cancelled”. The difference is that this physicist, Erwin Schrödinger, died 61 years ago. So he gets into trouble due to events that he can no longer relate to. By the way, these events have been known for a long time, however, for decades they were not taken seriously. A critic said in 1989 who later described Schrödinger as “a really romantic male chauvinistCall. However, the large lecture hall at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, formerly named Schrödinger’s, is now simply called the physics lecture theater again.

Physicists know Schrödinger from his famous equation that describes particles (or somewhat more complex quantum systems) as waves, and changes the state of a particle (or quantum system) as the evolution of such a wave. The wonderful comparison with him occurred during the Christmas holidays in Arosa, Switzerland. According to biographer Walter Moore, Schrödinger set up camp there.With a pearl in each ear to block out distracting noises, and a woman in bed for inspiration† In doing so, he portrayed Schrödinger as James Bond in Physics.

married and unmarried

Most people know Schrödinger mainly from his cat. This poor animal, which was conceived during correspondence with Einstein, will be dead and alive at the same time in a cardboard box. Using this metaphor, Schrödinger wanted to show how silly things can turn out when his “waves” are interpreted as probability distributions up to a moment of measurement. Although the metaphor was so flexible that physicists could test at least seven other interpretations of quantum mechanics against it.

In a ridiculous way, the cat even represents Schrödinger’s private life, because the Austrian physicist was both married and unmarried. He ran a three-person home with Annemarie Bertel, his wife nine years younger, and with Hilda Marsh, his mistress who was already married to an Austrian colleague. It was precisely this that ensured that Schrödinger, who after 1933 liked to stay away from Hitler’s Berlin, ended up as a professor in Dublin in 1939. Unlike earlier at Princeton and Oxford, there were few objections to polygamy in Dublin. Schrödinger’s further adventures were also overlooked.

One day, according to his autobiography, he was flying in contact with at least four young girls who seduced them into sex during those adventures, in Germany and Ireland. He wrote, “They gave me happiness in my life and a lot of misery for themselves. But hey, that’s life.” And so it already was. For example, for Itha Junger, who had been tutored by Schrödinger since the age of fourteen, she had an illegal abortion at the age of seventeen thanks to him and was then permanently sterile – and of no interest to Schrödinger anymore.

spirit of the previous era

It’s more persuasive than it is with the gentleman on TV, and it raises the question of how to judge the actions of the past. To what extent is the spirit of the previous era? Who determines the spirit of the times? Not the girls and women who fell into Schrödinger’s hands, anyway. Not their mothers or their neighbours. Not a few women scientists who did research against the zeitgeist and who occasionally met Schrödinger at conferences. Not the woman of the Arosa journey, which has been considered inspiring. Nor would the would-be female physics students who were put off in later decades by the idea that for physicists women could just be inspiring.

So that this thought is not confirmed tacitly and perhaps unintentionally, it seems good that Schrödinger’s name should not be associated with the great auditorium and the accompanying lecture series. Besides, his comparison and his popular cat will surely remember him. And this cat also fits with the mystery of Schrödinger as a brilliant genius and, at least to many girls and women, a hard-hearted, selfish.

In the meantime, if you want to know what “cancellation” really means, take a look at the life of that “single mess”. While what happened was concealed, overlooked or glorified, their names were erased, their stories obscured and their voices unheard. This is just being cancelled.

Margaret van der Heyden Physicist and Professor of Scientific Communication at Eindhoven University of Technology.

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