Anime van der Voem: I also have a big jumping heart

Almost everyone in the equine world knows her name, from Steenbergen to Tokyo. From riding youth teams to organizing the Olympics, she stands everywhere. She loves Glock’s Johnson but also enjoys Con Quidam. Dressing up gives her goosebumps, but she can watch the jump for hours. She always works, organizes and tries to make it as perfect as possible for the Knights and the relationships. It’s time to let her speak for herself. This time, CHIO Rotterdam is speaking with Annemiek van der Vorm.

Annemeck van der Vorm (41 years old) was born and raised in Dentlord. Today she lives in Steenbergen. She started riding when she was nine years old and never stopped. Her father gave birth to a foal from a relationship as a thank you for your help. Of course Annemiek couldn’t ride it and so a little pony she rode was purchased including a Class M dressage. Next, a pony and a horse arrived and Annemiek rode the horses from her parents’ company, Margarita Hof, a bullform that may be familiar to the elderly among us. Her hobbies are running and golf and she currently has a home raised a four-year-old mare by Toto Jr whose saddle has just been broken.

Via NK to CHIO Rotterdam

“In addition to my four-year-old horse, I teach in the area, do board work and have a few clients who use my services. Dressage NK, CDI Lier, I have dedicated myself to many CDIs in the Netherlands such as CDI Exloo, CDI Peelbergen and CHIO Rotterdam I have been working with CHIO since 2011. In 2009 I joined the Dutch Dressage Championships at De Steeg through Nataly van Eykel of EQ International.One thing led to another and through the late Gerda Verhar Ewijk and Tinky Bartels I ended up in Rotterdam ‘, says van der Vorm.

horse girl

“At CHIO, I am responsible for the sport along with Joyce LeBon and since last year I have also been involved in the commercial field. Companies from the port and the city were already well represented and their relationships at Kralingse Bos, I wanted more companies and people from the equine world on the site. I am now Committed to that,I invite people and companies to show how beautiful CHIO is and to see if we can do something.You can communicate better than anywhere else in our competition.This year is even better than previous years.Immediately after checking the ticket,there are already booths and they are neatly arranged Lovely around the champagne bar.We also have all kinds of exposure options in and around the ring and via livestream.CHIO is the biggest 5* event in the Netherlands and everyone wants to ride with us.As a company you simply have to be there!Here comes the horse girl again….Feeling and passion in a sport Equestrian like cycling can’t compete with it?! And if TeamNL wins like last year, it can’t be any better. If you enjoy a delicious snack and drink with friends or relatives and Emmelie Scholtens or Willem Greve, for example no Limiting, drive right into the track where you are sitting, isn’t that cool?! “

a piece of nostalgia

‘When I think of CHIO, I think of the wonderful forest, but also a bit of nostalgia. We used to go to Rotterdam with dressage horses and jumping, and I rode there myself and the joke is that our great-uncle Willem van der Voem did so much for the preservation of Rotterdamsch Manege. I Also I rode CHIO in my youth. Partying in Strudrup, great sport, yes, I love Rotterdam, I’m actually a Brabant with a Rotterdam edge.”

Seven European medals

“My best memories of CHIO are with Michael van Lanenen and an incredible stallion. They rode with the young jockeys and won the Youth Cup then. Unbelievable, the horse that I myself won seven European medals in my youth. Another very special memory is that in one year, for what I think in 2016, we had such bad weather that everything had to be closed and a tree had to be cut down before we could proceed with the programme.Of course, the European Championships for Jumping, Dressage and Dressage in 2019 were a highlight too, in part because Among other things, that European Championship gave me the task of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.”

Anime Van der Voem with the movie Incredible. Photo: no. 8 photography

OS Tokyo

“The European Championships took place in August and in July I got an email in my spam box about Tokyo. I didn’t know what I saw. They wanted me to be at a test event two weeks later, but of course it didn’t happen. Fortunately, it turned out that I was responsible. About all about dressage and dressage.Chef interviews, guidance of officials and TV contact to find out all about the FEI guide and corona proof around the paddock.I even designed the gates in the dressage arena.In total I spent two years with Tokyo.It was hot and was magical,loved it. I love challenges and working in a team. I don’t know if it’s always good for my health in terms of stress, but it’s really cool. And good for sports.”

Johnson and Kon Koidam

“You might expect dressage to be my favorite discipline, but of course I also have a big jumping heart. I can’t watch 40 dressage squads, but dressage on Saturday evening at CHIO gives me goosebumps. But I can sit in the Nations Cup and Grand Prix with full enthusiasm. Especially in Rotterdam. I love watching Harry Smulders, Michael van der Vleuten, Willem Greif, Daniel Deusser and in dressage I love Emily Schultens, Hans Peter Minderhood and Charlotte Frey. When I think of horses, Hans Peter’s Johnson was my favorite, partly because I rode it myself. After last year, I became a huge fan of Sanne Thijssen’s Con Quidam on jumping. She won the Grand Prix last year, as a very young competitor riding CHIO for the first time. It was awesome, we cheered and danced on the grand podium.”

Matches combined

“I have already seen and organized a lot, but I would really like to organize an international competition for young people with both jumping and dressage. In the past there were always joint competitions and I liked it. Dressage riders knew showjumping riders just like their colleagues in their own specialty and this is no longer the case, the atmosphere, And being with each other, learning from each other by watching the other branch of the sport, encouraging each other, what an atmosphere that was.”

beautiful and important

“Finally, I would like to ask everyone to be more positive. Be kind to each other, it makes it a lot easier. And against people in sport, enjoy our sport. Sport is incredibly beautiful and important, especially at a time like this. Now look at our pride. Feyenoord, Rotterdam Football It’s so amazing how well they’ve done this year, it gives such a positive vibe.For Holland Sports for the city of Rotterdam.Sport makes you happy.At all levels.This morning I sat on my four-year-old mare for the second time, and it wasn’t My day is better…”

Source: CHIO

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