What is there to do at Pentecost weekend in Groningen and Drenthe? Seven tips for fun outings

Visit the Magic Fair in Hoogeveen for a dose of spirituality, come see dog and horse shows at Frederiksoord, see old timers at Borg Nienoord or experience the 17th century at Fraeylemaborg.

Massage and reading maps and methods

Saturday is coming The Magic Fair to Hoogeveen. Over thirty spirit exhibitors are present to display gifts, jewellery, unique books, oriental objects, stones and more to visitors. Get a chair or foot massage, find out what the cards say about your future, or visit a psychic.

Attending the event will be numerologists, map readers, astrologers, psychics, personal trainers, and psychologists, which will take place from 10 a.m. to 5.15 p.m.

Horse and Heritage: for the whole family

On the grounds of De Tuinen you will find Frederiksoord Sunday and Monday Horse and Heritage Place. This day for the whole family, dogs included, features more than eight hundred fruit trees, a greenhouse and a diverse country market. The main activity is various shows with dogs and horses.

Old crafts are displayed around and there are many children’s activities. Paard & Erfgoed can be visited both days from 10 am to 5 pm.

Cave and mammoth paintings

Organized by Hanbad Center Sunday and Monday are special days in the world. During the visit, wander through 150,000 years of history and discover just how huge the mammoth really is. There are all kinds of extra activities.

For example, do a cave painting, as they did over 15,000 BC in the Lascaux Caves, or see mammoths with virtual reality glasses.

Whitsun Market in Orvelte Memorial Village

Orvelte Village also offers a chance to walk among the historic houses and imagine yourself in other times. Monument Village is running The first day of Pentecost in the context of the Whitsun Market; Great time to walk here.

Once again this year, the busy market ensures vacation homes and breakfast beds are fully booked and offers a wide variety of products. Exhibitors fill their booths with many beautiful things, such as regional products, wool, fabrics and more.

Five artists open the house and garden

On both fifties An artistic road is drawn in Celgene South. Five artists open their homes and gardens to visitors. Along the way, there is the possibility to purchase artwork or commission a beautiful personal artwork.

The participants are Monique Black, Rinke Dikinga, Velma van den Berg, Ole Raef and Hedwig Hartmanns. The track is held to promote art in Westerwolde and the surrounding area and has attracted over a thousand visitors for a few years.

Oldtimers and motorbikes on the deposit

On the first day of Pentecost Eighth edition of the Oosterheerdt Pinkster Oldtimerrit. This year the organization can organize the event as usual on the grounds of the Landgoed Nienoord property. The Old Timer’s Journey is approximately 90 kilometers long and runs along the Lake and the surrounding area.

Seniors who are at least 25 years old drive their cars; There are also special antique timers that are over 100 years old. Seniors meet from 10 AM and leave around 10:30 AM. Old cars and motorbikes return to the deposit between approximately 2 and 3 pm. The vehicles will then remain in the deposit area to give visitors the opportunity to enjoy the classics up close. The Grand Café Borg Nienoord is also open.

Historical battles and camps

Monday is the national day of the castle and Several castles opened in the country. One of the participants is Fraeylemaborg in Slochteren. This Whitsun weekend, the deposit goes back to the turbulent times of the 17th century. In the garden behind the deposit A campground with over fifty residents in historic clothing provides excitement and entertainment. In addition to camp life with all kinds of demonstrations, there are sham battles and arms deals.

The cooking is done in an original way and the sleeping tents can be visited. Ironing shows how to forge lead. Of course there is plenty of food and drink with special attention to the children. They can learn to walk with a broomstick, fight with children, or take part in a treasure hunt in the context of the disaster of 1672.

You can find more excursions at dvhn.nl/uitagenda.

You can register the event via uitservice.nl.

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