Notably more complaints about low-flying defensive helicopters: ‘Fuck my country’

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TXT lead image 1: Marie Fannie Van Annelies. The breed is “Groninger Paard”. Photo: Annelies van den Brink
Regular defense exercises over Gelderland using Chinooks.  Photo: ANP

Regular defense exercises over Gelderland using Chinooks. Photo: ANP

Osterwold – The number of complaints about low-flying defense helicopters in Felloy and the Rivers region has increased sharply in the past year. There were 57 percent complaints from the Veluy/Randmiren flight area, and a 22 percent increase for the Maas/Waal area, according to figures from the Royal Netherlands Air Force. One complainant says that helicopters sometimes make her “crazy”. Sometimes I think “fuck my country”.

These numbers come from the Royal Dutch Air Force’s annual noise report. The number of reports in Veluwe increased from 83 to 130, in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe rivers it was an increase from 524 to 637. The defense does not have any explanation for the increase in complaints, says a spokesman for the responsible State Minister Christoph van der Matt.

He says the Air Force is deploying helicopter training flights across the Netherlands. “In the case of large exercises, extensive contact is made with the participants through press reports, Twitter, and interest groups such as Societies of Nature and the LTO.”

View here the number of complaints in the last five years in the Veluwe and Rivers area.

‘It looks like bullying’

The one who struggles a lot with training trips is Annelies van den Brink-van Dijk from Oosterwolde. She filed several complaints and claims last year when helicopters flew near her horses. One pregnant mare even had a miscarriage, which Anneliese attributes to helicopter fatigue.

“The animal was very shocked by the crowded machinery and as a result failed to carry it. This of course is horrible for a horse. It affected me greatly as well.” According to her, the costs of an abortion amount to several thousand euros. “There are a lot of things that go into carrying a horse,” she explains.

Then the defense sent a vet to look at the mare. “Of course, the doctor didn’t think the miscarriage was due to low-flying. So the compensation claim was denied. That way I can also do research,” she sighs.

Marie Fannie Van Annelies. The breed is “Groninger Paard”. Photo: Annelies van den Brink

Nor has she forgotten an incident with her four-year-old son. “He was playing outside when suddenly a helicopter came up and flew for a while. It was with a lot of noise. He was really shocked. Really, because that’s not funny.” Until then Annelies filed a complaint with the Ministry of Defense. “I haven’t heard anything about that either. I would have appreciated if someone had come to explain why they were flying so low, but that was too much.”

They can fly here on a piece of grass, did anyone tell me

In general, Annelies does not feel that the Department of Defense is taken seriously. “They have no idea how annoying it is to fly at low altitude. We suffer a lot from it. The noise is deafening and you never know when they will come. They are allowed to fly here at the height of a blade of grass, as someone once told me. Defense takes it literally.” For the word and they always do it around my house sometimes I think: fuck out my’,” she jokes, “and it really feels like bullying sometimes,” she concludes.

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The Department of Defense cannot comment on this individual case, but says it has no intent to harass people. The spokesperson reported the following about the damage: “Our goal is to settle the damage as quickly as possible. After receiving a claim, an investigation of the facts is carried out. Then it is determined whether the defense establishment should compensate for the damage. The type of damage caused by people with experience In the field. If we don’t have these people inside the defense ourselves, we hire them outside.”

Share air base complaints

At Dillian Air Force Base, where planes also land and take off in addition to helicopters, the number of reports has fallen sharply. In 2021, 78 complaints were received, a decrease of 68% compared to the previous year. Then there were 247 complaints. More information about complaints is available. For example, the most complaints were filed on Wednesday, which are twenty. One person complained five times in 2021. The number of flights to Dillen decreased, which may also explain the decrease in the number of complainants.

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