Daan Breeuwsma stopped short of the track, but… “I just offended Lulin”

There is his past, his present and perhaps his future as well. “But I don’t want to do anything about it.” The only sure thing is that he, a recognized international short tracker, will stop there at the age of 34.

Daan Breeuwsma’s short life began in earnest in 2007. At the time, it didn’t even make sense to go the short path. After all, I skated on the long track, where Rintje Ritsma and Ids Postma showed the Friesian boys the way and where Sven Kramer, the apprentice from Heerenveen, steamed to the top.

man chin man

Like all boys and girls, Dan Elementary School went “snowboarding”. Mainly intended to introduce children to skateboarding; There was not much winter. But if you were born in the area between Akkrum and Aldeboarn, you can actually ski as a fetus, so to speak. So Dan joined the group of intellectuals. That group was accompanied by Ukrainian ski coach Kosta Poltavits, who moved to Freslin. He saw Daan Breeuwsma’s cornering technique and advised him on the short track. “There is something in you….”

Priusma now: “So I’m not going long track.” For example, he has never sat in groups with his counterpart Jorit Bergsma from Aldeburne. “Yeah, it’s worth Jeron Otter as a coach on the short track we had to turn down, and then I went up on the long track, but I just got off it.” Plus: “Long track you ride tsjin around the clock, man chin man.” Priosma is very large and powerful. When he started, the top speed skaters on the short track were weak boys and girls. “But I’d rather Wall Lynch, listen,” he says, almost apologetically. Nowadays, skating method is more important. Interval: Then softly, then back to it. Then bend wide, then tighten again. Think deeply. “You have to cheat constantly.”


The values ​​of the old short path experience have also changed. dangerous? No, there are now cut-resistant suits and good shingles and helmets have also been improved. You can also be a soccer freak. lucky sport? No, sometimes you are unlucky, sometimes you are lucky. This balances. “If you ride an efteroan, this is your car. Then you risk bad luck, you have to understand that.” In cycling, a punctured tire is also bad luck.

Dan balances well. Become an international topping with outliers. He was especially good at the relay. This is with four men, comforting each other, fighting against other teams. Priusma loves it. Jeroen Otter played an important role in Daans’ short life. The national coach from 2010 is also a former excellent in the relay. So when some short-track drivers aren’t in contact with the coach during the race, Priusma always did. “I comb the track every time in that corner and then there, Otter. Then I look for it in a flash.” Otter Pointed: Dominate the round early, now half a lap, now press Sjinkie hard. The result: the Dutch national team became the short-track world champion. The team spirit that was required for this came from the unlikely things Otter came up with. “800 kilometers of vegan vegan days; it’s like a fool, but what makes a team spirit affected by that?”

Team feeling? Suddenly colleagues became rivals in qualifications. In addition, sometimes one is more difficult. Breeuwsma has always been on the team with Sjinkie Knegt. “Yn earste ynstânsje cow I love hurd, letter mar I do then: ‘Wêrom slander me dat no net?’” One competitor, one day, pushed a teammate to win the relay the next.


In the fifteen years that Daan Breeuwsma has been in the national short track selection, he’s changed from a “We Just Do What” group to a science-led team of skaters. Oversight is the word there. Every centimeter of countless ski runs is recorded in time and image. Measurement is knowledge. Watch and do better.

The material has also been greatly improved. Buddy Ryan De Vries, who is on the National Women’s Shortlist, looks at Dan for a moment and remembers that she could have walked a short path at the time after Dan gave her some good sleds. While the family was still in check together until recently, Rianne will be on her own for another year. Then Dan stays. “I don’t like it, but soon from the start he starts begging, it’s okay.”

Dan is also realistic. “I just don’t know nor at kear fjouwer jier trochgean.” Refers to the Olympic period, which is very important for the short track. “Who is the most roundly Olympian, because then who is the stern qualified cheese; oare jierren is there what I mean by romte.”

free up

But he admits, it’s over. He is proud of what he has achieved as a short tracker. He enjoyed it, after all, he had seen the whole world. Stronger: “I like trams in Shanghai better than in Amsterdam.” He loves countries like America and Canada very much. In Canada, he raises his head for a moment. After all, he entered the agricultural school in Leeuwarden in 2007. His classmates went to Canada to do summer internships. This seemed like a thing to him, too. Suddenly he was selected in the national short track selection. Crossroads. He had to think and gulp for a while, but it became a short path. Now he’s happy about it: “I just love him.”

Dan then worked occasionally with contractor Lolkema in Tynje. They know he’s at home, so they ask him for “dip dishes.” He doesn’t know if he will choose that as his social goal. Until now he was an Olympic athlete, then the NOC will pay you, in Team NL as it’s now called. Buck, Het, and his brother Karst sat and sat on the old farm, his land bordering theirs. “I guess I might like to have some lanbou,” he says cautiously. First leave. Because short-course adrenaline is still a lot in his blood. “I just missed that.”

By: Eelke Lok

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