8 Readers About Their “Wonderful” Plan

A narrow plan, you think. But not all good plans work well. Sometimes it turns into a real nightmare. 8 readers talk about their “cool” plan.

‘My friend as a business owner; How did I get it in my head?

Jacqueline (53 years old): My new friend had an administrative office, I needed a new job. So it seemed like a really good idea when he suggested that I join him as an employee. This way we got double from his company, his vacancy was filled, and everyone was happy. Just wandering around the workplace without prejudice while hearing all the fears behind the scenes at home doesn’t work. I knew each employee’s evaluation, and I knew what changes were in the pipeline within the company. My co-workers echoed me as “the boss’s sweetheart,” and I felt like our relationship was less and less. Not that my boyfriend treated me unevenly, but that I needed my own life. To a career that was all mine, without the influence of my partner and with my colleagues who appreciate me for what I have achieved, and not for who my contacts are. After a year I resigned. A better way of my self-esteem, and our relationship has been better than ever since then.”

“Men totally forgot about me in the threesome.”

Selena (36): “After nine years of marriage and having three kids in elementary school, our sex lives have slowed down a bit. It doesn’t mean that my husband Alex and I have stopped finding each other attractive. Oftentimes we were so tired that we ran the standard program.” Once a week at most – it wasn’t really satisfying. Our neighbors were open about their disguised presence. We listened eagerly to their adventures, with no intention of putting any of them into practice. Even after an evening of their most exciting stories, Alex said, “Perhaps we should Just to give it a try. Don’t swing, definitely not a partner exchange, but just: Invite someone? His proposal prompted me alone, and that very night we registered for a meeting site. Although Alex was dreaming of a threesome with two women, I wanted nothing more than an extra man. Alex agreed: “As long as I don’t have to do anything with him.” And so after two weeks of chatting, we had a drink with Leon. He had an open relationship and would occasionally allow himself to be happy, when his wife was having a bad time with someone else. Well, we thought, as long as we did it safely. It was calm and safe and when the second bottle was empty, we naturally fell in love. I didn’t know what happened to me, my hands all over the place and two delicious bodies, all for me. Until suddenly it was quiet to the touch and I saw the men mainly occupied with each other. I hinted at something. He led their hands to me. He came a little closer to them. But they didn’t see me again until it was over. I was in tears, you should not go like this. Leon left immediately, and Alex and I started couples therapy a month later. I could not let go of the fear that he had discovered bisexuality or homosexuality and did not dare to be honest about it. Alex does indeed have feelings for men, but I would have preferred to have found that out in a different way. We’ll find a way together. But I wish we hadn’t let our imaginations become reality.”

“We will become the most beautiful roommates in the world”

Merrill (29): “Looking back, Jeroen and I have been roommates for years. When we started dating when we were 18 and also went to study in the same city, it seemed logical to move in together. New life, new friends, different schedules, Soon we had each other. We were at peace with that, but four years later and with two diplomas in our pocket, we realized passion was hard to find. Maybe we should do more. They invested in each other. We booked vacations, we went out to dinner. But it’s no longer about sex. We’ve been working for a long time when Jeroen fell in love with someone else four years ago. In fact I thought it was fine and it also gave me space to continue my life. But finding a home on your own was really hard at that time and so we decided Continuing to live together, but as close friends. We agreed to become the most beautiful roommates in the world. Only one thing we did not expect: that with our newfound liberties we are suddenly terribly in each other’s way. I was up at night because of Jeroen’s gender, and in the morning he was Angry because I took a shower on the radio before I had to work The table is full of dishes now that we no longer eat together and argue about groceries. We have practically become enemies of former friends. I was running away from our house more and more. After two years of searching, I finally found a home and we never spoke again.”

Our ‘common child’ became a big fight

Mary (47): “It was an idea about kids, then 10 and 12, which of course isn’t a good reason to start a puppy. They’ve been talking about it nonstop since my divorce six years ago. So when corona broke out it suddenly seemed like a good time to go for it. Of course I read the warnings about Corona dogs, about how unscrupulous people would get rid of their new pets to kill time held when the world opened up again. But we would never let that happen. We were a team, we added a baby. The three of us. I had figured that puppy training and potty Night walks, colic, and separation anxiety would be my responsibility. But by the time she lived with us for over a year, the children had lost interest. Not in Laika, but in her care. Feeding, and walking after school, was a big battle. I set exhausting schedules that I adapted to school times. and sports.They threatened penalties if they argued again about whose turn it was to go out with Laika.I have no regrets, but I have a dog kid who works full time on my own.Too busy,without a partner or arranging a visit that comforts me sometimes.Fortunately,Laika above all else You bring a lot of love and positivity into the house, and no I want to miss her for anything.”

“Homeschooling on a relaxing global journey has only led to stress”

Yola (49): “Traveling around the world wasn’t always my go-to. So my husband Thom and I took our sons on adventures from a young age. To the tropics, in the jungle. On vacation hiking through the Norwegian mountains. Diving in Curacao. They’re going to be citizens In the world With school education as the basis, of course, but above all: life lessons. My husband had just sold his business, and I was a housewife mother. Our oldest son was going to eighth grade, and the youngest until fifth, four years ago. It seemed like the time The ideal to fulfill our dream: to travel the world. We had a meeting with compulsory education, books from school and moments of telephone contact with the class; I was surprised at how easy it was. But once we arrived in Chile, with the sun on our heads and the household obligations far away and no longer felt, it proved to be It’s nearly impossible to get boys to work. Blaming them, I couldn’t task myself with supervising homeschooling. By hanging and strangling me and my husband and I guided and set ourselves up for a year of doubling. The stress of homeschooling took a lot of relaxation away from what should have been the trip of a lifetime – And it cost a large part of m We are also wealthy. It’s naive to think that it will ever work, perhaps. On the next long trip we will make sure that everyone is truly free. By the way, the children were talking about that year. ”

“After the glue kid, he ran off just as fast”

Mariki (46 years old): “My husband fell in love with someone else, I didn’t want to touch him. We went to couples therapy, and together we healed the demons of our past, which were marred on both sides by emotional neglect. We thought we just had to get back together – which is what The therapist agreed. There was one final way, we thought naively: a child. Because what binds more than the greatest shared love? A year later, I was pregnant, and my husband returned in equal measure to the woman—a homeowner who hosts dogs—who turned out to be the love of his life. He was present at birth, but I was raising our son alone, and he is now ten years old.”

“I wish I had never been’

Shanti, 38: “It was like an epidemic, there were a lot of divorces in the schoolyard. When the parents of my daughter’s best friend – seemingly the happiest couple on earth – ended their relationship, I became intrigued. Because it wasn’t really exciting between me and my husband For years. In fact, our communication was largely composed of bickering, and there was no longer any intimate relationship. In fact, we have grown apart through the ages, blindly focused on his career, and I could not share the care of our children. Therefore, inspired by evenings of philosophizing With all these divorced mothers, I also announced divorce. Freedom! Independence! Never a man with his dirty socks on the coffee table while grabbing the remote! Turns out I open a sink with her. Because divorce isn’t fun at all. It was kids, ten and eight years old. , they are still relaxed about it.They saw the advantages mainly,with a double birthday and a double birthday.But taking care of yourself is just hard work.And although it is hard to find intimacy in my marriage,a warm body in bed is better than cold sheets We broke up in harmony and this is the way The fact that I still have the bond with my ex-boyfriend. But single motherhood disgusts me. I miss the convenience of cooking food at the table when I get home, the occasional spontaneous kiss and even the game of grumbling. On the other hand, my ex has improved a lot, with a new love that seems to have brought him to a vibrant life. If only I had never done that.”

“The bed and breakfast ate all my freedom”

Mays (54): After the divorce, my ex-husband left me in the marital home. I was so glad I didn’t want to leave. It was a little expensive, on my own with the kids – even with alimony help. So I converted our garden house into a cozy Airbnb, which I can ask for a generous price every night thanks to its location. And suddenly I had a great income, in addition to my part-time job and our big house. But what I didn’t expect is that all of these guests need clean bedding and towels every time. Breakfast is required until Sunday. Ask for a tourist tip and walk in the park right after getting out of the shower. Overall, this whole bed and breakfast was more than a full-time job, consuming all my freedom and not bringing exactly a proportionate income. With bullets in my shoes, I admitted a year and a half later that it wasn’t really possible. I sold my house and have been living in an apartment ever since, with plenty of free time and above all: lots of privacy.”

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