Summer Party Ellecom 2022

ELLECOM – Organizing Summer Party 2022 at Ellecom is proud to present the program for the party which will be held this year on 2, 3
and June 4th.

The respite lasted long after our last summer party in 2019. Now it’s time to put each other and ourselves back in the spotlight through the stage in the village square, themed: BROADWAY!

Broadway is one of the coolest streets in New York filled with skyscrapers, brightly colored billboards, and theaters with hit musicals. Many performers consider participation in the Broadway show as an absolute success. Little Ellecom gets a star-studded look!

Band Square and Village Square is the setting – the venue – for this year’s summer concert. On many streets, scripts are already being written, roles are assigned and crazy costumes are designed.

The organization likes to put some beautiful developments from the village in the spotlight. For example, Ellecom has had a public restroom since March 27. On the same day, residents of the Ellecom Music Association were finally able to hear Excelsior playing again. Band as it should be! Near the band platform, at the edge of the village square, a mighty villager’s bench has recently been erected. The natural playground with a water pump is now a place where young and old can gather. The EDS Sports Club is also a meeting place for all ages.

The club experienced a sporting growth, among other things, the creation of the blue football stadium. Many Ellecommers actively participate as volunteers in the above and many other activities.

You deserve a big round of applause!

Many institutions, associations, clubs and companies in Ellecom are irreplaceable. This also applies to the Orange Association. During the summer party, the organization can use dozens of additional volunteers to set up the party area, keep it clean, supervise the hexagons, sell coins, bar services, etc.

Would you also like to lend a helping hand? You are very welcome.

And now: turn off the light, turn on! There’s a great show ready to meet each other (again), challenge and hilariously fun. The organization wishes everyone a very interesting and fun summer party as always!

summer party program

Summer Party Thursday, June 2nd:

2:30 pm Seniors

Those of us above our sixties can enjoy a cozy get-together with coffee, cake, a drink and delicious afternoon snacks. We have great activities with very special prizes, provided by charming hostesses. Then we eat together. Location: MFC Nieuw Bergstein.

8:00 pm Summer Opening Ceremony

The official opening of the Ellecomse Zomerfeest 2022 by Theo van Berkel. Location: Marquee Village Square.

8:15 PM Pub quiz 4.0.1 Update

It has become a tradition: a festive tent filled with cheerful but bloodthirsty teams who use all their knowledge to achieve honorable victory. Who has the best general knowledge and which team has brought in the smartest specialists? Enthusiastic and experienced test manager and his assistants provide a varied, fun and full of evening test. Location: Marquee Village Square.

Summer Party Friday 3 June

3:30 pm for kids

Rarara, what are we going to do? Think a game, music, numbers and something crazy! Are you curious?! Come to afternoon kids, because it will be so much fun! Bring your parents or guardians and we’ll throw a party together! Location: Marquee Village Square.

6:30 pm Bird photography

After the Corona years and a severe thunderstorm in 2019, it’s time to take the traditional battle for the title of Archer King (in) for Ellecom. The current queen, Minke Oldenbeuving, has been reigning since 2018! The first shot will be fired at 6:30 p.m. Come see! NB! This year the shooting will take place in the center of the village, in the village square. Subscription from 18 years old. Register immediately. Costs: 5 euros. ID required! To avoid delays when registering, we kindly ask you to fill in the voucher on the back of the brochure. For young people between the ages of 8 and 17, there is a shooting competition at the same location. After shooting the birds, quickly change the party theme. Archer will be crowned the King of Ellecom 2022 and cheering on Saturday!

9:00 p.m. Broadway!

Dear audience, welcome to our theater! Broadway means luxury, immersion, brilliance and brilliance. Broadway red carpets and plush chairs. Think shows like Cats, Phantom of the Opera, and The Lion King. The Ellecom 2022 Archer King will officially take over the podium at the start of the evening. Let’s make a show of it together!

Friday night, get dressed up and party night with Cherry & The Sugarstuds.

Cherry & The Sugarstuds is made up of professional musicians who have graduated from the rock academy. They have acquired spurs both domestically and abroad and guarantee music and entertainment. They can play like no other, if you wear your dancing shoes under your fancy dress, the band will do the rest. The bar closes at 00:30 at 01:00 the party is over and we are cleaning up.

Summer Party Saturday 4th June

11:30 a.m. Broadway Theatre

While enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, welcome to Willkommen-Bienvenue-Welkom and The Annie and Henkie Music Show opens. Location: the village square. We serve cake with coffee. At the initiative of Henriette Branbergen, the proceeds will go to Giro 555. The freedom in which we live and celebrate the summer festival is in stark contrast to the war in Ukraine.

We will continue with the BROADWAY theme. We invite the streets and groups to give a theatrical performance. The band’s platform is the stage for your Broadway show. Gather screenwriters, actors, dancers, musicians and stage builders and put your group (street) into the spotlight! The size of the group does not matter. It’s about fun idea and execution! You have a maximum of 8 minutes to allow the enthusiastic audience to burst into thunderous applause and impress the jury. Who will take the desired cup home?

Stay in your turn and wear Broadway outfits all day! Duration: 8 minutes max. Subject: Broadway. Subscribe: as a group via [email protected]† Remember to clearly show the audience and jury the street or group you represent by name tag. We also ask each street to provide a jury member. Please also pass this on by email.

2:30 PM (approx) comprehensive camp for young and old,

After Broadway we continue sports to everywhere. Young and old can participate in team games, because this year it is not only about strength, speed and endurance, but also sportsmanship, moving together and having fun. Sign up with a large group and divide yourself (instantly) on the different games. And here too, who will win the illustrious cup?! Location: Around the village square.

So find your street, friends and club again or start a new group and amaze the village with your agility, team spirit and game insight! To get an idea of ​​participating in the all-encompassing camp, it is a good idea to pre-register your group via: [email protected] We wish all participants a lot of fun and success! And if you don’t participate, come cheer up your fellow villagers!

2:30 PM – Kids Activities

We decorate our happy faces with face paint and glitter tattoos in all colors. It’s like theatre! Feel like your prince, superhero, butterfly or tiger and let your beautiful face shine. Benthe, Esther, Petra and Ross provide creative help to all boys and girls. They also thought about the delicious delicacy, but what exactly would be a surprise. And then who can jump to the highest level in the bouncy castle (up to 8 years old). Location: party tent.

6:00 PM Taperade

We’ll end the afternoon with a meal together: Gradual! The tremendous efforts of the volunteer group and sponsors make this wonderful and delicious tradition possible. The taper works as follows: you buy a taper coupon of €8.50. With this voucher, you can get delicious snacks from different food stalls around the tent. The offer is very diverse. Every year a surprise again that delicious dishes are served. The voucher gives one-time access to all kiosks. Snacks can be eaten together at long tables.

Coupons are available from May 27 at Bertha and Bertus Samberg and during the summer party when coins are sold. Please note that the number of participants is limited. So buy vouchers on time from Bertha and Bertus!

9:00 pm Closing party with first-class flamingos

Top-notch flamingos musicians are certainly not exotic birds. It’s six top-notch animals! They play passionately and are pushed to let the audience take over the dance floor. You probably can’t stand still when these happy birds start playing. From funky songs to summer dance tracks, top hits from the 2000s to the 21st century, from Bruno Mars to Beyoncé, Justin or McLemore.

The bar closes at 00:30. At 01:00 the party is over and we are cleaning up.

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