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By Editors on 05-24-2022

Birkelland – With his famous smile, he showed his latest acquisition: a guitar in the form of a painter’s board with a special place for yellow and blue for Ukraine. Normal foreman, Benny Golink, is clearly in a good mood now that he’s been allowed back in with Normal with Ascension, and he’s seeing life again in a sunny way.

“We’re really looking forward to it!” says Normal singer Omrup Gelderland. An echo of the regular classics at Jolink’s Mancav: an oversized log cabin serves as a training and studio space in his home in the Hummelo Forest. A whole series of self-portraits hangs on the wall. Because making music was difficult in the time of Corona, Jolink turned to his other passion: drawing and painting. For Golink, the corona was a particularly eventful period. Especially because he experienced the tragic consequences of her so closely. It made Ben very depressed. This is still poorly expressed. Golink, who has experience with depression, has said about this before: “I’d rather break all the bones in my body.”

I wasn’t very happy, especially in the early days of the Corona era. Especially when my stepfather, Ellie, passed away and her mother also contracted coronavirus. Which we also had to isolate. Which means Ellie lives in the house and I stay in the studio next door.” Since Jolink was in the COPD-risk group, they definitely took him in: “After all, we didn’t know anything about the disease. What can and cannot. Meanwhile, I couldn’t see my grandchildren, let alone embrace them. That was a terrible period. “

bright spot
Although the aura also brought something good at the same time. It was after Jolink phoned the other regular members with the announcement: “Let’s do something. Then we went to the studio.” Among other things, a new album was produced with the accompanying pamphlet Normal Verhali. Making music has always proven a tried and tested drug when feelings of depression overwhelmed Goline, but that too has been a rarity in the past couple of years. The big regular performance on boarding day at Luchem has had to be canceled twice already.

out of stock
But these restrictions are finally becoming a thing of the past. “Now that we’ve known about a month and a half ago that the performance can continue on boarding day, my mood has obviously improved as well.” And so the guys from Normal prepare for the show on the outskirts of Lochem, where the band had their big break in 1975. 20,000 tickets were sold out for the show at any given time. “But the organization has managed to make the site a little bigger, so that tickets are now available again.” On a table written in graceful letters is a musical group such as Normal that will be presented to the public that day. The topic is also known as: Liberation Day. “Because we are finally freed from all the restrictions of Corona.”

Regular classics
And to think that Jolink has actually stopped making music. After the big farewell year in 2015, Jolink is completely physically destroyed and determined to never perform again. He even ended up in a rehab clinic. But after he recovered, Jolink decided to offer again once in a while. Exactly once a year: on the Feast of the Ascension in Lochem. “There may be people who think I now want to do more, but it just isn’t,” Jolink continues. “We stick to that performance during Ascension. Then I would like to make it as comfortable as possible. No musical experiences, but songs that everyone knows. As many regular classics as possible, fans seeing each other again. Party in a reunion atmosphere. Old hooks?” You can actually call it that.”

“Ukrainian guitar”
During rehearsal passes a lot of hits. Jolink plays a number of songs on a guitar that he designed himself as a painter’s board. With the guitar “head” painted blue and yellow, just like the guitar strap blue and yellow. Out of sympathy with Ukraine. Jolink says he sympathizes with the hard-hit country. I am from 1946. So I did not witness the war. But I grew up with her. My father was in the resistance and I heard all those stories in my youth. It’s terrifying what’s going on there right now.”

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Photo: Koos Groenewold

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