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This is the live blog for Wednesday, June 1, the 98th day of the war in Ukraine. Follow the latest news of the Russian invasion and all the aftermath of the war here.

Switzerland bans delivery of armored vehicles to Ukraine

08:54 | The Swiss government again prevented the delivery of war equipment to Ukraine. Bern objected to a Danish request to supply the Eastern European country with armored vehicles produced in Switzerland.

Denmark had wanted to send about two dozen Piranha III armored vehicles, according to Swiss public radio SRF. However, the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) rejected the request. The reason for the refusal is the Swiss policy of neutrality, which provides for an embargo on the supply of arms to conflict areas.

In April, Switzerland also prevented the re-export of anti-aircraft munitions for weapons systems that Germany sent to Ukraine. Bern also rejected Polish requests to send Swiss weapons to the neighboring country.

Neutral Switzerland requires countries that buy Swiss-made weapons to obtain permission if they want to resell them to other countries.

Russian nuclear forces exercise

04:39 | Russian nuclear forces conduct exercises in the Ivanovo region, northeast of Moscow. Interfax news agency reported, based on the Russian Defense Ministry.

About 1,000 soldiers conducted “extensive maneuvers” on Tuesday with more than 100 vehicles. This also included Yaris vehicles, from which ICBMs can be launched, the ministry said.

While Western countries provide Ukraine with money and weapons, the Kremlin sometimes refers to its nuclear weapons in order to intimidate the West. At the end of last April, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the danger of nuclear war is great.

On Tuesday, US President Joe Biden published an opinion piece in the New York Times about the US approach to the war in Ukraine. He described the occasional Russian rhetoric on nuclear weapons as “very dangerous and irresponsible”. “Let me be clear: Any use of nuclear weapons in this conflict, on any scale, would be completely unacceptable to us and the rest of the world and would have disastrous consequences,” he wrote.

UNICEF: Five million Ukrainian children depend on aid

03:11 | More than five million Ukrainian children depend on humanitarian aid due to the war in their homeland, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). It concerns about 3 million children in Ukraine itself and about 2.2 million children who have fled to other countries due to the conflict.

UNICEF said that since the Russian invasion on February 24, 262 Ukrainian children have died, while hundreds of schools have been damaged. The organization publishes the figures in the context of the International Day for the Protection of Children, 1 June.

Biden: The United States is sending Ukraine more advanced weapons and ammunition

02:57 | US President Joe Biden has decided that the United States will provide the Ukrainian army with more advanced missile systems and ammunition, which will allow it to target key targets with greater accuracy on the battlefield in Ukraine. He wrote this in an opinion piece for the New York Times on Tuesday.

The president cited “Javelin anti-tank missiles, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, high-powered artillery and precision missile systems, radars, drones, Mi-17 helicopters and ammunition.” Biden says the decision fits with what he describes in his article as “America’s clear goal: We want a democratic, independent, sovereign, and prosperous Ukraine with the means to defend itself and defend itself against further aggression.”

What Biden did not say, but what government sources later confirmed to Reuters and French news agencies, is that the US is also sending HIMARS (M142 High Mobility Artillery Missile System) to Ukraine. HIMARS missiles use precision-guided munitions and have a range of about 80 kilometers. “These systems will be used by the Ukrainians to repel the Russian advance on Ukrainian territory, but they will not be used on targets on Russian soil,” the official said.

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