Aid worker Ginty Kobeissi opened a second-hand clothing store in Martinchok during the time of Corona. You can always rediscover yourself

You just have to dare: change course during the Corona pandemic and pursue your passion. Jente Qubaisi, in addition to her work as a social worker, has opened a high-quality second-hand clothing store in Martenshoek. A conversation about how to rediscover yourself and how fun it is to find treasures.

“Can I have a cup of coffee? Would you like it too? Jente Qubaisi (34) just put the board outside at 60 Meint Veningastraat in Martenshoek when we were already standing in front of her in the clothing store Second. It’s a colorful place. With new used baby clothes and sneakers And pumps, adorable prints, and chic women’s blouses.Surprised but excited, I sat behind the table with a cup of coffee and a big smile.

Al Qubaisi has been fond of clothing for a long time. As a little girl, she would cut, sew, and design to her heart’s content. Then she immerses herself in fashion school and already at a young age in various clothing stores. “Plus, I’ve always loved flea stores and flea markets.”

“A very eventful life”

Secretly, Al Qubaisi faces the necessary setbacks. “I lived an eventful life: I left home early and as a mother, when I was 21, I found myself completely alone.” During that time, you find it difficult to continue looking good in nice clothes; For her son as well as for her. There is no flea shop, flea market or fair safe at the time: “This is my passion and because of my fashion experience and my degrees in fashion school, I can choose what is well assembled and what is made of good fabric. My girlfriends always have to laugh and say : Boy, here she goes again, you know: hundreds of meters from the circle. But yes, you will always find something!”

Early motherhood also makes Al Qubaisi think about the future and what she still wants. “Then I thought: How beautiful would it be if you could divert these feelings from your own life and use them to set an example for others? Like: This can all happen to you, but you can also get over it. You can always reinvent yourself and create something different from yourself.”

Retraining to become a care worker

It is not just about ideas. After an intermediate course through the BWRI in Hoogezand, she began training to retrain herself to become a social worker. And with success: she continued to help young adults with multiple and complex problems under the name Deviate Care, along with her business partner Frans van der Veen.

Al Qubaisi has been satisfied with providing this care for 11 years, but it is also challenging, especially when the pandemic is out. Developments in healthcare, such as cuts and cancellations of daycares, as well as the condition of their clients during this period, are cause for concern. “I’ve noticed that people have a lot more difficulty. So it would also be good for me and the balance sheet if I could have a peer the other half of my week, where I do something a little less complicated and where I can have a nice conversation.”

sustainable clothing store

She knows how Van der Veen is passionate about a sustainable clothing store, where customers can later gain experience working in a fun and safe environment. The building on the Meint Veningastraat, once a Salvation Army evangelical library named after De Schuilplaats, cross their path and the two go into the wilderness. After all that hard work, they finally have to postpone the opening of the second: “Yeah, then you avoid the virus for 2.5 years and then you open your shop and then you all have Corona, that was so bad! We were supposed to open our doors on Valentine’s Day, Which ended up at the end of February.”

How does the concept work? Second, a store for the supply and sales of “high-quality ready-to-wear”. Garments that contain pills, that fade, or that are mass-produced will not be accepted. Al Qubaisi also urges its customers to hand over washed and ironed pieces. “We only sell beautiful clothes from beautiful brands; they are well put together. It is precisely this quality that makes them really durable and ensures that you can wear them very nicely for the second or third round.”

Looks like you’ve found a treasure.

Who approaches the store and ends up at the counter in Al Qubaisi? This is very diverse: from people who don’t really have to do it for the money, but are interested in the sustainable side of second-hand clothing to people who have a slightly smaller wallet and like to wear pretty brands for the small amount. “And every customer leaves the house with a lovely and lovable piece of clothing that makes me so happy. It should just be your size, just the way you like it, and then when you find it, I feel like you’ve found a treasure. And when I see how happy the customers are, I think they feel that way too.”

Al Qubaisi has advice for moms who end up on welfare: “Don’t let yourself be trapped and be proud of yourself. Don’t be shy about the fact that you’re on the luxury, it can happen to anyone. And if budget allows, do yourself a favor every now and then and give yourself a gift Because I think every mother is worth it and maybe mothers deserve a little more.”

Second, a pre-packaged fashion store at 60 Meint Veningastraat in Martenshoek, open Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 11am-5pm and on Saturdays 10am-5pm.

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